Should I buy an Macbook Pro 13'' i5 or the i7? Or upgraded 13'' i5?

I'm debating between the macbook pro 13 inch i5 and the i7. Is the extra $300 worth it? I usually do browsing, watch movies, some video editing, and some video games. Not sure which one I should pick. I've also thought about getting the 13'' i5 with upgraded ram and harddrive. Please help me!

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    I'm currently debating the same thing myself.

    After a lot of thinking and research, I'm going with the i7 MBP. Simply put, this computer is going to hopefully be with you for at least 3-5 years. You wouldn't want to skimp on any details, especially something like a processor.

    In 2 years, people will have computers with better processors at faster speeds. To compete with those new models and deliver performance as well as they do, you're going to want the very best. Computers are important devices; you probably use them every day. Get the best one you can afford.

    I'm getting the i7 MBP with the upgraded RAM. I figure computers 4 years from now will have 8 GB as the standard RAM.

    • Answered by Jonathan L from Stoughton
    • Jul 12, 2011
  • I have two answers for you, or two choices. 1)i5 with 128 gB ssd and upgraded ram which will feel all around smoother and faster and will increase geekbench and benchmark scores extremely, but you only have 128 gb. 2) regular 1499 13 inch MacBook pro which will be faster and better for intense tasks. I'm buying option one

    • Answered by Nick H from Dublin
    • Aug 16, 2012