Should I get an iMac or a macbook pro

I'm not a heavy user also I like to take my stuff around with me. I don't want to spend more that $1300. But the new iMac has such high graphic that's very tempting. iMac or Macbook pro?

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    For your question, you'd have to ask if you absolutely need to bring your computer around? If so, which models are you looking at, and what are you using them for?

    An iMac with its 27" display is stunning and gorgeous.. It has better value compared to the MBP too.. The MBPs, in contrast, has much smaller display and is actually quite heavy imo. I'd opt to get the iMac over the MBP anytime if I have the space for it. I have the MBP because I don't have any more space for a desktop set up. I still love it no matter. =)

    On a side note, do opt for the TrackPad or get it if you get the iMac. It's truly Magical. =D

    • Answered by Steven T
    • Jun 18, 2011
  • I agree the imac is georgus! I love mine the problem is i need more portability now so i am also looking into the pro. But i still love my imac and the track pad is awesome!

    • Answered by Sara Danielle D from Birmingham
    • Jan 27, 2012
  • I would say that you should get a Macbook Pro, because you like to take your things with you and since the Macbook Pro is a laptop, it will probably be a better fit for you. But also if you like to light, then I would say get the Macbook Air. They are much cheaper and they also fit you. Good Luck! And happy shopping. :)

    • Answered by Payeton C from Houston
    • Jul 11, 2012
  • If you see , an Imac and MacBook pro have the same software but the MacBook Pro can be carried from one place to another but the IMac can't. That's the difference between them . Mostly people get dazzled by the display of iMac but we cannot forget that the macbook pro has retina display which the iMac does not have . It is important to know the features of the product . In my opinion you should go for the MacBook pro as it is much more portable than iMac .

    • Answered by Subhash N from Ikejalagos
    • Jan 26, 2013
  • well if you like carryin gthings around, go for the mbp, the quality of screen is plenty good, if its not good enough for you, buy an extra display.

    both laptop and the all-in-one(not anymore) are good computers, i have a macbook, and am replacing it with a mbp, i tried an all in one, and its just not practical for me, so i returned it, and gettign another laptop. as it is portable, and i like that,

    its all abou tpreference really, i mean i too would love the imac, bu tthen i would need another laptop anyways for school, so getting the mbp is best for me,

    but if you have no need for toting a computer around then the imac might be a good idea.

    • Answered by Mattias M from Calgary
    • Jan 28, 2013