This new airport express, isn't this what my Time Capsule already does and if different, how so? Thanks

New Air Port Express vs. Time Capsule

  • Asked by Anonymous
AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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    If you have a modern time capsule that broadcasts simultaneous dual-band then you would have no need for an express unless you wish to extend your wireless network.

    • Answered by Sean D from Tempe
  • Yes your Time Capsule does everything this does except it does not have a 3mm headphone jack for airplay music, although it does have more ethernet ports that run at 10/100/1000 vs the express that runs at 10/100, and a built in hard drive

    • Answered by Dennis H from Kennesaw
  • It does do what your Time Capsule does if it's being used it as a wireless router -which it does great in smaller apartments.

    However, it can also work great with your Time Capsule to do things like extend the range of your wireless network (if you need to), and better still (like I do) use it with my Airport Extreme to stream music to my stereo. The AP Express has an audio jack (headphone style) so you can place it near your stereo and stream music straight from iTunes (even using your iPhone as the remote). Use some third party software like Airfoil and you can stream other audio llike Spotify too. Awesome!

    • Answered by Paul J from London
  • Airport express is the only airport device that support AirTunes functionality and yet is portable and good for travel. It is unique compared to both the extreme and the time capsule.

    • Answered by Felix G from Rooty Hill