What cable do I need to connect my MacBook 5,2 to a Samsung TV?

The Samsung was purchased in the last six months.

Apple HDMI-to-HDMI Cable 1.8m

Apple HDMI-to-HDMI Cable 1.8m

Product No Longer Available

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    You have a Mac with what is known as a Mini-DVI port. You will need the Apple Mini-DVI to DVI Adapter, or the Apple Mini-DVI to VGA Adapter. Since your TV is new, it very likely has an HDMI port. You can purchase a DVI to HDMI cable from MonoPrice.com or the like.

    However, DVI does not carry audio, so if you want to use the TV's speakers, you will need to connect the audio-out from your MacBook to an audio-in port on your TV. I don't know the options on your TV, but it may have analog and digital audio inputs. This means you can use a regular analog audio cable with the 1/8" plug on your MacBook side audio-out, and whatever connector is on your TV. And/Or, if your TV supports digital audio, you can use a special TOSLink cable that would plug into the same analog audio-out port on your MacBook. Apple sells three on it's web site, Moshi, Belkin, and XtremeMac.

    Or, skip the cables, and buy an AppleTV to connect directly to your TV via HDMI. If you don't have OS X Lion or Mountain Lion, you can purchase an application called AirParrot to stream your video and audio directly through your AppleTV. In Lion and Mountain Lion, the AppleTV streaming feature is built-in. It is called AirPlay.

  • Charles H from Saint Paul is partially right. You do need the adapter cable, but the HDMI WILL send both audio and video signals to Samsung devices. However, it might also disable CEC, so you won't be able to use your stereo with it.

    This Apple HDMI cable might fix that bug though.