What can I do with my old 10.5.8 power PC G5? Is there an upgrade out there for this system? I don't want to trash it it works fine!!!

  • Asked about:  Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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    10.5.8 is the last version of OS X to work on any Power PC Mac. Regrettably that also locks it out of the latest versions of Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

    I have an old (2003!) PowerBook G4 that is also stuck on Leopard... it is amazing that it was fully supported up to the end of 2011 (when 10.7 Lion was released)..... (8 years of productive, supported computing from a laptop is a good effort). I hang onto it because it is almost a collectors item - it can run OS 9 and OS X 10.2 through to 10.5!

  • Keep using it! So WHAT about the latest browsers? It's great for email, browsing, videos, photo editing. It's a great computer...you can put in faster hard drives in it. I have a faster larger one backing up the original one. It's such a great design that you don't need tools to open it up. I also have a newer iMac that's an Intel machine.
    I just bought a SmartTV and it connected to my network. Oddly enough, it had no trouble seeing my G5 running Leopard, but the iMac running Yosemite didn't show up....probably due to increased security software.
    Someone at an Apple shop once disparaged the G5 to me, ..but it's been great for me and it's probably the last "tower" I'll have.