What happens to my music in iTunes when I upgrade from Snow Leopard to El Capitan?

  • Asked about:  Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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    The music should remain intact.

    Recommendation 1:
    back up your music and data before upgrading.

    Recommendation 2: (my preference).

    Whenever I upgrade OS X, I like to make a clone of my old OS X partition and then do the upgrade after starting up from the clone (the new OS X partition). In case anything goes wrong during the upgrade (e.g. power failure) or in case some third-party apps stop working, I can still start up from the old partition for day to day use and take my time figuring out how to get everything on the new OS X partition working properly.

    A brief summary of steps involved:

    1) create a new partition formatted as "Mac OS Extended (Journalled)" with the GUID partition option if available. Partition needs to be same size or larger than old partition. Partition can be on an external hard drive.
    2) clone the contents of the old partition to the new partition. Use "Restore" in Disk Utility to do this.
    3) start up from the new partition. (Either use the "Start Up Disk" system preference, or hold the Option Key while starting up your Mac.)
    4) then use the App Store app to download/install El Capitan.

    Now you have a Mac that can start up with either Snow Leopard or El Capitan. Simply hold the option key at start up to choose. All of your data and old apps are safely intact on the old partition in case they are somehow lost on the new partition (which is unlikely for the data -- Apple apps may be replaced by newer versions).

    Note: El Capitan will not install if your Mac does not meet the system requirements.