what information do i need to upgrade my mac from 10.5.8 to 10.6

i recently bought an Intel imac late 2006 1.83ghz running 10.5 and i wanted to upgrade it to 10.6 but i don't have any of the original disks or any of the previous owners information. so i want to know if i need anything like the originals owners information or any of the disks that came with it.

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    All you need is the Snow Leopard "retail" disk (the one sold at the Apple Store) and make sure you have at least 1GB of memory. (optical drive would also be very helpful).

    The Snow Leopard installation does not need anything other than the Snow Leopard Install disk. It does not need a product key, previous owner's name, previous disks, or anything like that. Just a Mac from before about 2011 with an Intel processor and at least 1GB of memory.


    1) If Snow Leopard is installed on a new partition, you can have a Mac that can start up from either OS 10.5 or OS 10.6.

    2) Snow Leopard will install directly over OS 10.5, thus keeping all the present programs and data. (Programs must be able to run on an Intel processor. OS 10.5 was last OS to allow programs written for a PowerPC processor to run on an Intel-based Mac. However, one may still be able to download Rosetta from Apple, which will allow Snow Leopard to run PowerPC-based programs on an Intel-based Mac.)

    3) If Snow Leopard is installed on a new partition, during the install the installer will search your Mac and ask if you want to import your OS settings, programs and/or data from the partition with the old OS to the new partition. Choose what you want to import in order to have any programs and data ready to use on the new partition. This method ensures that your old system, data and programs remain safe on the old partition in case your Mac suffers a power outage or other mishap during the install. If you should choose not to import, you will have a clean install . . . just like a new Mac.

  • All you need is the install disk for OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.