What is the minimum operating temperature?

This releases in the middle December which is close to the start of winter and gets fairly cold in Northern States/Canada. Just wondering if it is worth buying at launch or waiting until spring when temperatures get warmer.

DJI Mavic Pro Drone

DJI Mavic Pro Drone

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    I found that the battery was an issue, but not the batteries for the drone. The iPhone battery has an issue of shutting down if it gets too cold.
    It was a good thing that when I started seeing issues on the phone, i brought the drone down and landed it.
    Then my phone konked out.
    Did not start (even though I was charging it) till i had it in the car warming up.
    Next time I will carry one of those "hand-warmers" for the phone.
    The battery in the controller and the battery on the drone seemed fine.

    My apple watch said it was around 32 deg.

    Any colder then I would definitely watch out.

  • The problem is the battery, the operating temperatures are from 41 to 104 F, (5 to 40 C), you can keep your batteries warm inside a backpack but if the conditions are chilly wind the temperature can drop very quick. I had a problem last year flying with a Phantom on winter under very cold conditions and the advice is better to avoid to fly with very cold weather. I guess you can wait to order until spring.