What is the next best op. system to upgrade to on my MacBook (2008 with an intel core 2 DUO, system 10.5.8) without breaking the bank? Is it easy?

  • Asked about:  Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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    No matter which OS you wish to finally upgrade to, you will need to first upgrade to Snow Leopard (OS 10.6).

    Snow Leopard is available on disk for $19.99 from:
    in Canada: storeDOTappleDOTcom/ca/product/MC573Z/A/mac-os-x-106-snow-leopard
    in USA: storeDOTappleDOTcom/us/product/MC573Z/A/mac-os-x-106-snow-leopard
    (replace each "DOT" with ".")

    Once you have installed Snow Leopard, go to Apple Menu and do Software Updates to bring up to OS 10.6.8. OS 10.6.8 provides the "App Store" application to download the latest OS (currently the free Mavericks OS 10.9). The App Store also has Lion or Mountain Lion available once you have obtained/purchased a code from the online Apple Store (note: "Apple Store" is not same as "App Store"). However, for the 2008 MacBook (ID MacBook4,1 or MacBook4,2 in "About This Mac"), the furthest one can upgrade is Lion (OS 10.7).

    The Lion download costs another $19.99. You can purchase redemption download code to use in the "App Store" application from:
    in Canada: storeDOTappleDOTcom/ca/product/D6106Z/A/os-x-lion
    in USA: storeDOTappleDOTcom/us/product/D6106Z/A/os-x-lion

    When upgrading an OS, it is relatively easy. Patience is more important as it can take some time for the "upgrade" to complete. Note that some applications and drivers may not work in the newer OS. Personally, I install new Operating Systems on a separate partition, so I can start up from partition with older OS if I discover something didn't work in newer OS. Simply hold OPTION key during startup to choose the partition with the older OS.

  • You need to install OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard next. Without that you can't get anything more recent, because you need the Mac App Store.