What kind of problems will I encounter upgrading from 10.6.8? Will my MS Office:mac 2008 still work? How about my timemachine?

I bought my MacBook Pro to replace a company mac that I continued to do sales work for on commission. I stopped doing so after being hired by a competitor. The problem is I partitioned the hard drive for "work" and personal use. I lost the password for administrator for the "work" side years ago and the personal side is full. We bought a new Brother printer that was wifi and bluetooth functional, but on trying to set it up with the laptop, it informed me that I need to update the operating system. To make matters worse, during a recent remodel the power cord to my WD 1T hard drive I had used for time machine got lost and I can't seem to get a Toshiba 1T I bought on a sailing cruise to save pictures with, was configured as a windows unit and I have to use the NTFI? interface to access it, but it won't run Time machine. So now I'm not sure what to think, I would really like to run time machine and back up the computer before updating, and I'm concerned that all my apps won't function with the new op system.

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  • I have an iMac which runs on OSX 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion) and I'm still using Microsoft Office for Mac 2008 with no apparent problems. I also still use Time Machine (USB connected) and mine is also a WD 1T hard drive. I'm even using very old apps like iMovie 6 and iDVD which are vintage 2006 and were transferred from my old Mac.