What software package comes with OS X v10.6.8?

  • Asked about:  Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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    The Snow Leopard install DVD does not come with software packages such as iLife or iWorks.

    Once installed and updated to OS 10.6.8, your Mac will have:

    1) the Mac Operating System

    2) Utilities (such as Disk Utility, Activity Monitor, Boot Camp Assistant, Terminal, Migration Assistant, Keychain Access)

    3) Applications (such as Text Edit, App Store, Automator, Calendar, Calculator, Font Book, Dashboard, Mission Control, System Preferences, Stickies.)

    Note: if you already have iLife or iWorks applications such as garageband, iMovie, iphoto, etc, they can be imported into the Snow Leopard partition during installation. If doing a clean install to a "fresh" partition, the installer will search for other partitions with older OS and then ask if you want to import the OS settings, applications and/or data from one of the partitions with an older OS.