When this product says that it will work with '50 User's' is that actual users or devices?

We have 15 iMacs here with multiple accounts on every mac, which with a rough calculation adds up to more than 50, does this product have the capability to do this? Also these iMacs are 2010 models, they are all for video editing as well so large files etc need a solution to back these 15 macs up.

  • Asked by fn
  • Asked about:  AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

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    50 Wired and Wireless devices combined connected simultaneously. So if you somehow had 45 devices and 5 of your friends visited and used your WiFi; then they left and 5 more friends came over and used your WiFi you would be okay. Number of accounts on each mac is a different measurement not related to this. 50 simultaneous users is industry standard for a residential/small business router. You may actually quickly run low on space even with 3TB - which is not to say this isn't a great solution. Just that you may need to attach external hard drives to it for more storage. Something to keep in mind if sleekness is a priority. To me it's a bargain over a Drobo or NAS for Time Capsule backups. Hope this helps.

    • Answered by Dave O from Tallmadge