will snow leopard work on imac g5 17 inch 2006

I have a 2006 imac g5 intel duo core with 10.4.

  • Asked about:  Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

1 Answer from the Community

  • Yes. Snow Leopard will work on the 2006 Intel-based iMacs, with at least 1GB of memory.

    I'm curious as to why you call your iMac a "G5". "G5" refers to one of the PowerPC CPUs. Snow Leopard will not work on a PowerPC-based iMac, but will work on an iMac with an Intel Duo Core processor.

    The iMac G5 was made in 2004 through early 2006. The 17" PowerPC model was succeeded by the Intel-based model on January 10, 2006. The 20" model was replaced with the Intel-based model on March 20, 2006.

    As long as your iMac has the Intel Duo Core processor (with at least 1gb of memory), Snow Leopard will work.