Will the airport express work with the new 802.11ac Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station or should I buy the 802.11n Extreme?

Until a month ago, I was using an 802.11n Extreme and an airport Express to extend the signal. My 802.11 Extreme no longer works and I am looking to replace it. I am deciding between the n model and the new ac Extreme model. My most important question is -- will the airport express work with the new ac Extreme base station ?

If it does not, I will just by the 802.11n Extreme base station.

  • Asked by fn from Cary
AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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    I may be late to the party here but YES it will. I currently have a 10 year old Linksys WRT54G (802.11 b/g) hardwired via a Belkin ethernet powerline connection to the Extreme and it works just fine. But remember, your fastest speed will be at the rate of the slowest link. So I get 802.11 AC speeds when my devices are connecting to the Extreme, but devices connected to the WRT54G get about 100mb max on a good day due to transiting over the powerline ethernet connection.

    I am waiting to see if they release a new airport express supporting 802.11AC, then I will also upgrade my powerline connection to the newest boxes. Then I will also get Apple TV and leverage the faster speeds. My stuff is 5 years old, and there is newer better faster stuff out there now.

    Hope this helps - Good Luck.

    • Answered by Joshua T O from Phoenix
  • I have an Airport network with 4 AC band (brand new) Time Capsules (yes the new vertical types) and we also have an old airport express and all of it works together just fine. We also have in this network the old Airport Extreme (flat type housing). All of it works together fine.

    • Answered by Dallas H from Bernardsville