Will this support iPod out?

  • Asked by fn from Corona Del Mar
  • Asked about:  Lightning to USB Cable (1 m)

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    "iPod Out" is an audio/video technology developed for certain cars whereby the iPod's native interface is displayed on the car's display. This mode involves sending a video and an audio signal through the 30 pin connector. This feature is unavailable with the lightning cable.

    Most cars display their own interface for interacting with music. Those cars will continue to work as before.

    • Answered by William I from Portland
  • If you are really talking about "iPod out", then no it won't.

    If you are just looking to connect your iPhone to your car stereo with a single USB cable (no headphone output or AUX input), then it should work. I use one in my 2011 Chevy Equinox and it works great. I can control the iPhone from my stereo just like before.

    My understanding is iPod out is only used by a few high end BMW's, etc. I believe iPod out was actually a type of video out with the iPod interface - it is NOT the way most car stereos handle iPhone connections.

    • Answered by Alan R from East Lansing
  • Each radio and iPhone app acts differently. Pandora seems to have no problem in my experience with both playing songs as well as displaying album artwork.

    • Answered by Garrett W G from Livonia
  • It does support audio out if that is what you mean.

    • Answered by Michael A from Kenosha
  • Not sure for all applications of iPod Out.... However, I was able to connect my iPhone 5 with this cable to my 2010 Cadillac SRX's audio system. I was able to access all menus, functionality, etc. through the car's onscreen menu. It worked just as well as the 30 pin connector and other iPhones/iPods. Hope this helps.

    • Answered by Lawrence V from Chicago
  • Yes, it works for iPod out. I tested it this morning - using the cable and my iPhone 5 - and it worked perfectly in the car (just like it did with the old cable and my 4/4S).

    • Answered by Larry R from Washington