With a MacBook OS vers 10.4.11, how do I know if I have Tiger?

Would like to buy Mac Box as I previously purchased Ilife, to upgrade my Iphoto. Ended up returning as it wasn't compatible. Don't know how to tell if I have "Tiger".Do not like having to return although Apple took care of my problem beautifully.

  • Asked about:  Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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    You have Tiger: the '4' in 10.4.11 denotes you are running OSX Tiger. The '11' denotes the update number. Just to clarify further, Leopard = 10.5.x and Snow Leopard is 10.6.x. Regarding your requirements, you'll need to buy the Mac Box Set if you want to upgrade to Snow Leopard and get the latest iPhoto in iLife '09.

  • All OS 10.4 are referred to as 'Tiger.' 10.4.11 just means that it has had 11 updates applied since 10.4.0.