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    I thought I would be one of the lucky ones after waiting 3 months for my adapter.... I guess not. I have slight flickering and my wired mouse tends to be very jumpy. Honestly, if I would have known this beforehand, I would not have bought the new MBP.

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    Slow MacBook Pro

    After paying $99 plus tax, I thought I will be very happy driving 30 inch Apple Cinema Display from my new MacBookPro. Wrong! It is SLOW !!! Especially when I run VMWare Fusion full screen mode, my Mac runs so slowly that I fall asleep. I am not sure why they made MDP to run only half the capacity. Apple must have known this, so then they should have left dual DVI or provided a different solution.

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    Problem's with 30" Display

    As others have stated there are many problems with this adapter and using it with a 30" display. I never had a single problem with my two prior 15" MacBook Pro's and my Dell 30" display. With this adapter I experience flicker every 10-15 minutes and have seen it drop one link of the dual-link connection as well. I would avoid this adapter and had I known this would not have purchased a new 15" MacBook Pro.

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    doesn't work properly with Macbook Pro (late 2008) and Dell 30" monitors

    beware, doesn't work with a Macbook Pro (late 2008) and any Dell 30" (3007wfp /3007wfp-hc), every so often the infamous 'fuzz of death' appears and your screen will be unreadable, leaving only a re-boot or unpluging/repluging the adpater to bring the screen back, but only for awhile.

    check out the forums for details, especially the thread intitled - 'periodic Dual-link display problem with new adapter'.

    very poor show from Apple to release a faulty product.

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    Design Engineering Staff Shouid be Publicaly FLOGGED!!

    Please forgive my possibly ignorant rant knowing I am open to any schooling from an informed source, unless otherwise corrected I believe the Design Engineering Staff at Apple should be publicly Flogged or at the very least be made to give up a portion of their paychecks to accommodate the prolific permutations of video connectors Apple has SPAWNED! Really now, Intel / PC based computers, that offer equivalent graphic performance have managed to utilize the same 15 Pin cable for 20 years!!! Could someone please tell me WHY APPLES FEELS IT IS COMPULSORY EVERY TIME A MODEL OR MID MODEL CHANGE HAPPENS THEY MUST INVENT ANOTHER *&!@#!# VIDEO CONNECTOR?!!!! One must carry a printed product compatibility map the size of a bed sheet to PURCHASE the correct $30 to $125 adapter so that one can connect AN APPLE MONITOR TO AN APPLE COMPUTER!!! Shame on Apple once again for showing absolutely NO ALLEGIANCE to Long Standing Consumers! I had hoped Intel would have put a stop to the 8Pin, D-Sub, BNC, 15 Pin, Powerbook 100 Series adapter, Powerbook Duo Adapter, DVI, VGA, Mini DisplayPort to VGA, Mini DVI to VGA, Mini DisplayPort to DVI, Mini DVI to DVI, Mini DVI to Video, Mini DisplayPort to VGA, Micro DVi to Video, MADNESS!!! Just to name a few.....

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    Working fine after 3 days...

    I have no doubt there are significant issues with some or most of these adapters, but unfortunately it is the only way to hook a new MacBook / MacBook Pro up to a 30" monitor; anyone who has such a display is unlikely to give it up.

    I bought one of these from the local Apple store, and tested it in the store with a Macbook Air + a 30" cinema display they had there - worked fine. After 3 days of 8+ hr/day use with a MacBookPro purchased in Early Jan connected to a Dell 3008WFP it is just fine - display rock steady, no issues whatsoever. The MacBook is plugged in (powered), one of the MacBook's 2 USB ports powers the adapter, the other goes to the USB hub located in the monitor. Energy saver is set to "better battery life" (ie 9400M); haven't bothered to enable the 9600.

    Yes, this is far too expensive, large, and generally a ridiculous solution - particularly compared with the direct-connect dual-link DVI on the previous generation. And yes, why is there not a mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable available, 4+ months after the product introduction? However, the particular unit I appear to have works just fine. If you really need one of these things, perhaps you can get lucky and wind up with an operational unit as well.

    Otherwise, sticking with a previous-generation MacBook with a more immediately useful display connector, or perhaps a different brand of laptop all together would serve as a better solution.

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    Buy this adapter or they'll kill your dog

    I initially purchased the single channel adapter not being aware of the 1280x800 signal limitation. I returned to the store (without packaging, but with receipt) and explained that it was unlikely anyone on the planet would benefit from the single channel adapter, and the staff agreed. I was given full credit for the single channel and purchased the dual.

    It worked as expected, and I am running 2560x1600 w/millions of colours. No flicker, no warbles. Samsung 30 inch SyncMaster 305T.

    So why a 3 star rating? Because it is a solution after the fact. My old MBP had a DVI port on the side and ran this monitor just fine. Exactly how is this Mini DisplayPort suppose to benefit me? There is a high PIA factor plugging two cables where prior I had one and now I have 3 feet of cable and a box the size of a deck of cards on my desk.

    So in summary.. If you are reading this, chances are that you already purchased a new laptop and are trying to solve your display problems. Go ahead and buy it.

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    Got a Fix to the Flickering Issue for MacBook Pro

    Had the same problem that everyone else seems to have, but got a fix from the apple store:

    For the MacBook Pro (15", unibody)

    1) Open System Preferences
    2) Open Energy Saver
    3) Check the button for Higher Performance.

    The issue disappeared and everything is working fine now.

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    You're joking me? $100 for an adapter for a perfectly good working and relevant 30" ACD monitor??!

    Not to mention i cant use the firewire on the back of the ACD. and it barely works most of the time which is just the kicker.

    I mean, its not that hard to create something that looks simple and elegant, but put some craftsmanship and quality into it really!

    You have access to a multitude of Apple products in your factory, do a bit more grindstone testing before we pay the burden of failed products that dont get the quality assurance customers that are willing to pay for apples premium.

    Good luck next time.

    (dont get me wrong im not here to bash Apple at all, I'm just reluctant with all these quiet changes and no realization that customers are offered standards and are now being kicked high to adapt or get nothing)

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    Mostly works

    I was glad that it has a USB pass-through because I really didn't know how I was going to handle even one less USB port on the laptop. Still I need a hub because the 30" Applemonitor only has 2 ports.

    As for the quality of the device, it works most of the time. Every couple of hours it will blink a blank screen for a fraction of a second. I can deal with that.

    I really just want a 30" version that uses the display port natively and has more USB ports. But I'll have to wait and see if Apple makes one.

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    Solid product

    Solid performance. Flicker occurs once every couple of hours, otherwise works like a charm.

    Display: LG W3000H 30"
    Resolution: 2560x1600
    Computer: Aluminum Macbook 13"

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    love it

    I have MacBook with 30 inch cinema HD and it works great! not surprised...

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    Am I luck ? It works flawlessly

    I'm using the new PB 15" in non energy saver graphics mode, a 30" Apple Cinema Display and the new mini display port DL adapter. I'm powering the DL adapter from a powered USB hub. Works flawlessly. Sleep/Awakes fine, no flicker, no schumtz. Stays synced for the 8-10 hours I use my monitor every day.

    My only complaint was having to wait since October for it. That was unacceptable on Apple's part I will not make that mistake again.

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    Works wonderfully.

    I use this with a MacBook Air and the Apple 30 inch display. The adapter seems flawless. However display intensive functions, like the screen saver, keep the cooling fan on the Air going.

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    Plug & Play, Works like a Charm

    Just received my Dual-Link adapter today. Plugged it into my 30" Apple Cinema Display. Works perfect. Nice to once again have the massive screen real estate.

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    Sync fix

    I experienced the out of sync issues about 3-4x a day. What I've found works every time is going in to display preferences and changing the resolution down to 1280x800 and then back to 2560x1600. It seems to reinitialize the screen that way and fix it. Since that works it is probably a software issue and should be corrected in a software update. I'm hooked up with an aluminum Macbook to a Dell 3007wfp-hc.

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    Very Happy So Far

    I have been very happy so far with my adaptor. I connected my 2.8Ghz MBP to my 30" Apple Cinema Display, and it just worked. I connected the USB pass-through to one of my MBP's USB ports, and now the USB hub ports on the back of the display work as well.

    I have not experienced the flicker others have described. The adaptor to date has been exactly what it clams to be, and I am very pleased.

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    Poor Performance Apple!

    Really disappointing performance for an apple product! Ordered my new MBP, with this adapter and now 3 months after the delivery of the computer I still cant use my 30 inch display.

    Whoever thought that it would be a good idea to ship a product without having ALL accessories ready for shipment at the same time does not deserve to work at apple!

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    Long delay... very pricy... no choice really!

    I know how you feel. I am in the exact same situation. I have placed an order for MBP 2.8 with 320GB 7.2K HD (AUD$4,000 plus laptop) and I have to wait over a month before I can use my Apple Cinema Display 30" also...

    One benefit... well two (if you count being able to use the ACD30 again)... is that I always disliked the power pack sitting on the desk because the DVI cable is so short... well, when I get this Mini-to-DVI adapter, I can relocate the power pack.

    Finally... I can not understand how this cable can cost that much!! I guess I am still paying for it so it must be 'worth' it but I do feel hard done by the price tag also.

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