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    works fine for me!

    I have upgraded my monitor to Apple 30" cinema and used it with my old system for about 3 months. Then I decided to upgrade my system to the latest 15" macbook por with 2.8Ghz.

    I freaked when I knew later that this was the only way to connect those two and it basically sucked based on the reviews. But I bought it anway.

    I should say that everything is working fine for a week now. There is no issues what so ever. I played some movies on it and all worked fine. I also used it for photo editing and didn't notice anything yet. It may be because everything I have is brand new (the monitor, the laptop, the osx, and the converter) or mabye because I got lucky. Mabye, I have not noticed anything as of yet. So, I'm going to keep using the system and update this my comment if anything comes up. But until then, this converter works fine.

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    Works Perfectly

    I was skeptical after reading all of the problem reports but went ahead and purchased an adapter to connect my new mini (nVidia graphics chip) to a Dell 3007 30" display. It worked perfectly and has continued to do so for a week. Initially I did have to manually change my display resolution from the default up to the true monitor resolution in system settings but after that I've had no problems on Leopard or Snow Leopard.

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    The key is v1.02

    Like many, I found that my newly purchased 15" MBP no longer worked with my 30" Apple Cinema Display, even though I thought I purchased the correct adapter.

    After receiving the "correct" adapter, I worried after reading so many bad reviews. But I plugged mine in, selected the resolution, and bingo: it worked, first time.

    I checked the adapter firmware version and it is, indeed, v1.02. As a previous poster has already stated, it seems that this is the key to the success (or failure) of the adapter fixing the problem with the new unibody Macs. At least for me!

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    Purchased a brand new macbook pro - 30" cinema display this adapter and it just plain stinks!

    I had the cinema display for the past 2 years running but using this adapter and the latest macbook pro 2.8ghz laptop I notice tons of feedback in the display.

    So bad that after 2 days I went back to my older 2.2ghz macbook pro.

    Apple please fix!

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    Intermittent horizontal lines, snow, noise on black...

    ... just like so many others are experiencing.

    Other issue is that waking up the MacBook 17" from sleep will result in the 30 inch Cinema Display to wake up first, causing that monitor to be the default controller/finder monitor (#1).

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    Works great for me!!

    I read the reviews for this item, but recently purchased this adapter anyway (call it true faith in Apple) and it works great with my new 30" display and Macbook Pro. No problems, plugged it in and away we go.

    I am getting the proper resolution, and I love the new real estate that I have on my desktop. I did check and I have the new Firmware version 1.02, so I don't know if this is better than previous ones people might have been buying but I'm happy.

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    Not cool. Green sparkles of doom

    Started out working OK when booted to Leopard. I use the 3 week old (4GB RAM, 128GB SSD) Mac Mini almost exclusively in Windows 7. I get green sparkles on black areas on the screen. It seems worse when the machine is warm.

    I have flattened the machine and clean installed Snow Leopard. Now I get a black screen.

    I am running on a Samsung 305T monitor.

    $99 fail.

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    Finally works with Gateway w.firmware 1.02

    Finally got one after hearing on the US Apple site that someone tried it on their Gateway 3000 with success. I can confirm that it does in fact works though there is no way to tell what firmware version is on without going into System Profiler->Graphic/Displays and scrolling down to the XHD3000 settings. Unfortunately you cannot do this at the Apple Store so had take a leap of faith that the unit I purchased was new stock.

    Also heard on the US Apple site/forums that the firmware cannot be updated remotely/on your Mac via software update.

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    Apple has upgraded the firmware and improved the adapter.

    I purchased one of these adapters a few months ago and had nothing but problems with it. Recent reviews on this forum had improved, so I called Apple and asked it the adapter had been upgraded. After some discussion it became clear that the firmware had, in fact, been upgraded. The current version of the firmware is 1.02 and it works great!

    Since the firmware couldn't be upgraded electronically by e-mail, Apple replaced my adapter at no cost. The new adapter has solved all of the previous problems.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    15" MBPro (Mid 2009) to 30" Cinema Display

    No problems here... works perfect.

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    Works exactly as advertised

    The adapter works exactly as advertised with my Gateway XHD3000. Unplugged mini DVI, plugged in mini Displayport and USB cables, plugged in Dual Link cable, and voila, glorious 2560x1600.

    I was worried that it wouldn't work because of the low-ish reviews, but I had no problems.

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    Every other review i have read of this product said it was awful and didnt work so i was skeptical. I am using a 13" unibody mac book alluminium and have been using this with a 30" apple cinema display and it works PERFECTLY. I was freaking out it wouldnt work but it does all it said it would do for me. very happy .

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    Does what it says on the tin

    I work for a large online social network company, and many of us (around 200 people) are using this adapter happily with Dell 30" monitors (two models). There are also people using it with NEC 24". We are using MacBooks and MacBook Pros from between 2007-2009.

    In my experience (and my team's) the adapter works well in all in all scenarios. The main test is the hot-plug scenario, and this has never let me down. OSX seems to transition the windows reasonably well - they are often half off the screen when they are consolidated, but that is a minor gripe. The transition takes 5-10 seconds each way, understandably.

    The inclusion of USB is nice, in that it makes for clean cabling on our desks.

    Anyway, I see no reason to rate this unit lower than 5 stars. Good work to the under-praised guys who developed this product.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Does not work properly with Dell 3007WFP-HC

    Pixel noise is apparent all of the time especially on larger blocks of dark picture content. Intermittent display corruption requires putting the machine to sleep and waking up again to recover. I personally would not have released this product in this state.

    Adapter version is 1.0.1 and the machine is a MacBook Pro 17" 2.66.

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    Very Nice Product!

    I heard so many bad things about this product. I even went to apple store to find out more information on it, but they had no idea what I was talking about, not very knowledgeable at all. But I took a chance and bought this adapter anyways. I am using it with my brand new Mac Mini, which I just bought today, with 4 gb of RAM and 256mb graphic card. As soon as I plugged my 30" apple cinema to mac mini, it started working. I have been using it all day and haven't had any problems at all. So far I am very satisfied with this product. Great Buy!!

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    Occasional flickering

    I'm using this product with a just-bought unibody 17" MacBookPro and a 30" Apple CinemaDisplay, and whilst it generally works ok, every 15-20 minutes it flickers (to black for half a second, then back on).

    It's annoying rather than catastrophic, but I have no other option for connecting my screen to my laptop as far as I know.


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    Flickers all over

    It's such a shame that the 30" display is from Apple, the 15" BMP is from Apple, and the display port to dual-link DVI adapter is from apple, yet they don't seem to work at all.

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    A bit on the inferior side

    I have 2 setups with unibody MacBook Pro and 30" Apple monitor. I'm on the phone with Apple right now switching out the cable for the 2nd time. Works fine for a couple of months and then, launch up to a non-working monitor. By process of elimination, we've deduced it is the cable that is faulty. Going on my 3rd cable now. Kinda blows!

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    works perfect with my MacBook Pro 15"

    read a lot of the review here. this is mine i use this dual-link DVI adapter with a DVI -HDMI cable on my Sony Bravia 52" LCD HDTV it works perfect but of-course you need a audio cable too
    for the price is a good buy i am planning to buy another one for my TV in the study

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Ditto for me - Brand new 13" MBP with a brand new Dell 30 monitor

    I get the random fuzziness - thing is I have typically 20 or more windows open and they scrunch up into the 13" inch screen each and every time I "fix" the monitor. Not exactly the productivity solution I was looking for I'm afraid.

    Adjusting the resolution seems to help if you go to a really low setting (1280 x 800 or lower) however I still have to unscrunch all my previously nicely arranged windows...

    Identical problem occurs on a Samsung 27" monitor as well so I know it is in Apple's domain.

    Apple: Fix This!!!!

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