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    What's with the hate?

    I bought my macbook pro in July and have had no problems at all. I love the MagSafe feature, it has saved my computer on countless number of occasions!

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    worst charger i have ever owned!!!!

    sooo i find it sad that apple products fall apart so easily not only my charger but everyone i know that has a macbook charger looks busted up! not only the charger but the earphones are terrible 10$ earphones last longer three times longer than the ones that come with the ipods! ridiculous!!!

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    This will be my 2nd power supply

    The smaller cord has frayed. The first one overheated and got so hot that I couldn't touch it. The "new" one has frayed on the smaller cord, the one you wrap around the "cord wrapping posts"..... It's like the cord got stiff and couldn't handle the wrapping. It needs a more pliable product as a cable.

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    Total disappoinment by apple

    first of all u should really put a "zero star" whats it going to take for you guys to make a charger that doesn't mess up every 4 months and at $80 dollars a piece it absurd!!!

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    Doesn't last!

    I bought my laptop less than 7 months ago and over those 7 months I have noticed an amount of problems with this product. At first it was great to use but then over time I noticed that when I charged my laptop for a long time, the connector (where the charger connects with the laptop) gets extremely hot and burns, this could have eventually caused a fire if I didn't take it out on time. Also I have noticed that recently my charger has become faulty and only works when I move it around or connect and disconnect it 50 times from my laptop. A few days ago it stopped working all together, unfortunately I am unable to use my laptop when I need it most for my studies. Now I have to buy a brand new charger for my laptop that is $89 each and is probably going to run out. I think there should be a discount for people who buy the same product more than once. Apple needs to sort this out before it starts losing customers.

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    Thank you for your reviews

    I fully agree with all the negative reviews about the charger. I was lucky to be able to use my wife's 4 year old MacBook charger otherwise I would have had serious trouble. Now I am considering buying a generic charger or two for half the price ......btw I also use a generic car charger for my macbook and it works just fine .

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    Worst adapter ever!

    I have had PCs for work my entire life and never had such a frustrating time with the adapter. Absolutely absurd that such a great leader in innovation and design can make such a poor product. Ours stopped working after a couple months and my husband and I have probably spent the equivalent of a month's time over the past couple years wiggling and finagling it to work. The pins have all pushed in. I cannot believe Apple has done nothing about it and that my only option is to shell out $80 for a new one!

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    2 chargers in two years

    Right now, I am thinking about getting the third one since the one I bought 6 months ago didn't charge any more. The only thing I can say is that it is a bad design.

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    Terrible Design

    Apple should redesign this product and offer a recall of all the old power adapters. Like everyone else, mine has only lasted 1 year. Looks like I'll be shelling out another $80.

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    Disappointing. Frustrating.

    I love my computer. I love the idea of the MagSafe Power Adapter. But after only six months of use, gentle, home only use, the pins, one by one lost their spring. And then finally, the adapter failed to charge my computer without the help of a wiggle, and not just a quick wiggle but many long, frustrating minutes of trying..each time. Now, nothing. I have ordered two more just to be on the safe side. I am so overly disappointed that a computer of such high quality would require a charger that belongs on the bottom shelf. Please, Apple, do something!

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    Not Great At All

    I have had my Macbook Pro laptop for only about 1 1/2 years now and have gone through about 4 chargers. It angers me that the same problem happens to the charger where the piece connecting to the laptop comes off. Plus the fact that the charger is $80; that's absolutely ridiculous. Apple needs to come up with a better design for their laptop chargers.

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    i have no idea what these people are talking about. i got my macbook in january 2008 and the power adapter has worked every time and has no signs of damage to the cord.

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    A few words of caution

    Like a few others, I've experienced the usual failure mode of this product - the broken cable where it exits the "brick".

    I too baulked at the cost of a replacement from Apple and repaired it by opening the case (relatively easy - it only seems to be welded/glued in four places), cutting out the broken section of the cable - which shortens it by an inch or two and soldering/ reinsulating/re-assembling the case and re-glueing sparingly with super glue.

    It seemed to work but I thought that the broken cable might have shorted and caused a potential problem for the longer term so, I purchased a replacement on ebay at half the cost of the Apple product. This duly arrived from Hong Kong and seemed to be identical to the Apple product - even down to the label.

    BIG MISTAKE!! Although it seemed to work OK I experienced some strange behaviour on the Trackpad. The cursor would move jerkilly and sometimes just lost it's accuracy. I proved it was the power pack by operating on just the battery and am now re-using the original power pack that I repaired - result; smooth cursor.

    Anybody want a Hong Kong copy of the Apple power pack - you too can have a cursor with a mind of it's own!!

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    not worth it

    I've had the same problem as other reviewers. My charger failed after about a year. I know it's the charger because i used my friends original charger on my mac and it works just fine. Of all the great Apple designs, please pay some attention to the charger....

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    power cord is a piece of junk

    Don't count on this working very long. This is the 4th time I have had to replace mine in 4 years. I wish I could give this item zero stars but that option was not available to me.

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    3 adapters in 3 years

    I have just about everything apple related and love the company's products. I am, however, extremely disappointed in the need to keep replacing my adapter because they eventually fray and come loose at the end that connects to the laptop. My latest replacement just sat plugged up at my desk, not being bent up or coiled and recoiled, yet it still ended up failing around the 1 year mark. At $80 each, this is not acceptable. I understand some users probably cause theirs to wear down with misuse and bending, but there is undoubtedly a design flaw involved for this issue to be so prevalent. I love your products, so please design better adapters to power them.

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    The expensive power adapter can only last for 1 year.

    This adapter won't last, you will have to buy it again 12 months later. Hope you will not be terrified when you see the exposed metal threads at the end of the adapter. More importantly, it will stop charging your computer soon after seeing them.

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    Great adapter

    Got this adapter with my Late 2008 Macbook. It's keeping my MacBook alive for over 40 months now. Lately ,since about 1-2 weeks now, it sometimes won't connect properly with the MacBook. I just pull it out and back in and it works. Besides that awsome adapter.

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    Worst power adapter ever!!!!!

    I have owned my macbook for two years now. I am now shopping for a fourth power cord in a two year time frame. Apple needs to improve this product. Its nice to see that you've built a reliable laptop but without battery charge whats the use?

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    Very Dissapointing

    I use my MacBook Pro for everything, but the fact that i take it to school everyday can't be the reason why my adapter is almost shredded to pieces in almost one and a half year.

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