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    Charger design flaw

    My charger just stopped working this morning, the small cable near the power block has frayed. I had this charger for less than one month over a year and it just broke. I take my laptop with me everywhere and I take the cable with me as well. I treat my cable really well, so it stinks that it broke so quickly! Apple needs to update the design because IT HAS A MAJOR FLAW! We should be getting replacements when this happens.

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    Let me begin by saying I am a programmer, and I used to fix computer hardware for a living; which is to say that I am both critical of quality, and careful with my own equipment. Indeed, I have pampered my laptop, and all its accessories with the loving care of one who plans to sell a mint condition laptop when I next upgrade. To say I have treated this adapter with the greatest care is to say much less than could be said.

    Which is why I was stunned one day to find my laptop no longer charging. I barely had 20 cycles on the battery! I hit the web, and checked all the things it might be (dirt in the contacts, etc. etc.), but none of the "you're an idiot" solutions applied. Yet when by chance I moved the wire next to the magnet end, the laptop started charging, I knew the problem was a poor connection in the wire. Whether that was a side effect of what seemed to me to be excessive heat at the magnet end when plugged in, or a quality flaw from the factory, I cannot say - but if the number of soured reviews is indicative of anything, it certainly suggests a deficiency that has yet to be seriously addressed. I can say this much; this product was grossly overpriced when it was merely an adapter cable for a premium laptop - but when the same product comes out of the box with a lemon-in-waiting adaptor, I have to say, the quality of these cables, for all their aesthetics (and price), is regretably, even incomprehensibly poor.

    Perhaps Apple will examine the abysmal ratings they are getting, and fortify what would otherwise be a great (albeit wallet-gouging) cable. The second of the two stars is because I like every other Apple product I own (and I own many) and would feel overly guilty if I only put the single star the product was worth. Benefit of the doubt and all that.

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    For once Apple should learn from Microsoft...

    I never say this, but these power cords are not only expensive, but complete junk. I have windows machines that still have the original cords... I am on my 3rd cord...yes, 3 that have died from Apple! 5 if you count the two I bought from outside online distributors- hoping cost would be eased a bit.

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    Poor product and too Expensive!!

    This is a poor product and one that doesn't come cheap!! Apple definitely need to rethink their design! I will be going to get my third adapter in just over 3 years tomorrow.

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    60w power adaptor

    Useless. They have broken down on every laptop I have leased or purchased. My last one stopped working whilst traveling and although in warranty had to pay over $120 to replace in China. It's the only bad part of my Apple experience.

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    This morning my third charger broke, extremely disappointed.

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    It's OK

    The charger seems to get really hot, so keep it above surfaces, and they die too quickly as a result from the overheating.

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    Mine Broke and is too expensive

    The small part of the cable that attaches to the larger body snapped off. Very Poorly made.

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    powerless adapter!

    ive just had problems with my second magsafe power adapter in 12 months. thats only with this macbook too. i had the model before this and the slightly older adapter. i went through 3 of these. the battery charger for my 8 quid asda phone is more durable.
    the price we apple customers are expected to pay for this sub standard bit of kit is crazy. please sort this out apple. once and for all.

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    Replaced twice in last year

    I have had my MacBook Pro now for about a year and now have had the power adapter go out for the the 2nd time. I am a loyal Apple customer, because of the quality of Apple products as a whole, but this particular item STINKS!

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    My only Apple complaint

    I love anything Apple, but these chargers are the WORST. I have replaced them 4 times. The last one was the new design, so neither design is worthy of the Apple name.

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    Does NOT last!!!

    I've had my Macbook Pro for almost 1.5 years now. I had to replace the charger about 5 months ago, now AGAIN because it literally JUST broke for no reason!!! I'm a college student, i don't have the money to keep replacing an $80 charger. Right now, if i had the money, i'd get a new laptop from HP or Dell because their stuff LAST and is not sooooo expensive!

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    This cable is unacceptable in any way shape or form. i had too buy a new cable 2 months after i got my macbook in august of last year. Now my cable is showing the same signs of charging intermittently or not at all! For the quality of the item the price is outrageous.
    20$ MAXIMUM is what should be paid for this. As a student i can only PRAY that my cable lasts till mid january and the next half of my student loan comes in so i can get a new one.

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    Why don't Apple listen?

    I'm obviously not on my own here in being sick to the back teeth about this charger. I am now awaiting my 5th having received my 4th last week. Within a few days the charging symbol on my Mac kept on switching to 'Not charging', as well as the charger itself getting extremely hot.

    This was my first experience of the new charger which, I had hoped, had been introduced as an improvement on the former style. Clearly I was wrong! The question is, do I go for non-Apple chargers next time, as clearly Apple are perfectly contented in continuing to receive the dosh for a 4th rate product

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    Apple Built Something To Last For Approx. 1-2 Years?

    Apple ignore the issue while US residents got settlement because of court settlement, not voluntarily. Though I'm in other country also affected. When many customers face the same issue this must product defect.

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    I've never been so disgusted with a product.

    Apple, take note, you need to make a new charger, not send out replacements to the same people 3-4 times a year.

    I'm on my 4th Charger now, (6th if you include the knock off's that have also failed)
    I've payed over £200 on replacing my macbook chargers, pretty much a quarter of what i payed for the actual macbook itself.

    Stop acting like its the customers who are at fault for your faulty technology and update it with a more robust wire, and a more robust shell.
    Have a look at the reviews from the product for proof that it is a piece of ****

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    Do you even read the reviews Apple Tecnical staff

    i have had my macbook pro since April i love it the only downside is the rubbish charger i am on will be on my forth tomorrow like i said i have only had the computer since april please Apple staff look at theses reviews and bring back the T shaped charger or re design this one so it doesnt break as soon as you get it home

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    Needs to be stronger

    I have had my macbook pro for about 1.5 years and I have had to replace this charger twice and recently had to buy a new one. This charger NEEDS to be more durable.

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    The cable shiled was broke

    I used this adapter for 2.5 years, and this morning i've got it's cable shield was flake off..and OMG it can't working anymore. Whereas, i must work my thesis. I guess the cable can't resist the HEAT. I have to buy a new one so that my lovely macqy will work again. But as student it's hard to me about the price.

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    doesn't even last a year

    I try to take extremely good care of my electronics, but I am currently on my second charger this year! I got my MacBook Pro august last year and had to replace its charger a few months ago in June. it isn't been the new year and it already broke. literally no electricity goes through it. if my chargers are going to break this often, i think apple should lower the price to $10. because its most certainly not worth the $80 they're asking for.

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