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    Ridiculous charger at a ridiculous replacement price

    I'm on my second charger and this one has now become defective. The wires bend and eventually start to fray, causing the power to go in and out, depending on the angle the charger cord is hanging at. I do not understand how this problem has existed for so long and yet Apple doesn't seem inclined to fix it. A replacement charger should not cost $80, especially considering how many problems other users have had. I love my MacBook and think it's pathetic that you spend well over $1000 on a laptop, only to get a charger that frays and is a fire hazard.

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    Poor Design

    Just bought this adapter to replace the original for my MacBook. This cord is obviously going to develop a weakness and/or break at the point of connection with the computer. The computer connection point only makes sense if the wall outlet is located directly behind the computer. With a laptop, the wall connection could be in any direction. If the wall connection is behind the user, the cord must lead away from the back of the computer and then curve back towards the outlet behind or to the left of the user. I don't expect this cord to last long. I have used Apple products for most of my life and I love them for aesthetic, functionality, and high quality. This cord does not measure up to the high standards I expect from Apple products, and I would strongly suggest Apple rethink their laptop power supply design.

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    Magsafe Adapter: Faulty

    I bought this replacement L-shaped adapter for about $85 back in March when the original that came with my macbook pro (early 2008) died due to a power surge. Well, last night I came home to use my laptop and found that it was dead, although it should have been charging. I disconnected the tip of the power cord from the laptop and it literally slipped off of the cord itself. It was only 8 months old! Are you kidding me, Apple? Now I have to go pay $85 for another one that will probably last another 8 months. I am VERY UPSET and wish that darn power surge hadn't messed up by old adapter. It lasted a good 3 years without a problem, and this "new" version didn't even make it to 1. Apple needs to focus on upgrading these instead of coming out with a new iphone every couple of months. Give a few of these products some more longevity.

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    tired of replacing chargers

    We have been happy with our Apple products such as Macbooks, ipads, and iphones - but we are fed up with having to replace these chargers. We purchased ANOTHER replacement charger for our daughter this summer and surprise, it failed today. College daughter, no charger, in town with no Apple store equals angry parents. Apple, you have had a problem with these chargers for some time. FIX IT!

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    Rubbish charger, no alternative

    I'm now having to buy my fourth one of these chargers due to the shoddy build quality and short lifespan of them. I just wish there were some alternative so that I didn't have to keep spending a ridiculous amount of money on a charger that is going to break without doubt.

    My first one lasted about 6 months, the second around four and this last one I only replaced in August. For an apple product it is hugely dissapointing.

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    failed charger for macbook pro

    We bought the computer for my daughter who has taken extremely good care of it. Yesterday, she had the problem that so many people are complaining about, her charger cord came apart at the computer connection. I was surprised that an Apple product is so poorly constructed, that it cannot be simply repaired, and that a replacement costs $80 plus tax (for a power cord?). I checked the reviews and learned that this is a common problem. One surprise was finding that the occasional person with a similar complaint gives the product 3 stars. This is definitely a one (not possible to give it zero) star problem.

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    MagSafe power adapter

    Ive gone through 2 in less than 10 months. The second one just quit on me and I rarely ever took it out of the house, only picked it up by the brick and practiced every precaution to prevent any stress on the cable joints. I have two papers due tomorrow and my laptop wont charge. If you are a student looking for a dependable computer DONT get a MacBook until apple licenses third party manufacturers to make the MagSafe adapters, maybe they can get it right. P.S: I was unable to describe my true feelings about this product due to the language filter on these reviews, but I assure you there were alot of "expletive deleted's". Oh and I wasn't able to give this product less than 1 star

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    I am a full time student and saved up to buy my macbook pro. since owning this laptop i have had a lot of problems...now my adapter cord has a shortage...waiting to see how i can get a replacement...luckily i bought applecare hopefully...

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    it stops working. rubbish!

    i used my magsafe for 9months it stoped working for no aparently reason. i went to the ap store they gave me a new one inmediatly as it was under warranty(by the way, the girl who gave the new one said it is very common...).
    the one i got it stoped working after 6 months...
    what should i do? i am happy with the laptop but the charger is rubbish! so disappointing!

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    REALLY Apple?

    Shoddy product made out of shoddy material. I just had to buy yet ANOTHER one and had to spend $80 on a product i KNOW is bad. My old one just FELL apart and caught fire. It was awesome.

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    Terrible quality & grossly overpriced

    I've already gone through 2 of these power adapters. It's far below the quality I'm used to from Apple and almost 1/10 of the price of a complete MacBook.

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    This charger is HORRIBLE

    I received my laptop as a gift around a year ago, it was November 25, 2010 when I got it. A few months later my first charger went and just randomly stopped working. I brought my laptop and charger to an Apple store the employees were helpful, they gave my a new charger realizing that mine just stopped working. Now this is my second charger and it's been acting weird the last few days. It was only working if my charger was in a certain spot, but no it isn't working yet again. I'm sick of this!! I have school work online and use my laptop EVERYNIGHT!!!! This is such an inconvenience because the closest Apple store is over an hour away from me and I can't just drive out there whenever I need to. Something NEEDS to be done about this ridiculous charger. Never again will I want a Mac.

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    Bad design

    i have had my mac book for 2 years this is the third time i am buying a new power pack why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sort it apple plse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Piece of junk

    I don't understand why apple makes such awful macbook chargers and then expects us to pay $80 for another awful charger a few months later when the first one stops working. I just had my 3rd charger in the last year stop working on me, and I take very good care of my things. I can't afford to pay $250 a year in chargers alone, its a little bit ridiculous.
    Around the same couple months that my charger broke, 2 of my friends encountered the same problems with their chargers. Think you can either get these problems worked out or lower the price of the chargers, apple? Ridiculous..
    I wanted to give zero stars but it isn't possible.

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    MagSafe - Failed again! Fix this now Apple!

    Firstly let me say that I love Apple products. I have had three iphones, I'm a registered iphone developer and my MacBook is one of the nicest things I own.
    After less than 18 months of use the original MagSafe that came with my MacBook failed. I loved my Apple products so much that I paid for a new one to get my machine working again.
    The new MagSafe was of the new design.
    After just one more year the new MagSafe has failed.
    I have used PCs for more than 20 years, generally they are much lower quality than the Macs. However, I have only ever had one power supply failure. MagSafe is a great design concept, but let down by poor execution.
    Apple, you need to fix this now.

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    way too flimsy

    Cool design but doesn't last. Tip just fell right off the cord. Patented connector=apple charges whatever they want. Grab my ankles and dish out $80

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    Absolutely horrendous...having SO much trouble with adapters at the moment...the new design is appauling. The material that the wire is now fashioned from is horrible and awkward and doesn't bend easily. My charger started to crack and tear and looked like a rat had been gnawing on it - i had used it entirely as instructed for a couple of months and then had to argue with the "genius" at the apple store for a replacement. THANK GOODNESS FOR EXTENDED WARRANTY!!!!!!!! ...but this will eventually run out - and then what apple??? I decided to buy a spare adapter so that i'd have a back up for when the inevitable happened *sigh*...THIS ONE STOPPED WORKING AFTER 24 HOURS!!!!!??? LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS APPLE... WE PAY ENOUGH!!! WE WANT BETTER QUALITY PRODUCTS!!!!!!!!

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    Mac book charger

    what a joke this much to buy a charger for a laptop ? talk about feeling 'set up' . its bad enough i pay an ultra premium for a MacBook vs same power/storage/features in non-AAPL laptops but then when the charger falls apart , you pay massive premium to replace .

    its abuse of customers in ways like this that will take the shine off AAPL in long run . Even my kid who HAD TO HAVE an AAPL laptop shaking her head .

    and how about offering the removeable connection to the laptop part of the charger seperately since thats what fell apart in a year on mine .... rest of charger fine but now useless . Why make that part removeable if you can't buy seperately ?

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    Wires coming apart!

    I'm in Bangkok and I've had to buy 2 MagSafe Adapters in the past 2 years. The wires come apart and this time I actually had sparks coming out. Also the other plug that came in the box is not compatable with Thailand outlets. If I want to use it I have to buy an apapter from Apple.
    When is Apple going to come out with a better design?

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    My Charger melted...

    My charger melted. I used it for about a year and a half and then one day...the casing melted and the wires disconnected. I always noticed that the charger got very hot when I used it...and then one day...poof...dunzo.

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