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    2nd charger in less than 2 years

    I'm very happy with my Mac Book however, this is the 2nd Adapter that failed in about less than 2 years of usage. I'm averaging about less than 1 adapter a year. Obviously, there is something wrong with the design! Please fix this Apple engineers. This is simply not acceptable.

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    I got my MacBook back in August, and only about three months after, the piece that snaps into the charging port broke off. I just stuck the charger back into it and taped it to the computer, and that worked fine for a while, but recently it started saying "Not Charging" when it was plugged in and the little light was very very dim. Now it has completely stopped working, I have a dead MacBook that I can do nothing with, and I really don't feel like paying $80 for another charger that will just do the same thing in a few more months. You see all these bad reviews, Apple, do something to fix the problem.

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    Waste of money

    I have had my Mac since 09 when I graduated, my adapater worked fine for nearly two years. Then it would start blinking in and out and I would wiggle it a litle til it worked again, that worked for like a week then it stopped working all together. So I paid up and got the newest one, it was a little different then the first one I had, and it worked a-OK for a total of about five months. And without any warning at ALL, it just quit working. There is no way I can afford spending $80 every few months because Apple decides to make ***** products. I love my Mac, but I am not going to waste my money more then once.

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    piece of ......

    fill in the blank. This power adapter broke after a month of use.

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    Adapter FAILS

    I've had my adapter for a little less than a year. I'm always really careful with it. All of a sudden, IT DOESN'T WORK!

    Now, I'm 3 hours away from the nearest retailer and need to study for finals. All my notes are on my mac, and I CANNOT CHARGE IT. So apple has screwed me over for finals, and the $80 I'm going to have to pay to replace the adapter. NOT IMPRESSED.

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    Rubbish cables

    I had the same problem with my ibook adapter. The connection breaks by the plug that goes into the computer. Now after 2 years my Macbook cable has done the same. It is awful when you pay 3 times the amount for a mac than you would pay for a PC, and have parts that are this unreliable and badly made. This really is the worst part about Macs.
    Apple, fix this issue. i think you can see your customers are not happy.

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    New Power Adapter

    I just bought a new MacBook Air this summer and my adapter just failed also. While it is good that the cord disconnects easily if stressed, it is too short and awkward to attach if something else is plugged in. Not up to Apple's standards.......

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    Apple, you are UNSAT!!! Everyone in this forum buys apple products because we try to be a believer and actually love the products you make; however, making them so they only last a year or two is bull. My computer works fine, I only have one problem. I CAN'T CHARGE IT BECAUSE OF AN ADAPTER THAT HAS ALREADY FAILED. AND NOW I HAVE TO SPEND $80 TO BUY A NEW ONE. THANKS APPLE.

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    What de France!!!!!

    I have this charger just over 1 month and it's already gone bad!!! (This is after i replaced my original charger with this new one, which was only 9 months)!!! What the heck! I am very VERY upset - 1 month?!?!?!?!?! Really Apple?!?!?!?!?!

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    This is a piece of garbage it would only work in specific outlets and then the other day it stopped working all together and I couldn't figure out why until I tried to undue the cord from the computer and the cord pulled right out of the connector leaving the magnet still attached to my computer.....needless to say I was irritated with such a poorly constructed equipment.

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    failed charger

    I was just working on my laptop and heard a loud "pop" and noticed smoke coming out of my charger!! It is now dead......
    I have heard about charger problems from others. Not only do I have a dead charger, but if I had not unplugged it immediately it probably would have been a fire hazard.
    This is very disappointing as I have been so happy with Apple products overall.
    Does anyone know if Apple has fixed the issues with these chargers and if they are providing replacements at no cost or reduced cost?? or do I just have to buy another one and take my chances??

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    worst product apple makes

    the original charger that came with my macbook back in 2008 used to work great but broke last year. Since then i have gone through 5 of them and spent roughly $400 just on chargers. This has to be the worst product that apple makes. Apple get your act together and make a charger that will last so i don't have to spend $80 on a new one every couple of months.

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    Very, Very Lame.

    This is definitely the worst charger i have ever used, by a long shot. Me and many of my friends have macs, and theirs broke within 6 months.
    I was very cautious with mine, yet still it managed to break one year after my original purchase.
    The only hazard this ever encountered was the hazard of having it in my backpack.
    no drops, no stepping on it, nothing.
    I would only recommend it to someone who will never let i leave their desk, because it has a major design flaw preventing moving it around in full safety.

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    Rubbish for 4 reasons

    Reason 1. It has, like so many others, it failed within months.
    Reason 2. Even before it failed, connection, although not terrible, was a bit hit & miss.
    Reason 3. The whole point of the 'saf'e part of the design is that if the cable is caught, it releases...uh...safely. Try tugging the cable from several angles and I guarantee that you'll be able to pull the laptop right off the table from at least a few of them.
    Reason 4. This should be an improvement on the previous 'T-shaped' design. See points 1-3.

    Come on Apple. This is not some add-on accessory. It is absolutely vital and to not have had a recall, when there are clearly some serious defects is a bit of a middle finger to your customers.

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    Ridiculous charger at a ridiculous replacement price

    I'm on my second charger and this one has now become defective. The wires bend and eventually start to fray, causing the power to go in and out, depending on the angle the charger cord is hanging at. I do not understand how this problem has existed for so long and yet Apple doesn't seem inclined to fix it. A replacement charger should not cost $80, especially considering how many problems other users have had. I love my MacBook and think it's pathetic that you spend well over $1000 on a laptop, only to get a charger that frays and is a fire hazard.

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    Poor Design

    Just bought this adapter to replace the original for my MacBook. This cord is obviously going to develop a weakness and/or break at the point of connection with the computer. The computer connection point only makes sense if the wall outlet is located directly behind the computer. With a laptop, the wall connection could be in any direction. If the wall connection is behind the user, the cord must lead away from the back of the computer and then curve back towards the outlet behind or to the left of the user. I don't expect this cord to last long. I have used Apple products for most of my life and I love them for aesthetic, functionality, and high quality. This cord does not measure up to the high standards I expect from Apple products, and I would strongly suggest Apple rethink their laptop power supply design.

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    Magsafe Adapter: Faulty

    I bought this replacement L-shaped adapter for about $85 back in March when the original that came with my macbook pro (early 2008) died due to a power surge. Well, last night I came home to use my laptop and found that it was dead, although it should have been charging. I disconnected the tip of the power cord from the laptop and it literally slipped off of the cord itself. It was only 8 months old! Are you kidding me, Apple? Now I have to go pay $85 for another one that will probably last another 8 months. I am VERY UPSET and wish that darn power surge hadn't messed up by old adapter. It lasted a good 3 years without a problem, and this "new" version didn't even make it to 1. Apple needs to focus on upgrading these instead of coming out with a new iphone every couple of months. Give a few of these products some more longevity.

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    tired of replacing chargers

    We have been happy with our Apple products such as Macbooks, ipads, and iphones - but we are fed up with having to replace these chargers. We purchased ANOTHER replacement charger for our daughter this summer and surprise, it failed today. College daughter, no charger, in town with no Apple store equals angry parents. Apple, you have had a problem with these chargers for some time. FIX IT!

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    Rubbish charger, no alternative

    I'm now having to buy my fourth one of these chargers due to the shoddy build quality and short lifespan of them. I just wish there were some alternative so that I didn't have to keep spending a ridiculous amount of money on a charger that is going to break without doubt.

    My first one lasted about 6 months, the second around four and this last one I only replaced in August. For an apple product it is hugely dissapointing.

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    failed charger for macbook pro

    We bought the computer for my daughter who has taken extremely good care of it. Yesterday, she had the problem that so many people are complaining about, her charger cord came apart at the computer connection. I was surprised that an Apple product is so poorly constructed, that it cannot be simply repaired, and that a replacement costs $80 plus tax (for a power cord?). I checked the reviews and learned that this is a common problem. One surprise was finding that the occasional person with a similar complaint gives the product 3 stars. This is definitely a one (not possible to give it zero) star problem.

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