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    About to buy my third power cord. This is a terribly flimsy design and a true rip off. I'm going to think twice about getting a Mac next time because the "maintenance" costs of replacing these and my battery aren't worth it.

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    Can Apple do better with this macbook pro 13 charger for the price they ask ?? Is a real piece of crab and is only good to have have it still on a desk and NOT for a laptop.

    Just a #$%ˆ&*( piece of %$*(.

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    I've had this charger for less than 6 months. Despite my taking care of it, it has now stopped working. If Apple think this is worth £50 then they are deluding themselves. Please Apple, redesign the charger and make it a sensible price. Surely £20 would be a better price than this rip-off.

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    broke after a few months and WAY overpriced!

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    Stopped working, just like the original

    I purchased the charger in April 2011 and it stopped charging in September 2011. I paid $80+tax to buy this charger and made sure to get an original Apple charger because I figured I would have better luck with it than a knockoff, despite the high cost. Well, here I am in a foreign country with a non-working computer because the charger I bought before I left has already bit the bullet. If I could give 0 stars, I would; the charger does nothing but serve as a paperweight. I suggest you try your luck with an off-brand because it will probably last just as long as cost you a lot less.

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    this could be why their breaking..

    We are dealing with machines here! Of course it's going to break WHEN YOU DONT TAKE CARE OF IT. I've had my charger for over 2 years with no sign of a malfunction. I've made sure to take really good care of it, by not dropping it! leaving it in your car near direct sunlight, nor leaving it anywhere where it could be exposed to extreme low temperatures.

    This implement cannot protect itself, you have to care for it....
    It will not last if you treat it like loose change.

    but i will agree, they are expensive to replace! and should be lowered if you were to bring back one that did happen to break within the last 30 days.

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    This charger is just plain horrible. I've had my laptop for a year now and I'm on my second charger about to have to get a third. When I plug it in now, the light doesn't even turn on. Sometimes when I'm lucky it will start charging for a bit but then stop working later.

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    Incredibly disappointed.

    I bought this adapter to replace my original one for use with my 2006 Macbook. I carefully read what was posted on the Apple website and discerned that this one would work correctly with my particular laptop.

    Instead of simply charging my computer, it gets so hot that it actually fried the interior part of the adapter that connects to the laptop. Because of this, it now only charges if I press it very hard into the jack.

    So now, after just slightly over one year, I'm looking at having to buy a new one.

    I typically have a very good experience with Apple products, but this one, unfortunately, is beyond frustrating.

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    Disappointed with product

    The part of the adapter that connects to my computer gets really hot and burns my fingers. It recently completely stopped charging my computer and so now I have to buy a new one. This is ridiculous because clearly from all of these reviews, it's a problem with the product and not something the consumer did. Fix it already Apple!

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    Charger is HORRIBLE

    I thought this was the coolest charger at first and then it totally blew up. It is flimsy, scary and sparky. I haven't ever had a Mac charger that hasn't given me trouble. Either the port or the plug go out. This time my plug sparked and blew. I am thankful it didn't fry anything.

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    Broke in ONE DAY

    This is by far the worst power cord on the planet. I got a new one because my old one broke on me after a year and 10 months and this one breaks in less then 24 hours... Who ever made this power cord so needs to be fired from his or her job for this piece of junk and I love Apple... So please for god sakes BRING BACK THE OLD POWER CORD AT LEAST IT WORKS...

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    Total rip off

    I've only had my mac for about 4 months and the adapter already needs to be replaced...and that will cost me $79...WTH!! Love my mac, but Apple can and should do better on this item!!!!!!!

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    Flimsy, Flimsy, Flimsy

    Come on Apple, it is long past time you made these sturdier. Or, make it possible to replace the cord at a cheaper price. It just isn't reasonable to treat a power adapter as a consumable.

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    I have only had my Macbook pro for one year and I have already had to replace this stupid cord twice. With the price of replacing the cord and how long it lasts, this is a complete scam. The computer is awesome, however I can no longer turn it on because I have no way to charge it. I love all apple products- but this cord is making me seriously consider making future purchases somewhere else. My old laptop also had a charger that would spark, now this one stops working and I have to replace it every six months.... seems like apple needs to come up with a bettwer way to charge their laptops....this is ridiculous. Don't waste you money!

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    Poor Quality

    I replaced the charger just 4 months after I got it. Now 6 months later it has randomly crapped out again. I took great care this time to ensure longevity and even my extra caution hasn't prevented this cord from being junk. Shelling out $80 a pop, is not affordable when you're a full time student with bills!

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    It broke after a year.

    As the title suggests, the adapter started to not function correctly just after a week my factory warrantee ran out.. disappointed apple...

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    I've had my Mac Book Pro for just over a year now and I'm already replacing my 2nd power cord, making this new one the 3rd. The cord never even leaves my desk and yet it's broken twice. Why can't Apple fix such a blatant flaw in their otherwise great computers? For a brand marketed on it's durability and portability it's a pathetic oversight when their power cords can't even handle a few months of typical use at a desk.

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    Sad Face

    I've had my macbook for less than a year and my adapter just stopped working. The most abusive thing I've done to it is that I roll it up in its built-it roll up thingy. Major sad face.

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    Great Product

    I have had the same MacBook and MagSafe Power Adapter for over two years and never had a problem with charging. Great reliable product.

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    Power Adapter for MacBook Pro

    Sorry Apple, much as I love you, this product fails the Apple standard. It does not disconnect as easily as it should and the cord frays at the transformer end. We have had 2 in 18 months and at AU$89 that's no joke. Far worse than this, my son's computer was on a table someone tripped over the lead, it did not disconnect, now the computer is unusable!!! Very very disappointed. Get it together. I would rate NO STARS if I had the choice.