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    Just do not last

    Very bad cables. I had to replace my original with a newly branded apple cable. Guess what it did not even last 6 months. The cable broke. Tried attaching with tapes and stuff.

    Dear Apple,

    We purchase your products with utmost trust and love for the product. I paid £60 for this cable and I am extremely unhappy. Now I have to pay another £60 to get a new cable. I request you to take some action and better the product.

    Please donot lose our trust by providing such kind of products.

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    These chargers are so badly designed I am now having to buy my 2nd in two years. The wire connecting to the white box just frays and the internal wires become visible and dangerous. I can no longer charge my laptop without holding the charger in place at a certain angle! It also massively overheats to the point of smelling. I bought my last one less than 18 months ago, and this is my 3rd in 4/5 years and at £65 each they are a complete rip off. This has been a problem for such a long time so I am both surprised and disappointed that a new design hasn't been developed.

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    This is starting to get annoying...

    A GENEROUS 1 star...Sigh...

    Also, do something about iPhone chargers.

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    Absolute rubbish

    It is about time Apple lifted their game lasted less than 18 months and way too expensive

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    Always Have A Spare

    i Have gone through 4 cords in just over 7 years. My last cord lasted a grand total of 13 months. I rarely unplug it from the outlet and am always sure to remove it from the wall when I do so. My sisters have the same cord and travel more frequently then I have (one cord the wires are visible and it still works) but my cord which is almost brand new no longer works. I would always recommend having a spare cause you never know when its going to quit on you. Very disappointed with this product and its reliability.

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    Not made to last

    I broke 3 of these wires already. For a laptop that is as sturdy and as well built as the macbook, it is a shame that i need to buy this cable every year or two given its price. Its head always seems to seperate from the rest of the wire and i have no alternative then to keep buying this as the reviews for the unofficial wires are even worst.

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    Just bought a new one for $80 (which is far too much to charge for such a POS). The cords break easily with normal use, especially where the connecter meets the computer. I had to use electrical tape to hold my last one together. They get so hot when charging that they are a fire hazard. When I saw the price of the charger at Best Buy, I decided to take the liberty of picking out my next computer while I was there because I am ditching Apple at the earliest opportunity. Don't waste your money.

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    I love my MacBook Pro however I am about to buy my 3rd charger in 2 years. My most recent charger only lasted at most a year and now the L portion comes unattached from the cord when I try to unplug it from my computer. This is ridiculous and I am disappointed to spend $80 on another charger that isn't going to last.

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    must be treated like a baby

    Broke after 2 years on #1, broke after 1 year for #2. I am currently looking for a new charger for my mac book. Seeing it is old AF but still working. I have purchased 2 and the 2nd one has lasted 6 years only because I haven't used it in forever. Looking to gift it to a family member for school wishing I didn't have to spend $79.00 to replace it. Probably will though conciderimg it would be shifty of me to give someone a broken gift.

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    Utter rubbish

    Falls apart. Up until now I was dead impressed with Apple products. Now I think I'll look elsewhere because for something that breaks which is at a rip off £65 you can whistle if you think I'm forking out for another one. I'll just but a windows laptop instead.

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    Breaks too easily

    This product seems like it is manufactured to break. Make a more durable and cheaper design. This is trash for the amount of money it costs.

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    I've had them for years with no issues

    I'm writing this because of all the negative reviews. I've had my computer for a little over 4 years and no problems with the computer or adapter. I had the same adapter for my 2008 MacBook and the only reason it's not working now is my then puppy got to it when I wasn't looking (and even considering he bit down to the wire, it still worked most of the time for months). I'm always careful with my electronics (puppy notwithstanding) but I don't think you should have a problem with this item if you're reasonably careful.

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    Just fine

    I've never had a moment's trouble from this charger in the past six years until my cats got ahold of it and chewed it to pieces. There is something in the white cable that attracts them...some chemical or smell. They don't chew any black cables, just white ones. Expensive cats. They should get a job.

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    Poor quality

    Such poor quality, Apple need to work on the design and material. Need to buy my third one and what is the point when it's just going to fray anyway :/

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    MagSafe Power adaptors do not last

    The chords fray/bend, and do not last. I have to keep buying new ones. Ir is really outrageous that Apple sells such junk and does not permit third party products.

    Also, all the chords are 1) flimsy and 2)white. so they easily get tangled and I cant tell one device chord from another.

    Honestly, Mac, the design is pathetic. Enough to make me go Dell next time........

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    almost to a never return to an apple device stage

    the apple macbook pro is very nice and it stops there you a made me and others overpay for this laptop which is a piece of nothing basically that is suppose to be amazing and better tnan anyother laptop offered! and to top this story the simplest of task (of powering up the thing) WILL NOT WORK AFTER 9-10 because our beautiful simple silver charging connect with cord doesnt want to work !! thanks apple great work

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    Expensive and breaks easily.

    Buying my 4th power adapter within just under 6 years. My partner's Acer of the same age is still using it's perfectly functional charger that came with it.

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    Ridiculous for the price

    This is the 2nd cord I've bought in 2 years. Mine keeps coming apart where u plug it into the computer. Considering the cost of the computer, & now the chargers, these cords should be make with a higher quality material. Very annoyed & disappointed!!

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    Macbook charger

    These chargers are absolutely garbage, they constantly break. I've bought a total of 3 for my macbook and I'm about to buy a 4th because they don't last. Very disappointing… What a waste of money. I have to buy it because I have all my school stuff on my macbook. The point is that these are garbage and they don't last. They have the lifetime of the iPhone charging cables

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    Absolute Junk

    I have gone through 3 of these things in 4 years. At 80 bucks a pop I'm starting to wonder if it's even worth it for a 4 year old laptop. The folks at Apple, of course, will tell you it's user error. Yet, I have adapters from other laptops that have lasted the better part of 10 years with daily use. Apple, I know a sturdier piece may not look as pretty, but it's time to do something about it. This is 2 or 3 failed adaptor designs in a row, stop calling it "user error", drop the excuses and do something about it.

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