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    My Charger melted...

    My charger melted. I used it for about a year and a half and then one day...the casing melted and the wires disconnected. I always noticed that the charger got very hot when I used it...and then one day...poof...dunzo.

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    MacBook chargers are a rip off ......................................

    what a joke ........ this much to buy a charger for a laptop ? talk about feeling 'set up' ....... its bad enough i pay an ultra premium for a MacBook vs same power/storage/features in non-AAPL laptops but then when the charger falls apart , you pay massive premium to replace .

    its abuse of customers in ways like this that will take the shine off AAPL in long run . Even my kid who HAD TO HAVE an AAPL laptop shaking her head .

    and how about offering the removeable connection to the laptop part of the charger seperately since thats what fell apart in a year on mine .... rest of charger fine but now useless . Why make that part removeable if you can't buy seperately ?

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    Poor design and build quality

    The power supply failed on me after only seven months of light use and as all other reviewers I got fobbed of by the Apple dealership.
    The replacement cost is much higher than an equivalent PC part.
    Having experienced Apple after sales and the poor design of the products, don't get me going on Lion OSX, I am happily returning to the PC world.
    Good riddance Apple
    Product not worth 1 star!! but you have to give at least one to be able to review the product - Rip Off.

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    Great design - poor implementation

    I have owned my Macbook Pro for about 1.5 years and taken careful care of my adapter. Nonetheless, the connection at the L-connector as become loose and as a previous owner of dozens of other laptops I can say that I have never had a problem like this and have had some adapters for years.

    If these were reliable I would rate this a 4.5 stars, but I have never seen an adapter fail so quickly.

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    I may never buy another Apple product -- you have the gall to make an obvious design error, and then charge people three or four times to replace the part at INFLATED prices. You should be sending us a new, improved cord for free; the part is defective, replace it. This charger/ MacBook duo has had maybe 100 hours of use before the charger crapped out.

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    don't buy it

    This has got too be the worst thing Apple has ever put out.I have gone through $ of these in three months. They work fine for about a 3 weeks then stop charging and powering comp.

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    the worst thing ever!

    I bought my macbook-pro last year and i've already paid $94 on the extra charger. now it's broken again! and this is the only charger that i can buy, which means i have to pay 90 bucks again just for this stupid thing. I love apple computer but the chargers really make me feel so disappointed!!!

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    Doesn't last long

    I've only had my macbook for 8 or 9 months, and I'm already having to replace the power cord. I had my last laptop, a Compaq, for 5 years, and only had to replace the cord once, towards the end of it's life.

    I'm not rough with it or anything, but it didn't last very long. Especially when a replacement costs $79! I love my macbook, it's very fast and I haven't had any problems with it yet, but the cord is terrible quality.

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    Works great

    blows my mind how people can have problems with this adapter.

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    One of the bad things Apple just doesn't get it I have changed over 3chargers now.
    Bad Bad Bad......

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    60 W MagSafe Power Adapter

    The power adapter cord is flimsy near the magnetic plug. The cord should be sturdy. My cord caught fire and just so happen I was using my computer at the time. Could have been worst.

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    Cable Design

    Bad Cable Design. I have to hold my power cable a certain way to charge my MacBook Pro.

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    Absolutely Lousy Product

    I'm now on my 4th charger and I have purchased 3 chargers in the past year and a half alone. The original T-Shaped charger was fantastic and it lasted me 3 years. Sadly, it's demise came when my dog chewed it up.

    With the new L-Shaped Magsafe, it was a product which was not thought out because it blocked the Firewire and Ethernet ports. I had to use it reversed most of the time and it put a lot of strain on the wire connecting to the head of the charger (which goes to the laptop). This eventually gave way half a year later when the insulation tore through and I (a poor student) sadly had to spend another $128SGD on a charger which was supposed to last way longer.

    My 3rd charger gave way for the same reason today. This time round, the insulation tore through yet again where it connects to the power adaptor itself. It seems like these are weak points on the magsafe chargers. I've used the third one for approximately a year now and had to pick up my 4th one today.

    For the magsafe, I would give it 0 stars if I had a choice. It is an absolutely rubbish of a product and I can think of many more ways to spend that 300USD on my education instead. If this charger gives way again, I will move on to purchasing a third party charger instead. I can't be spending 400USD chargers can I? Makes no sense at all.

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    This charger is awful!

    I have gone through 3 of the chargers because they are so terribly designed! I wish that I had never gotten a mac because the chargers are so terrible! I would not suggest anyone getting a mac solely based on the fact that you will end up having to buy charger after charger for just regular use. I wish I could select negative stars! The wire is very thin and becomes exposed less than a year after you buy it. I am not rough with it either.

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    terrible but unfortunately you have to buy it or your macbook will become useless. They don't last at all. My third just died and now I have to buy a fourth and I'm so agravated about it I decided to use the last of my battery just to write this. Like another user said I'm beginning to rethink mac because the cost of constantly buying $80 power cords is ridiculous.

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    I've now owned two of these power adapters and neither one has lasted me more than three months at the most. The first one I owned that came with my Macbook Pro lasted less than two months. I was able to exchange it for free due to my laptop being under warranty. My second one, after a few months, has now stopped working completely. I am very careful with my computer and its accessories but that does not seem to help. This product is 100% unreliable. It is shocking to me that Apple has such a bad product, since I've always been so pleased with my other Apple products. But I am very fed up with this particular one.

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    Horrible design. Horrible product. Complete rip-off.

    I got my macbook in May 2010. I now have to buy my FOURTH power chord. That means that I have had to pay over $300 in less than two years on top of the $2,000 I had to pay for the machine. Those who claim that it is my fault for not "taking care of" the product are merely trying to legitimize the fact that this product is designed to steal money from mac customers. I'm not surprised that they refuse to cover power chords on the AppleCare plan, since they're probably making a fortune pawning off these overpriced hunks of junk. If I didn't have to spend all of my money buying new power chords, I would get a different computer in a heartbeat.

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    power cord

    I have just read many of the reviews on the power cord as I am about to purchase a new one since my old one is about to die. I have owned my mac book for about 4 years and this is the 1st piece of equipment from the original purchase that needs replacing. The cord is starting to fray badly but this is to be expected, I think, after 4 years of a lot of use. I also travel full time through work (and personal) so the cord has continuously been thrown around in backpacks & suitcases. If this is how long my old one lasted, I look fwd to the new and improved one! Thanks Apple.
    p.s...the old one, if placed properly, still works too!

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    Cost vs Quality

    They all break - especially if you travel with them. The problem I have is that when this one breaks, it's $80!!!! Get your cost in line with the product quality!!!!!!

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    Problem with the low voltage side of the cable at the

    Cyclic repeated use caused failure of the low voltage cable just at the junction to the adaptor within warranty. Was not replaced because of signs of wear although not the probem. See what happens to the next one. I am interested to see if others are failing in the same way - the apple attendant said they had recalled some pro cables. Average service from apple if it is a design fault rather than rough hands...

    This 20+ mac for me (SE up to macbook pro), would have been nice to have the warranty honoured...