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    Are you people insane????!

    This power adapter works just FINE! You must be abusing yours. PLEASE do not listen to any of these crazy people, they obviously can not take care of the things that they have.

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    Uncharacteristically poor product-Magsafe

    I have had to replace a 60W Magsafe three times within 18 months from purchase. I have purchased warranties plus extended warranties. However these are no longer honoured and these companies have written to Mac for answers. Come on Mac get behind your product and accept these high failure rates to initiate a change to the Magesafe design.

    We the 99% no longer believe we should pay a high price for a poor product. All you are doing is encouraging the purchase of compatible suppliers of Apple products.

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    This power adapter did not last as long as the old one. Had to replace my 15" adapter 2 times. I have had my 13" Powerbook for only a little than a year. I checked it tonight as this computer is not taking the charge. Checked the magnetic area and the power wire just came out. That is it, done. Another $80 buck for a power adapter. This is my third one for power books.

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    They always fail after one year of ownership.

    I've owned Apple portables since the PowerBook 100; I have had nothing but problems with the latest models, with the failure of the MagSafe power adapters being the biggest problem to date.

    I don't know what it is with the MagSafe power adapters, but they always fail catastrophically. My first one, the original design, frayed like all of them, and the replacement did the same. When the redesigned aluminum MagSafe power adapters came out, I thought the design had finally been perfected. Wrong. My current MagSafe power adapter charges only when it wants to and quickly gets very hot to the touch, to the point where touching it with my fingers is uncomfortable.

    I have seen this problem once before, on a unibody white MacBook that I used at work. We had to replace that adapter after less than six months of service.

    The MagSafe connector is remarkable in theory, but in practice, these power adapters bring me nothing but headache. I wish there would be some sort of update or better quality control measures because having to buy a new one every 13-15 months is a bit absurd. I'm really gentle with my equipment, my laptop hardly ever leaves the house and is used mainly on a desk or table. I have no idea why these continuously fail on me.

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    Hopefully Better

    My old power adapter lasted for only 2 years after the cord itself is getting lossen from the inside of the LED sensor. my problem is its unavailability here in Egypt which i would have to wait until the end of this month. terrible indeed! the staff suggested for me to use the 85W for my 13" Macbook but i am afraid to give it a try. I hope Apple Company would consider all the issues concerning the feebleness of this $79 cost adapter...

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    Poor Quality Power Adapter

    I got my new MacBook Pro, three months back. My Apple 60W MagSafe Power charger stopped working. Its disappointing, when a premium priced product from Apple has such poor quality product. I wish my other apple products don't act the same way.....

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    Very poor product

    Wish I'd read all the other reviews before I bought this expensive adapter - I think I have been lucky as mine has lasted 18 months but this is just not good enough. Looking at the dates of the earliest reviews, Apple has had plenty of time to improve the adapter but have not done so. This is very disappointing and lets down the company badly when so many of their products are worth the extra cost. What to do now?

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    This charger from week one is the cruddiest piece of garbage. It doesn't charge when I plug it in unless I'm on my knees praying to God that it will so that I can get my homework done. I've spent too much money to be dealing with a freaking chord problem. A PC would never have this issue unless I had violently abused it.

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    Terrible quality

    I love my MacBook. But I am about to buy a charger for the fourth time since I got the laptop in 2008. I do not appreciate having to pay $80 for such a low quality product. The adapter started acting funny the first day I got it. In its last days the connector was so hot that I couldn't even touch it. Apple needs to do something about this.

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    Lasted 5 months

    I cant believe how expensive these things are and how little they last. With all these reviews, isn't it time for apple to realize these ratings and make them better!? Steve Jobs would have found a way to ensure quality, i hope that is still the case even if it's just a charger.

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    Lasted long enough

    My magsafe adaptor that came with my 2008 macbook worked fine for about 2 years until just a few weeks ago it stopped fully working and U had to fidget with it ti get it working. Now it is completely broken. I guess the life of it varies because I had used it very heavily.

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    This is the main focus of my apple frustrations (i have others) the product can't handle anything. In owning a macbook for one year i had one fail by itself, one fail when falling from not even a foot and one fail due to poor design. Apple work on this! The simple fact that in my warranty period i had to have this replaced 3 times (paying for it three times) is a simple disgrace for your brand

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    I hate MacBook chargers.

    I am on my 4th MacBook charger in the past 3 years. These things just do not last. I have used both the old and new designs and neither are reliable. The charger I am using now barely connects and I have to fidget around with it for it to work properly. Apple needs to come up with a new design.

    I am about to order a new charger, just because I have to, not because I like them.

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    Broken Already

    Had this charger for about a year before it stopped working. Ordered another one that lasted about 7 months before it, too, stopped working. Now I'm having to go through the hassle of getting the warranty to cover a new charger. Unbelievably annoying and overpriced for the quality.

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    Lasted 4 months

    My original adapter worked for 3 years. The new one lasted 4 months.

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    "New" power adapter works fine so far

    9 months with my new MBP 13 and I haven't had any problems with the power adapter. Here are a couple of habits I've fallen into. (1) I don't charge my Mac until I get the 10 minute warning. This reduces the handling of the power adapter. (2) I don't use the fold-out ears to wrap the cord. I LOOSELY wrap the cord around the outside square of the power adapter and hold the cord in place with a rubber band. This puts minimum stress on the rather-stiff power cord. It also minimizes the kinks and sharp bends. (3) When connecting the power adapter, I allow the cord to unwrap and uncoil completely on its own before connecting to my Mac. Minimizing the twisting and bending of the rather-stiff cord has minimized its wear. I've also bought a second power adapter (no-name, not Apple) to leave at the office to further minimize wrapping and unwrapping the cord. These steps have worked well for me. They might work for you.

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    Adapter Works Great

    I have had my adapter for more than 9 months now and I have never had an issue. These negative reviews are probably people who have not handled their accessories with great care. Do not listen to them they work fine!

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    Terrible Charger

    Bought a 2011 MacBook Pro 13" power supply died within 6 months. The replacement died immediately and now my third one is dead. I have never had a problem with PC power packs like this one. The cheesy, skinny cord dents, breaks, kinks and just doesn't work. For something as important as powering the computer, one would imagine that it would be built to withstand some abuse. Nope...it's just made to look pretty.

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    Very bad quality

    I am buying this as an replacement for my old charger which broke after 2,5 years. In my opinion very poor quality compared to excellent quality of Mac computers.

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    No Problems At All

    I've had this MagSafe adapter for about a year and I've not had a problem with it yet. I use the adapter every other day, and when not in use, I keep it with the cord coiled in pouch in my laptop bag. Having read some of the negative reviews here, I suspect these folks are coiling the cord around the brick on the retractable hook. When I first received this adapter, I realized coiling the cord that way would be a problem. I coil the cord around three or four fingers and then I secure it with a cheap velcro strap. The cord doesn't fray and all is well.

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