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    13 months and it stopped working

    My dell charger worked for 3 year!! and this one stopped working 1 month after my warranty expired, as if apple did write some code to fail it and I have to buy new one.

    Whats the use of beauty if it doesn't work long enough!! It shouldn't even get 1 star!!

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    Not a good product

    I purchased a MacBook Pro in May 2010 and am disappointed to say that the quality of the power adapter leaves much to be desired. The adapter that came with the computer failed within a year and the replacement failed in another 6 months. This time though Apple wants about $80 for it.

    I paid more than twice the price when compared to a PC laptop hoping that the premium would translate into better quantity. The RAM failed in the computer last month. Looks like Apple is more form and style than substance. This was my first Mac product (MBP 13 inches) and'll probably be my last.

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    I buy a new one every year

    This frackin charger (sorry, I'm watching Battlestar) is aweful. If there was another way to charge my MacBook I'd do it.

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    A Trick That Worked for Me

    The mag charger for my MacBook Pro simply quit working one day after being able to use it without problems for a year. (note: Computer/charger has never been dropped, over heated, wet, etc. I am very cautious with my computer and its accessories). I was able to figure out a trick with my charger where I would charge my laptop ONLY when I was not actually using it. Since my charger broke, whenever I would use it while I was operating my Mac it would quit working. As long as I charged my Mac while it was not being used I was able to get it to work.
    As of right now that is what I am doing to get by and as a caution to those who still have a working charger. MAKE SURE you unplug it from the wall outlet when you aren't using it. The charger gets one star for the one year that it worked.
    I hope this was somewhat helpful apple customers.

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    great concept but I think it need a little more work.

    I have a mid 2010 macbook unibody, I barely had the use the magsafe at all because I charge it at night and and I have a good battery all during the day. well a couple days ago it just went out. the LED light dim green regardless of whether it was plugged up or not. so I bought a new one. The new one works great but the old one (coupled with some reviews) gives me the impression that I might be buying a new magsafe every year or so. Im hoping that my assumptions are wrong.

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    Need a new one

    i like the mag safe thing saved my mac from fall many times but after 2 years of using the first one i stopped i thought nothing of it (I had a Toshiba laptop that just went threw cards like 3 in 2 years). but I when and bought a new cord and with in 3 weeks it started to have a loose cored like wiring kind then at 5 weeks no amount of jiglling would make it work i wold take it back the problem is that i can't I'm borrowing a friends cord at the moment and the store in aus got flood damage and closed down with out a a store to go to i can't get a new one.

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    Broken in 1 year

    I use my MacBook no more than 10 hours per week, and in one year the wires of the power cord broke off from the magnetic head. It is disappointing.

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    NO STARS!!


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    simply a flawed design

    Cord came loose inside magnetic head in less than six months. If you look at any other plugs in your home you will see the plug/connector is fused to the cord by a thermal press. This provides flexibility ,while keeping the wires securely in place.
    On this charger, the cord simply goes into a small rubber sleeve on the magnetic head . Basically what holds it together are the wires inside. Bend a piece of metal/wire
    it WILL break. While I love my macbook, this charger cord is truly a joke . If one was to
    purposely design a charger cord to FAIL quickly -this would be the design!!
    Mr. Engineer can you say "thermally fused strain relief" ?

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    HATE IT!!!!!!!

    I would rate this in negative numbers, but that's not allowed. I have had my MacBook Pro just under a year and the cord already has given out. The design was supposed to be better than regular cords that plug into the laptop, but I'm not feeling the love. I can't believe that it is so expensive and doesn't even last. And of course, there's no generic you can buy because of the "unique" design. I love my laptop, but hate the cord! Should be covered under warranty, but I'm sure it's not. So, I guess I have to spend $80 a year to keep my computer running....

    Poor designing and customer relations on your part, Apple.

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    0/5 Stars. I bought this replacement cord (ya, replacement...) in April, less than 6mo and its dead. Wow Apple, Really? No warranty or anything? You really are a terrible company.

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    I keep needing to change them like I change clothes every day...

    Dear Apple,

    how many years will it take you to build higher quality chargers? I am beginning to think you are making a profit out of people who A) buy Apple Care because they know your chargers will break down every 3-4 months, B) don't buy Apple Care and are forced to get new chargers all the time because they break down continually.

    I have owned a MacBook since 2007 and have had to change chargers 3 times.

    I recently bought a MacBook Pro and after 6 months here goes my first dead charger.

    Am not doing anything wrong with it, like hitting it or heating or anything... am just u-s-i-n-g- it, and not even that often to be honest given that I leave my macobook pro at home a lot.

    ...so my question to you: will you ever start making better stuff?

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    Another Disappointed User

    Count me among the thousands of people whose adaptors failed on them. This has been an issue since I had my G4 laptop. You'd think 10 years would be long enough to put a better quality cord on these things. Knowing this was an issue, I actually tried to immobilize this part of my cord when it was brand new, looping the cable around the cable wrap and then tying a lose knot so that the cable wouldn't move as much where it connects to the adaptor. The adaptor lasted three years that way, but in the end, the shielding still broke. What a piece of junk. At least in the G4 days, there were 3rd party replacements with better cables, but so far as I can see, no one has yet stepped forward to offer an alternative to buying yet another adaptor from Apple.

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    absolute rubbish

    after about 9 months my is not working properly but unfortunately your going to need one if you have a macbook pro 13 inch.

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    MagSafe Adapter

    I don't know what people are doing to their power cords, but I've had this for a year now and have had absolutely no problems with it. I've taken it overseas, to crummy motels, to sketchy coffee shops, and of course in my hole of an apartment. I'm a graduate student and put daily abuse on both the computer and this adapter, and I have never had a problem. My cat has even chewed on it, and it still works fine. 5 stars!

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    Getting Expensive

    I have had to replace my power cord every year I have had my mac. Given the first time was my fault but the time after and this time the cord just failed. I wish I could believe the the price of the replacement was based on the quality of the product but... Seriously, $80 for a cord that only last a year? My cord still looks brand new I should just save the boxes and return them every 12 months for a replacement.

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    Known problem

    This power supply failed within months of getting the laptop new. It was never abused or neglected and I would normally pull the laptop from the power supply once or twice daily. When it failed it started causing my macbook to crash. I borrowed my friends power supply to confirm it was the power supply as it is a known problem with the macbooks.

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    Terrible product

    This is the 4th cord I have had in the 3 years I have had my 13" MacBook and I have replaced the battery. I am shocked that apple are not fixing this problem they are clearly aware of.

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    make it better!!

    bought my first mac back in march, 6 months later the adapter doesn't charge, for 80 bucks this thing better last a life time, love my mac but the adapter needs a redo.

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    Shame, simply a shame that Apple cannot make this reliable

    Over several years I had six power adapters for my various Apple laptops. All failed: either the power adapter itself or the MagSafe connector, or the thin, low-voltage cable.

    Apple engineers should finally come up with a design that works reliably. If needed they should learn from HP, Dell, Sony, and others, they somehow can make well-working power supplies.

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