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    Apple? i love your products! this is probably the worst product, mine doesnt work anymore i have to buy a new one and i only have 25% left. ):

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    It's Great charger. soooo much better than the art one. and it lasted 15 months!

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    After scanning the comments I'm realizing I'm not the only one who had the charger fail around a year after purchasing the computer. I love my macbook pro. I really do. And from the moment the charger stopped working I have been stressing out. I'm a College student, I dont have a lot of money. Of course I have to buy a new one. The best part is that the closest apple stores dont have the chargers until late next week. by late next week my school work needs to be done.

    It's really not fair because my charger is physically in good condition. no rips or tears, no bite marks (pets), no worn out areas. and its disappointing that applecare does not cover this. I'm just very upset and I agree, there should be a recall.

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    I just bought my mac and adapter in february ... its now september- my Adapter has a short in it. i have to twist and turn it a certain way for it to even charge my laptop. Now i need a new one AND ITS 73.00 are you kidding me?

    For this adapter to be so flimsy i expect a lower price. Dell computer adapters are sturdier and their adapters are universal (I can go to Walmart and pick one up)

    So I am ordering another adapter now ... 73.00 down the drain- thanks Apple. Please make a sturdier, thicker and more endurable, COST CONSCIOUS adapter.

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    Same (expletive) as the old one

    Two of the old design broke within a year, so I bought 2 of the new design ones - we have 2 MacBooks . In less than 1 year and one of them is broken again.
    For 80 bucks a pop, you'd think it would last a bit longer.

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    If I could select no stars, I would.

    Seriously, Apple? This charger causes more problems than it solves. First of all, the whole notion that it will simply pop out if tripped over is false. That magnet has more than enough force to yank my 13" Macbook Pro off of any table. It also has enough force to rip itself off of the end of the cable (which is what happened to a friend with the same computer). Secondly, the cable itself really likes to fray. And thirdly, The new one I had to buy barely charges my Mac. If it wiggles up or down just a bit, it will stop charging. I love most Apple products but this is one that needs to be buried.

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    Poor Quality

    The first charger has lasted only 14 months! Apple makes a quality computer but drops the ball when it comes to the charger. I have owned many different laptop computers and all of the chargers lasted well over three years. This is a real disappointment especially when I find the high cost of the unit. I'll definitely mention it to others considering a Mac!

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    First adapter has lasted 9 months - time for the second now :(

    Echoes of the numerous reviews describing the initial intermittent connection problem followed by the extremely hot box that is either sitting near you or plugged into the wall. Well, we are at complete failure stage as of last night so, overall it lasted 9 months as I ordered the computer 12/10/2010. Not acceptable if you ask me.

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    Broke after 11 months, 10 days

    I've loved my late 2010 13 inch Mac Book pro ever since I bought it, but this past week my charger stopped charging. I figured it had a short or loose wire somewhere in the connector since it would start charging again by gently moving the cable around. Obviously the more you play with the cable, the more damage is done to it, and sure enough the magnetic connector detached from the cord. Now I'm not blaming Apple for the connector falling off since I had to move it around (But as others have stated, it seems the connector gets really hot and weakens the glue). I am, however, disappointed that the charger stopped charging in the first place in less than a year. My other laptops (Lenovo, Sony, Acer) have all had chargers that lasted years!!! My Sony Vaio charger is still going strong after 3 years, I just replaced my Lenovo one after 4 years (Ordered directly from Lenovo's site for $35), the Acer one still works after 6 years (The laptop doesn't though).

    I love my Mac and the build quality of the MBP overall, but Apple seems to make the cheapest, flimsiest cables out of any company, hobbyist, or 5 year old kid with Elmer's glue. I have 5 'Dead' Apple iPhone sync cables (Oddly enough, a sync cable I purchased from Radioshack still works after 2 years). Normally I'd just shut-up and give Apple my money, but I have a TON of work I need to finish by morning and since the Apple Store is closed all I can do is rant until my battery dies.

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    Cupertino is disappointed!!

    Worst Apple product by far! Bought my Macbook Pro in May 2010 and my adapter died Sept 2011. If I knew the charger sucked, I wouldn't have bought the Mac, considering it's an integral part for the computer. Ended up spending $79 for a new charger! They need to recall these if so many people are having the problems.

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    I have had my charger for less than a year and yet it completely stopped working. I am a college student and don't have time for my computer charger to be giving my problems. I noticed my charger was having some issues about a month ago and all of a sudden it would get so hot that I couldn't even charge it. I have a burn mark on my arm from the connector piece. Apple really needs to make these better and should recall old ones.

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    Poor quality, ridiculous price.

    I've used the adapter that came with my Macbook Pro for a little over a year, and now it's starting to break. Sometimes it refuses to charge the computer at all, and I have to randomly jiggle the cord and re-connect the plug to get it to work. $80 for a replacement is just insult to injury, especially since there's no guarantee that the new one will hold out longer than the old one did.

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    Overpriced and doesn't last as long as it should

    I bought this charger at the end of April and it's already not charging. When I pay $80 for something, I expect it to work for more than a few months. Get it together, Apple.

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    mac book power adapter useless.

    My adapter did not even last 6 months before it did not work. At $84.00 with tax Apple are making a killing! Do they deliberately make them to only last 6 months??????????

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    Still Rubbish

    Even with the new design, my latest charger lasted only slightly longer than a year. Of course, this is a remarkable improvement over the slightly-less-than-a-year lifespan of the previous charger design.

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    I hate this charger!!

    Here I go again..In need of yet another charger and I have 3 broken ones sitting here...at $80 a pop you would think these things would work

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    These chargers are terrible.

    I take excellent care of my electronics, but these chargers aren't good. They need a much more solid design. I shouldn't have to bend the cord around randomly to try and get a charge out of it.

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    Overpriced for what you get

    Extremely poor quality product for an outrageously expensive price. The charger barely lasted seven months - I wasn't even tough on the product. It doesn't even get daily use, and isn't even plugged in all the time. I think expecting people to pay ~$100 for an item necessary for the computer to function that is so shoddily made that it can't even provide a full year of use is close to being criminal.

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    flimsy connector

    the connection piece started to work only intermittenly. then i noticed it would get very hot. then it fell off. this is NOT what i expect from apple. there should be a recall on these products because it is unsafe and according to the reviews, lots of people have this problem.

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    Bought the new 2011 13 inch MacBook Pro a few months ago and wondered how much it would cost to replace the charger, £50... Not a bad price for such a high quality piece of kit.

    -It's MagSafe, one of the best types of chargers I've come across.
    -The transformer doesn't get nearly as hot as my old Dell or Acer laptops.
    -Charges REALLY quickly, within an hour it's full and will last a good 5 or 6 hours.
    -Transformer has a built-in cable tidy, which really made me smile when I got it out of the box.

    -The laptop connector does get quite warm but I imagine this is because the laptop and charger are both metal.
    -The cable tends to hold it's shape witch is no big deal but if i'm unwrapping it in a hurry it can be irritating.
    -It blew a fuse in the first week but I'm told there was a power surge in my street.

    Overall well worth the money, especially so if you are replacing the old T style connector as I hear that style was awful.

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