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    A Disappointed Customer

    This is just unacceptable and disgraceful. The greatness and power you have earned from hard work is totally defeated by this faulty charger. Mine lasted three months, and now I have to pay $80 dollars for a new one JUST so I can use my laptop? Absurd. If you really cared about your customers, you were either A) Stop producing god-awful chargers, or B) Sell them for around $15 or less. Come on, this isn't the quality of product I've grown to expect from you guys. Shame on you.

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    And on to the next...

    Worst charger ever. Mine died again tonight. I will go purchase my THIRD one tomorrow. Apple is definitely making money off these charges because consumers have no choice but to go buy a new charger, otherwise Macbook is a paperweight. I LOVE Apple/Mac products and have converted several people from PCs to Mac, but this charger is JUNK.

    Thanks Apple. Another $84.

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    MacBook Charger

    My MacBook charger recently stopped working. I don't know which part of it is working. I can't move it to a diffrent outlet,because it wont charge my computer. This has happened before but it charged eventually if I kept trying. Now it's just not going the charger is in good condition no damage done at all.

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    MacBook Power Cord

    I have owned my MacBook since December 2007, which included the power cord. Having witnessed what my son and husband's cords have done previously with every day use at home and at work, I decided to take extra care not to cause any unnecessary pull on the cord. In other words, I've babied my power cord. Now in 2011 I am having problems with the power cord in the usual place. At the white squared adapter where the narrower cord goes into it.
    I just found out how much it will cost me to replace it and I can't believe it! $82 at BestBuys and $79 through Apple. OH COME ON APPLE! You can do better for your loyal customers! The adapter is defective and not built to take the every day use unless it's babied. I have had power cords to other equipment for years that I use and they have held up far better than the outrageously priced power cords you make.
    You owe it to your loyal customers to produce a power cord that can last much longer than a year or two.

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    Not good...not good at all...

    Just ordered my 3rd power adapter for my 1yr old 13MBP. This time I'm trying the 85w to see if it last any longer than the 60w.
    Apple, get your head out of your phones and start making quality computer products again.
    I won't even start on the pathetic path you've chosen for your software...or lack there of.

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    3rd adapter...

    3 adapters in as many years...just another over priced piece of ****! We'll see how long it takes before something goes wrong with this one.

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    Excellent! i love MagSafe!!!!

    is best way to charge your macbook! it`s simply, Looks nice and is very secure!

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    No Good

    it worked for 8 months and today all the sudden...it just stopped working...i only have 10 more minutes on my mac before i have to waster 80 bucks on another charger......make a better one and maybe you can get 3 stars

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    FIX THESE CHARGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

    This has to be one of the worst chargers ever made, for any electronic... Exactly one year after purchase (as soon as warranty was over) it burnt out.. Its 3 pieces, but they will only sell you all the pieces together? for 80 dollars? come on now...... Macbook seems to be working great though so far........ When I can get my hands on a working charger.

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    The Original T magsafe was much better.

    I have been in to apple and they have replaced my magsafe adapters (for 17Inch MBP and 13 in aluminum MB 3-4 times now. I have never seen a worse power adapter. At this rate, they need to make replacements free forever. I love all Apple products, but i have to say this defeats the greatness of their laptops. This also applies to the 85w magsafe L style. (Never had this problem with the T style)

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    Piece of ....!

    freaking charger died after a month! $80 wasted in this piece of ...
    ZERO STARS!!!!

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    I just bought my MacBook Pro. It hasn't even been a month yet and my Power Adapter is already useless. Its not working. This new Macbook is a replacement of an old MacBook so I'm no stranger to using this product and this isn't the first time this has happened to me. I did everything from turning on an alarm that would let me know if the MBP is finished charging so not to overcharge from, packing it neatly and properly when not in use and yet, it still broke. When charging, it heats up sooooooo much that you might even burn your fingers if you hold on to it while plugged because of its temperature. Please do something about this. I love all your products except for your power adaptors. Same goes for my power adaptors for my iPhone 4 and my iPad. Heats up like crazy. Its very disappointing.

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    The charger only lasted 8 months. Not to imply that it should last for years and years, but seriously 8 months? Yes, it gets hot, but so do almost every laptop chargers. I'm just annoyed that it die after eight months and that I now have to shell out a whopping eighty bucks for a poorly designed product.

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    Doesn't last long

    I really like my macbook but the charger keeps burning me and now it doesn't work anymore!

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    This product was such a waste of money. I used this to charge my macbook, and after only a few months of use, it had completely melted the white coating on the outside of it. Leaving the wires inside exposed. The plug heats up so hot that it hurts to even touch it. Not only that, but it also poses a risk of fire. I have had 3 chargers, all of which had the same problems. Unfortunately, there is no solution since you have no choice but to use one of these chargers in order to use your laptop.

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    I love apple products but they should be ashamed of this cord. The plastic began to disintegrate after only 8 months. It rarely travels, so it's not from overuse. The most ridiculous part of the whole thing is that they charge $80 to replace it when it's so poor quality in the first place.

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    Really sick of this

    I love my MacBook but I've replaced the power cord twice already and it's just broken again. It's ALWAYS the same problem, the cord just falls apart at where it connects to the MacBook. You would think that after so many complaints and bad reviews that Apple would produce a product with more strength there. The rest of the power adapters are fine except for the flimsy cord so now I have three perfectly good chargers and laptop that is useless until I buy a new adapter.

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    ....and I'm forced to buy another one.

    I had my adapter for 3 months and I'm already buying another! I only need to replace the skinny cord with the magsafe - but I can't JUST buy that, I'm forced to buy the entire thing for $84! I wasn't planning on this but the cord got pinched and ripped/severed the electrical wires!!! This is so frustrating. I'm a huge fan of Apple products, but NOT a fan of this. I had my old Apple iBook for 7 years and nothing like this happened - until I bought my new MacBook Pro, and this happened 3 months later!!! I'm very disappointed to say the least.

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    macbook only 1.5 yrs old and powercord fails?

    Apple should reimburse all it's loyal customers for such a useless powercord. I have kept my cord in the same place, at my desk, since I have owned my computer for 1 1/2 yrs. Now it will not charge. It's not frayed, broken nor been mistreated in any way. Of all the things, without power it's useless. Not to mention charging $60 for another one? Maybe this is your consistent income?

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    Do not last!!

    I love my mac, however I am on my third power cord in 3 years. A complete waste of money and a surprising piece of garbage from Apple. I would think they would have corrected this issue by now. When you spend the extra money to buy a mac, you don't have $80 to spend every year on a new power cord.

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