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    $ 80 Replacement

    Last Year, I Received My Shiny New White MacBook (Mid 2010) Just Recently "They Said" They This Special Cord Prevents Fraying & Tugging. After Many Days, When I Charge Sometime I Need To Put My mac At An Angle Or Hold In The Cord When I Charge Now I Need A Replacement For This Faulty End OF The MagSafe. Thanks For Nothing (Note: I Chose 1 Star Instead Of No Stars For Reasons Of It Holding Up)

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    Poorest Made Apple Product Ever

    I have went through 3 of these in a year. My first one the connector MELTED after a month, the Apple Store swapped it out no questions asked. The second one the pins stopped coming out after a few months and it wouldn't charge. The same thing happened to the third one. All of my PC's fail at the motherboard connector, there is no way this can happen with this adapter, but instead of the motherboard connector failing, the power adapter fails...cheaper than a motherboard I guess but still very poor.

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    Power Adapter Quit Working After 9 Months

    On the way to the Mac store to get a replacement. MacBook Pro still under 1 yr warranty. Hope they don't give me any grief. I'm printing out these reviews to take with me. When this new one stops working, my laptop will no longer be under warranty and I'll have to shell out the $80 for another one.

    Anyone have any idea how to convince Apple to fix this problem? How has Apple been "persuaded" in the past to fix an ongoing problem and obvious flaw with their products?

    I had the older white plastic MacBook for several years and never had any problem with the old design power adapter. In fact I'm using the old one right now on my NEW MB Pro.

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    Why do I have to spend 80$ just so I can charge my laptop?????

    I am going back to PC if I can't purchaes an affordable adapter. I lost the small removable plug from my Magsafe. I can't believe the apple store doesn't carry such replacement parts. This is not ethical. PC welcome me back!

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    Year One & Done.

    I purchased a Macbook Pro shortly after graduating from highschool, and I fell in love with it! Exactly a year and three days later after receiving my computer, my power adapter is dying. I've been reading reviews, and tons of people say the SAME thing! Such a rip off. Apple needs to come to the realization that this product is faulty. Either make a better product, or replace your customers' products who are dying left and right! I'm not pleased about spending another 80 dollars after buying a 1500 dollar computer!

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    Charger failed after 14 months

    I bought the MacBook Pro 13" May 2010 and have been having power cord issues. the cord is plugged in but no charge. I am convinced this is a flaw with the product as the cord has only been used at my office. I am not very pleased about the price to replace after reading some of the other comments where people are on their 3rd and 4th chargers.

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    Best Charger Ever!!

    I think this charger is the best because if someone pulls at it by accident the magnet will release and your computer will stay exactly where it is, and it seems to be a quick charge (Even though I think that's just the computer itsefl) But overall, great charger!!

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    Try resetting the SMC

    I recently bought this Adaptor because my previous one just stopped charging my (late 2008) Macbook. This new one worked fine...for two days...then it also stopped! I had read all the bad reviews but really, if you want to keep using your Macbook you have no choice but to buy a new charger. I had treated the thing like it was the crown jewels; never kinking the wires, never tugging the connection and plugging and unplugging with the utmost care so when it suddenly stopped working I knew it was not because of any harsh treatment.

    For interest's sake I tried my old one again...low and behold, it worked! The orange LED came on and my Macbook started charging. This was very odd - I had tried everything I could think of to make that thing work before and nothing. So I then reconnected my new adaptor, just to see if the glitch had somehow cleared. Nope! The new one still didn't work and the old one still did.

    So after a lot of googling on the subject I eventually saw a tip about resetting the SMC (support dot apple dot com/kb/ht3964). That fixed it! This seems to indicate that the problem was not with the adaptors at all but with my Macbook (or possibly the aged battery). So before you conclude that the adaptor is a faulty design (as you might do from reading some of these reviews) consider that many of those bad experiences may be similar to mine and could be remedied with a simple SMC reset.

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    horrible power adapter

    Had for less then a year and its already died with limited use with it. Apple should really think about redesigning there power adapters

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    Garbage - Died just after the one year mark!!

    I purchased two MacBook Pros last year. I spent close to three-thousand dollars and now 1-yr later I have to shell out an additional $79.00 for a replacement adapter. If you page through these reviews you will see that there are an awful lot of people singing the same song. Some folks are on their third and fourth adapter within the first year!! That leads me to believe that there's a design flaw with the adapter. C'mon Apple...admit there's an issue and replace these adapters free of charge!!

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    Too overpriced for its lifetime

    it's been about 5 months since I purchased my second charger after having my first one (the older design) for 2 years. It's just broken again and now I have no choice but to buy another one at $80 for a part that probably costs less $5 or less to make! The charger should be at least half the price it is now, especially if it needs to be replaced every few months... I love my laptop and this is the only problem I've ever had regarding it.

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    4th charger in 7 months

    Definitely the worst apple product I've ever owned. I bought a new Macbook Pro, which I love, in seven months. Within a couple of months, I've had to replace it twice, and now the third one is also failing. After a while it stops recharging. I recently switched to Mac (with the old plug) but may have to switch back when I replace this computers. Hopefully, Macintosh will produce a better product.

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    Terrible charger, severely disappointed.

    I got my Macbook pro in May of 2010, it is now July 2011 and my charger stopped working this morning. I'm upset I have to spend 80$ now for a charger after already spending thousands when buying the computer. My laptop is COMPLETELY dead, and the charger as well. It worked well for a few months, but then things started to go wrong. I have the L shaped one, and sometimes when I plugged it in, it wouldn't work. When that happened I had to unplug the entire charger from the outlet. That was happening for a long time, but I wasn't really complaining. Then after all that, it just died. The light wouldn't turn on when plugged in, nothing happened whatsoever. I take good care of my gadgets, especially if they're from Apple because I know they're quite fragile. Dear Apple, please make a durable, and sturdy charger that will last longer than a year. I don't care if it's ugly.

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    :( My THIRD charger in less than a YEAR!!

    OMG! I have to buy my THIRD charger!!!! Not cool! 80 BUCKS for each one??
    COME ON APPLE!! Give us the old charger back!!! My sister has had it for ages and I've been borrowing hers since my pathetic charger died on me AGAIN!
    I need to use my computer for work and school, I can't keep on spending this much money for it to die on me again and again.
    I am so upset....I love my Macbook Pro....it's amazing, but I might have to switch computers if it means not buying a new charger every 3 months. :(

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    3rd charger

    The first power cord i had to replace within 4 months of purchasing the mac (love the computer by the way), it wouldn't light up or charge when on the computer but the light would go many colors when off the computer. Replaced with apple care no problem, but now my new one (owned 8 months) is ripped open and frayed at the computer connection point. sorely disappointed. off to figure out what i have to do to get a 3rd charger in less then a year. no doubt it'll be $80 out of my pocket. sorely disappointed.

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    my charger quit working in just 11month
    it broke sooooo easy

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    Not an improvement

    Within 6 months of purchasing this charger it stopped working. At times I could wiggle it until it began charging, but it's definitely inconsistent.

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    1st year and 2 so far

    This is the worst charger i have ever used, i have gone through two and this is my first year with my macbook pro. Poor quality and extremely delicate. Overpriced for such a poor product. Thinking of going back to PC, tired of spending 80 dollars per charger.

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    Doesn't fail if you take care of it

    I have had my Black MacBook since October of 2006. While I am on my third power cord, I never had an issue of the cord fraying or shorting out at the magsafe connector. I had them replaced under the AppleCare warranty with no problems, first one was buzzing and getting a little warm, and the second because the charge light didn't work. I probably would still be on the second one if the light worked. I have used my MacBook pretty much everyday in the nearly five years I have owned it, and bring it everywhere with me, everyday. I put a lot of wear and tear on the cord, the brick is all scratched up and the cord not so white anymore. I don't use the cord wrap on the brick though, I have always loosely coiled it, as I hate having kinks in cords and tightly winding it wears out the wires, making it more prone to breakage. Never have had an issue in 3 years.

    One suggestion- if you notice the cord coming out of the strain relief at either the magsafe or the brick, take some white electrical tape, wrap the cord and the strain relief together, and that will help strengthen that weak point, and can give you extended use out of your adapter. If the wires start hanging out or sparking, do not simply tape it up, as it could be shorting under the tape and cause a fire. You can also take this suggestion as a precaution and tape up the strain reliefs when you buy a new adapter, and it may avoid premature failure.

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    My charger quit working in just 10 months!

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