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    Bought this power adapter today and notice that it only charges my laptop to 96% of its capacity - and the little indicator light is green, suggesting that the battery is fully charged. The charger that came with this 3 year old MacBook used to charge to 100%.
    Also, I just looked down at the bit that fits onto the side of the MacBook and noticed that the light was not on. After 'wiggling' it around, the green light has come back on.
    Does not fill me with confidence for a long and happy relationship with this power adaptor!
    Come on Apple, this piece of equipment really lets you (and us) down.

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    Worst product EVER!!! I Love Apple and I own many Apple products in my house but this little piece is a piece of garbage... The one that came with my Macbook kept on overheating and finally the cable broke next to the connexion. I had to buy a new one and spend another $ 80 dollars (outrageous for just a cable) that JUST STOP WORKING in less than 2 months... REALLLY???? I AM REALLY ANGRY with this product, and the worse is that you can't just avoid it if you own a Macbook.......

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    These barely last 3 months

    I'm buying another new charger - these are worthless. And yet - SO expensive.

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    Another complaint....

    Like others comments here, i've bought my FIRST apple computer one year ago, and i'm already replacing my charger for an "incredible amount". For me, it will probably be the first and last apple product i have (not only for this reason).

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    Macbook Pro power cord is awful

    I bought my Macbook Pro in May 2010 and it is now May 2011. While I am pleased with the notebook itself (I've dropped the thing on asphalt, for chrissakes!), the charger is disappointing. I've already replaced it twice, and now my third power cord just died. Owning four different power adapters in a year is beyond ridiculous, and I know I'm not the only one in this boat. I'm very confused as to why Apple hasn't re-engineered this charger; it is a common and acknowledged problem, and is probably only costing the company money in the end.

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    This is the absolute worst product EVER!! I am now going to have to return yet another on. The new design must have made it a lower quality product. I am now going to be on my third one. The original charger that came with my laptop was damaged and I had to replace it. That was in May 2010. That one died in Nov 2010 and I exchange it... and here we are 6 months later and another one has bit the dust!! The Apple Store is an hour away and I have to go there every time to exchange it. I love Apple products with the exception of this. PURE GARBAGE!! C'MON APPLE!! Get with it and make a better charger! JUNK!!

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    Is this REALLY an Apple product?

    A little over 1 year after purchasing my first Apple Macbook Pro, I now have to replace the charger for $80. I have owned many PC based laptops, and never before had a problem with the charger! After reading the reviews and seeing the overall low low rating other consumers have given this product, Apple it's time to listen and ACT to remedy the problem.

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    Just terrible

    Very bad quality and expensive price.

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    I've had my macbook for less than a year & replaced this charger once, and just now my second one stopped working! I'm going to have to buy my THRID charger in less than 1 year. I am absolutely NOT pleased. These things are expensive and I expect something 100X better for the $80 (that has now turned into $240). SUCH a disappointment Apple.

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    Apple charger bad

    I purchased an Apple laptop in June of 2010 and the charger has already torn up by April 2011. It broke at the point of where the charger attaches to the computer. i am very disappointed with this charger. I ordered another one at the expensive price of 80.00 and when I got it, it did not even work at all. I had to return it for a third charger. Apple needs to do a recall to replace these free. Mine also emitted sparks once when I tried to attach it to my computer. I am very dissatisfied with this Apple product and its price.

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    break down quickly

    I thought that these new power adapters would be great and not get kinked, but I am buying my 3rd now. Not too pleased

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    Very, very poor product

    These power adapters should be rock solid reliable, but in reality quite the opposite is true. I've now bought three Mac laptops (13" white Macbook, 13" aluminium body Macbook, and most recently a 13" Macbook Pro) and the power adapters for all three have failed, all within a fairly short amount of time (a year or less from new). I've bought two replacements, and I guess it's just a matter of time before they fail as well. At the price Apple charge for these units, this lack of reliability is a disgrace and does Apple no favours whatsoever.

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    I just bought a new MagSafe 6 weeks ago, and it quit working already. I am very disappointed in the quality of these power cords.

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    Starting to get annoyed

    I purchased my first Macbook Pro in January of 2011. I am getting ready to be on my THIRD charger. After reading all of the reviews on here before purchasing the product, I have handled my prior two with the upmost of ease, with no luck. It doesn't matter how careful you are, this charger is a terrible product, and needs to be redesigned NOW!!

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    Electrical shorts

    Twice in the first year, this product sparked and died when I plugged it in. Such a disappointment compared to other Apple products.

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    Very disappointing

    Just got my first Macbook Pro in January 2011 after being a PC user and already I'm looking at replacing my charger...it doesn't charge all the time..sometimes I plug it it in and nothing other times it works fine so I find myself need a back up charger for those times it decides not to work ....I expected much better from Apple...it appears I'm not the only one based on reviews I've read..spoke to Apple support and to send me a new one I have to give them a credit card and if they can't find fault with my old one they charge me for new one..I'm still under warranty people...a charger should last more than 3 months....love my macbook but not this accessory

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    Great charger, great design! We've had our white 13 inch MacBook since May 2006 and when the original charger stopped working about a year ago we needed to get another one. We decided to go with this new design instead of the original because it laid flat closer to the computer. So far, so good. It works well and we have zero complaints. Also, having a plug that rests closer to the MacBook is nice, especially with little kids in the home.

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    Less Than 6 months and simply stop working

    A very poor product, no damage of any kind and the product simply stopped working. I will be taking it back to the store and asking for a replacement, why not simply fix what is putting a bad spin on a great product the Macbook Pro.

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    Really bad design

    I got my MacBook back in Nov 2011 and its nov just 6 months later and I am having to replace my power adapter already. The cord came off the Magnetic connector. With the computer being moved a lot while on the work area the cord twisted its self enough to used the wire and make it break. Not the best when the notebook is being used quite a bit....

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    I have had this thing for ONE WEEK and it quit on me. I just paid 80 dollars for this thing to quit on me in one week. This is such a necessary item I am completely appalled at how poorly this is made, you should be embarrassed.

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