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    I love my MacBook Pro but the power adapter for it is horrible. I've had to replace it twice because it just stops working after only a couple of months of use.

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    Next time make a functional charger, not a fashionable one!

    I only purchased my Macbook white at the end of September and already the charger has died. As many other reviewers have mentioned, the head of the charger was overheating, becoming too hot to touch. Another thing I've noticed is when I tried to move the plug and cable around to get it working, there were crackling noises coming from the head of the charger. Its seems I'm another addition to the list of Apple consumers who are worried about their house being burned down by their products. My charger is rarely if ever moved from my desk so I think if the fault is to be blamed on "wear and tear" then Apple should focus on making a more durable, functional product than a fashionable one. I never wrap the cable up either as I know from previous experience that its not a durable cable. At this stage I'd rather have a working charger than a broken fashion accessory. I had the same problem with the charger of my old Macbook as well. Luckily I forked out for the 3 year warranty with that one so I was covered when they had to replace the charger, battery and keyboard! I'm back to using my old Macbook charger for now as there is plenty of Apple retailers near me but no repair centres. I would consider myself a lover of all things Apple. However I think I'll have to switch to a different brand for my laptop as it seems as if design faults (which were already identified with previous Macbooks) are still being made in the newer products.

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    2nd one broken in last 2 months...

    I love apple and all, but After breaking my first charger after about 8 months, and then getting a new one with the warrenty only to have it just break after a month is a bit frustraiting....especially because its $80 bucks for a new one, and I don't feel like spending that much money, only to have it break a week later

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    This is horrible quality

    The cord's connection to the magnetic piece is very cheaply made and this is my 7th adapter in 2 years. I am going to outsource and search for something made of heavy stuff. I mostly use my computer at the desk and rarely take the cord with me when I go out and yet they don't last and always break at the magnetic piece or the fuse in the power block goes out.

    I am disappointed in Apple. They should have fixed this by now. I just get a "that's the way it is" answer from Apple whenever I brooch the subject of workmanship!

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    Great idea - if it had only worked...

    The design of these is innovative and convenient, but they clearly have a design fault. I've had to buy three in a little over a year - the latest (less than one month in use) became "temperamental" several days ago and completely ceased to function yesterday (leading me to wonder if the problem may actually lie with the SOCKET rather than the power adapter itself, given that the life expectancy has been significantly shorter with each subsequent adapter! I'd be quite interested to know if other people having problems are also finding them progressively worse with each new power cord).

    I had been about to add the new MacBook Air to my inventory when this third cord failed and I realised there was more at play here than coincidence and "bad luck"! The computer has been great, but without power, it's worthless... Seeing so many similar reviews (and not confined to the MacBook particularly, but across other models also) I am amazed and disappointed that Apple have not moved decisively to rectify this situation - if only to minimise the negative impact which must be inevitable as this becomes more widely known amongst the "pro-mac" community.

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    poor quality ! doesn't last long

    this is my third adapter. just broke by itself. i can not believe it. why it happens all the time?

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    4 chargers stopped working in 1 month

    This is sad. 6 month old 13 inch macbook. Now allow me to describe The issues iv had over the past 1 month.
    1- This charger came with the computer it lasted a good few months but than began to flicker then while adjusting the head of the charger it actually fell off.
    2- This charger was one that had been borrowed from the school district (my moms a teacher) The chord got frayed and stopped working although it gave me a good shock when i was unplugging it.
    3- This is ANOTHER charger borrowed from the school district just like the first one The head of the charger was the issue although the head did not fall off it just flickered unless positioned right but it stopped working in a week. I now have to return 2 broken chargers to the school
    4- I went back to the apple store with my first charger to get it replaced. They replaced it and I was using it but it just stopped charging my computer for no reason. I have taken good care of all these chargers and they are extremely poorly made. I would expect more from apple

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    The only Apple product I'm dissatisfied with

    This is my second charger in four years. I treated the second one with particular care because I had to fork out £60 to replace the first one that broke, and now this one has broken too. I'm a student and can't afford to pay out for a charger that shouldn't have broken in the first place.

    I've not wrapped the cable round the pop out bits because I knew that would cause it to break. I've not exposed it to water or excessive heat, and I've curled the wire up gently when travelling. I've only used this cable the way one would expect to be able to use a portable item, and now it's broken! This is a useless charger. It is a hindrance to a perfectly good laptop. I'm otherwise a huge fan of Apple and this has really let me down.

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    Maybe not perfect but the best there is for now.

    I'm a PC technician and have had my macbook for almost 4 years. 3 months ago I replaced my power adapter because I wore out the cable with years of use. It still works, but the light doesn't and you can see the metal in the wire at the block. I taped the heck out of it and it's the permanent hookup at the desk. The new one was not cheap but well worth the money spent on it. Much better than the dozens of computers that we have had to rewire or cobb up because the power adapter was broken off the motherboard or case. I will take this any day vs the alternative. Not to mention that most of my colleagues with PCs are on their 2nd or 3rd machine since I've owned this one. I've never seen a situation where Apple didn't replace a unit that was legitimately a problem, within and sometimes out of warranty.

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    Great redesign !!!

    I am the owner of several Macbooks. Those that I do not use currently, I have given my children. We have broken at least 6 power adapters.The original power adapter was terrible. The original power adapter was I feel cheaply made and was a poor design that was the weak link in a powerful laptop computer. The new design feels more substantial. Although it looks very similar, the feel of the adapter is different. The materials seem to be sturdier in some respects. The adapter itself is no longer at an angle and is parallel to the laptop itself. This change I feel helps to relieve much of the stress that was applied to the adapter hence the premature failure of the adapter. If you are in line for a new adapter, try it you just might like it.

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    lasted 5 months

    The end of the power cord came off only after 5 months. For the price i figured it would have lasted longer.

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    I've had my Macbook for less than a year and my charger just went out. I wish it would have lasted longer than 9 months considering I paid a lot of money for the computer itself and need it to be charged for schoolwork. If the price wasn't so high it would make the situation a lot less frustrating.

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    Very Poorly Made

    This is also my second power adapter in 3 years. They are so poorly made, that even though I was very careful not to abuse and pull on the chord, pack it carefully when I travel, it has broken again!!

    For a ridiculously priced product, for it not to last more than a year in this case is a disgrace.

    The chord has come loose this time where it joins the magnetic head. Last time the chord frayed and was unusable and dangerous (there were blue sparks coming from the wire).

    I will be making a formal complaint. Buy this item at your own risk.

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    Straight Disappointment

    Bought my new power cord last fall upon losing the last one. Noticed that the wiring had a split in it about 4 months in from normal use... I don't wrap the cord tightly or stress it in any unusual way. 2 months after I noticed the split, the charger stopped working. That was it.

    This is my 4th (5th?) mac laptop, so it's not like such problems are new (it's also not like they are driving me back to PCs). I have had chargers fail in the past and replaced them. But things have not changed.

    The fact that these chargers don't last long is frustrating. I am a student, and I expect that my power cord would last the life of my computer. Certainly one year seems reasonable.

    If you could find an alternative I would suggest it, but you can't, so I guess you (and I) are S.O.L. and bound to keep shelling out $80+ for replacements.

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    Well This Stinks!

    Great laptop. Terrible power cord! Mine stopped working after 3 months. And $80 to replace?! Apple needs to do better than this.

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    Another one bites the dust

    My second one in just under 2 years just went out. If these cords are meant to be disposable and have a short life, i wish Apple would lower the price.

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    Apple are you listening?

    The design of this product is poor. Apple, why are you not able to build a power cord that performs and lasts for many, many years? My 7 year old vacuum has a cord that has lasted under much more demanding usage. Can't you innovate like that? If it was a choice I would say don't buy it. But this is Apple. There is no choice. Those who are happy with this product are Mac Loyalists, the type to embrace any Apple product. Apple, your laptops are great. Make a power cord which complements them!

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    Sigh ... 4 month life?

    Mine just died. Gone. & why can't we replace only the part that has died. It seems wasteful to replace the entire thing.

    (I've made a genius bar appointment for tomorrow ... maybe they'll be kind and rescue me? Meanwhile I don't have much time before my MacBook runs out 'o gas.)

    Don't get me wrong; I love my Mac. Truly. I'm just frustrated, as this is the second charger for this computer!

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    Bad Design

    I got my mac book 2 years back and now the power adapter stopped working. Considering the cost of the product , such things should never happen to the accessories. Now when we want to buy the adapter ........it costs fortunes !!
    Design well & then price it

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    I don't agree with the any of the poor reviews and certainly can't understand why anyone having problems hasn't taken them back. I own SEVEN of these things. We are a family with 4 Macbooks - and have been for many years. I'm still using the MacSafe that came with my very first MagSafe Macbook. It's a little frayed around the edges but never fails to make a solid connection or charge correctly. This is the best power connector ever invented and is far superior to it's predecessor.

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