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    This is the most Horrible product of life they break so easy and overheat
    Iv had to buy more then two now. Apple should make a new stronger product.
    The life span is horrible for the price. If this is how there made they should be marked down to AT LEAST 20 dollars. Come on Apple.

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    Bad quality

    I bought my MacBook Pro in June and I've already had to buy 2 battery chargers because they are always broking, I'm already on my way to buy the third one.
    If it wasn't for my MacBook that I love, I would had changed my computer long time ago.

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    EXTREME Heat

    Just a caution not to allow this adapter to be inadvertently covered up. The adapter body got covered by a misplaced couch pillow. When I uncovered it after about 20 minutes, the adapter was so hot that the plastic began to give off a burning smell. I think if it had been there much longer, it may have caused a fire. Oh and by the way, this is my second adapter since June 2010. HEY APPLE....IT'S TIME YOU DID SOMETHING ABOUT THIS HORRIBLE PIECE OF HARDWARE.

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    Surprisingly awful product

    I purchased my MacBook Pro for college. Naturally, I expected great things from a company who advocates so strongly for education. The MagSafe Power Adapter has NEVER worked properly. Each time I connect it to my MacBook, I have to play around with it before the light goes on and my computer charges at all. Now, after reading MANY reviews, I fear that soon it will stop working altogether. I'm extremely disappointed in Apple for its failure to produce a dependable product. As a student, I depend on my computer for my education, and if my computer has no power, what am I supposed to do?

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    poor design

    The magnetic piece looks strong and durable, and the power brick is fine, but the cord connecting the two is terrible. It just disconnected from the magnetic piece and there is no way to buy a new cord without buying a whole new adapter. If the pieces were designed to come apart so easily, couldn't they be designed to at least come apart in functional parts that can be bought separately? Please, Apple, make things that are made to last, not waste money, time, and resources. I switched to a Mac just a few months ago thinking Apple was overall a more thoughtful company and I'm already starting to regret it. Its just more expensive. I was hoping that came with better quality or standards.

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    The one thing apple can't do

    I love my MacBook and had my first pier cord for 20months. (the old style) this then due to it's frequent use wore out and broke just as everyones has. As it was not under warranty I replaced it with one of the new L MagSafes in the USA this one lasted little over 6months with little more than average use. I bought a new one last week as the apple person wouldn't accept a replacement as the first L connecter was bought over seas. This new one has stopped working today... This better be replaced because I am beyond angry

    APPLE can NOT make power cords.

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    I have had a macbook pro since august (it is now february) and already replaced my charger once and it has broken again. For no apparent reason, it has just stopped charging my laptop, no damage was done, it simply just stopped working.

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    Impossible to keep from damage if you have cats

    Clearly the designers of this expensive cat toy do not own pets (or at least cats). I'm about due for another laptop and will get a different brand solely because I am tired of doing the dance of trying to power up my Macbook while keeping my cats away. I am tired of dragging around cords full of gashes, wondering if I have some sort of hazard on my hands, and trying not to inadvertently pull apart any of the numerous tears on the cord. It only takes a minute of distraction for a cat to destroy the cute soft stringlike thing that Apple actually believes is a viable power source. Is a pet-safe cord really too much to ask for?

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    Adapter design

    The design of the new adapter blocks all the ports. I've got a speck cover on my laptop so adapter only works in one direcion

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    On My 3rd Adapter

    I'm on my 3rd one of these L-adapters. Thankfully, Apple keeps replacing them for free, but the one I am using now only charges with a lot of giggling. I can only get the red light on - not green... which means there's a short or something I think. The L part is so hot to touch... I could cook a tiny chicken on it - I'm sure it's a fire hazard. I can't leave it to back up for a few hours.... it would probably burn m,y house down. They tried to make the power cord super-thin so it has a cool Apple factor. I'd much rather they made it reliable!!

    NOTE: A hint.. when you call Apple to complain about this... make sure you emphasize how hot the L part is.... that's the key to getting them to send you one for free. They're afraid of liability.

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    This is pathetic!!

    I have only had my MacBook Pro for about 7 months, and already I have problems with my charger? Hello! What the heck? I feel like I should not have to replace my charger, instead they should replace it for me. Especially, since they are having so many problems with them. It's almost as if they are making them have problems so they can make some more money. And...$80 for a charger? Are you kidding me? I'm very disappointed in you Apple.

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    Poor quality all around

    In the 3 years I've owned my macbook, I've gone through 8 chargers now, both the old and new model. Every time, they've died within six months, with the most recent (this model) lasting not quite 2 before it also quit on me. Based on the poor ratings every charger they make gets, I'm guessing this isn't just a problem I have.

    I've had it, and I'm done. I love my laptop, but it is not worth 80 dollars every few months to replace chargers as they die. I highly recommend anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation to cut your losses early and not waste hundred of dollars on hardware that has serious design flaws in it.

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    I saved up for awhile and bought my new mac book pro this past July. It is February and the cord does not work. I too thought it was the outlets in my house, but it is not. Being a graduate student with a lot of papers to write makes this price and lack of quality disappointing. Seeing all these negative reviews, why hasn't apple fixed this problem? I'm so annoyed and disappointed in Apple.

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    Broke after 4 months

    Bought a new one after the old one stopped working after 1,5 years. Now the new one is broke after 4 months. I really, really hope that my warranty can get me a new one. It's not like they're cheap.

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    along with what others have said...

    i bought my charger around june and it just went out on me. this is seriously so irritating. absolutely ridiculous.

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    This one doesn't really work

    As somebody already said, the designer forgot to avoid blocking the ethernet port, indeed he/she did. Maybe he or she though that wouldn't matter, unfortunately I'm now at a hotel where there's no wireless connection, and the ethernet and power are in opposite walls!! And the way the room is arranged does not let me to place the computer in a fashion where this defect doesn't affect the connection. Additionally just by touching or moving a little bit the computer, the cord gets disconnected. ggrrrhhh, obnoxious!! Too expensive for the low performance. Thanks.

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    I love my MacBook and Hate This Cord!!!

    My first cord lasted over 2 and a half year. Then it stopped working. I ordered a replacement cord. It lasted me for 4 days past the 90 day warranty! Why doesn't Apple do something about this cord?! Now I have to put out another $79. I don't get it! I don't want to shell out $79 every 3 months, but what choice do I have? I'm very disappointed.

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    um, are they ready to recall it yet???

    I bought my mac book pro about 6 months ago. I thought something was wrong with the outlets in my house because...its newly built but its the cord! It started acting weird and as of right now, just stopped working altogether. If they have this many complaints, they should just recall it and supply us with something more dependable. I used to tell everyone how happy I was to have a mac. I was even going to buy my kid one....NOT ANYMORE

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    MacBook Power Cord

    $80 for a power cord - come on - give me a break !!!

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    horrible design, didn't even last a year...and the price for a new one is just ridiculous!!!

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