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    Help me please.

    I've had my Macbook Pro 13" since the beginning of July.
    It's January now, and the charger is really making me mad.
    Whenever the cord is in an awkward position, it just stops charging, so what do I do?

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    2nd power adapter in 1 yr

    I'm on my 2nd adapter in 1 yr. If this wasn't apple, I would think this was a pretty good scam going. Buy a computer and have to spend 80 bucks a year to keep it going. Fix this problem apple. You're messing with your customer base!

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    Deja Vu! One year and out... A very bad product

    I bought my MacBook in January 2010 and have used it and the adapter with a lot of care. Last week I noticed there was no green light on the adapter. Initially I thought it was a connection problem on the power strip but after wiggling around the wire I figured out there was a problem with the wire. Yesterday I noticed that the cable came out of the magnetic piece. Today it stopped working.

    $80 isn't a small amount to spend for a student or for most people. The MacBook is an awesome product(5 stars flat) but I give the adapter one star. Hope Apple takes note of this and fixes the problem. Or at least provides warranty...

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    hate the cord - too stiff

    I just got a computer that came with this new adapter. At first I really liked it because the magnetic plug for the computer is much flatter than it used to be so it doesn't pop out as easily as it used to, BUT I have changed my mind. The plug is still great, but the cord is AWFUL! Its too stiff and so I find myself fighting with it all the time! It has made the adapter a real pain. Instead of resting nicely on the ground, the cord maintains its original form to a degree so it it always twisted. When I try to wrap it up, it only wraps in the way it "wants". Sometimes the magnet plug even pop out of the computer when I move because the cord doesn't want to twist/move at all. The same is true for the extra long-cord that comes with it (for the wall plug). I wish Apple would bring back the old cord!

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    Why so expensive?

    I was looking to buy a second power adapter since I move around the house so much, but $79? -forget it.

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    On my 4th in 2 years!

    These things are junk. I appreciate the magnetic attachment to these things but they are simply junk. I have had to purchase 3 of these in 2 years. Apple, get it together.

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    Durability Zero

    This is the definition for non-durable. The Magsafe adapter! Either make it solid and durable for more than just a few months OR COVER a replacement on the service/applecare. Crapware with a price not even close to the durability or even SANITY.

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    Here we go again! I'm on adapter #4!

    I love my Mac computer, but I continue to have adapter trouble. In the last 2 years, I've had my adapter replaced 3 times and the "newest" one is about to go. There's a kink in it somewhere that prohibits power flow. This is extremely annoying! All the reviews are right: if Apple is such a technologically-advanced company why can't they construct a power adapter that lasts?!? I mean, it's all and good if your products look cool, but it also needs to function! Revamp you design and get it right! It's just pathetic. And the apathy you guys show your consumers is enraging.

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    2nd adapter has gone down... now onto 3rd

    Let's be honest; the reviews here are going to be high because the thing works or low because it doesn't. Myself, my second adapter in just over 3 years has died and I'm about to be forced into buying a third.

    This is ridiculous.

    For a company that touts its world leading design, you think Apple could come up with a design for their power adapter -- the least high-tech, easily perfected element of the whole system -- that would ensure that they don't die on a regular basis. Seriously... it's a power adapter! How hard is it to make one that constantly doesn't die.

    Get your act in gear Apple. This is embarrassing to the company's reputation.

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    I'm encouraged after reading reviews that I'm not the only who has had trouble with this product. I thought maybe I was cursed or something. I'm on my third power adapter in less than a year. I'm very disappointed that these can't even last 6 months. Please Apple - design a power adapter that will last! (My old beat up PC Toshiba laptop still works with the original power adapter after 10+ years. Surely Apple could make something that sturdy!)

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    Prone to twisting and damaging fragile interface between the hard shell and the wire. Third charger in 18 months as used for work and packed in bag few time s a week. Has seriously damaged my perception of Apple, and the replacement cost///!!!!!!! really, seriously outrageous!!! can buy a netbook for £160!!, might as well as have another dead mack product till I can get anew charger..totally unaceptable.

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    So I bought my new Macbook less than ONE MONTH ago and I am currently on a business trip and right before starting my workday, I turn on my macbook and it has no power, I wonder why since its been charging all night, come to realize my power adapter decided to take a dump on me for no reason, I cant wait and see whats up with the warranty and what not, I know have to head to the Apple store and spend 80 bucks!
    My gf is now making fun of me since I always talk trash about her Windows Laptop... she said, at least my hardware doesnt take a dump overnight. HORRIBLE PRODUCT.

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    Very unreliable

    Very unreliable physical connection - most times it just says 'not charging' and I have to wiggle it about to find the exact right position where it will work. Probably the worst thing about the MacBook Pro.

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    Horrible Product

    The only people rating this product above a one star must be Apple employees or share holders. This product is horrible. I'm on third one in 8 months! On the first one the magsafe end fell off, the second just stopped working. Now on the third one and the end is coming lose after only 3 weeks! I only use it in my house!

    How can Apple charge $80 for this product when you can by Apple TV for $99?

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    Worst Adapter in History (Three Dead in Five Months)

    If I could give this zero stars, I would. Like many of these people, I do not normally write reviews. However, I bought this computer in August of 2010 and my third adapter since then just died – within FOUR days of purchasing it. Absolutely nothing to cause or justify a mechanical failure has occured. It just stopped working. Judging from these reviews, that's incredibly common. Apple needs to do something about this if they ever want me to buy one of their computers again.

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    Don't Even Bother!!

    I purchased this item at an Apple store in NYC on December 12 2010, by January 15th 2011 it had stopped working. Nothing ever occurred for it to stop functioning so suddenly. I have never written a review for anything in my life till now, just to let you know what a piece of garbage this adapter is! Why would Apple sell something at such a ridiculous price that would only last 35 days? It was a waste of my time to go out in the rain to buy this junk & it'll be an even bigger waste when I go get a replacement, as it is a necessary evil. Apple should have kept the last adapter, it lasted about 2 years longer than this! This deserved ZERO stars.

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    Horrible Design

    I have only had since August 2010 and the entire magnetic end fell right off the cord. So now, like many others I am forced to spend $80 on what seems and sounds like a defective and poorly built adapter.

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    Only 1 Year and 3 months and the cord broke off

    I am very disappointed that this power cord is so weak! It started coming apart like kind of loose right at about a year from purchase and I have been handling with extra care since then but it finally just came apart right now... Why didn't they make the cord as thick as the power supply?? The heavy MagSafe adapter with the so very thin cord to charge the comp doesn't make any sense! It is made not to last and to cause it to brake off. The worse thing is now I have to pay $79.00 for another useless power supply that will last another year if I'm lucky.. ;(

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    Horrible design

    After my old cord broke off in my computer, from being 3 years old I'm assuming? which was the old design,I had to get the new design power cord and I am not happy with it. In order to charge my computer I must now take off the bottom cover case that I purchased through apple ( a pink incase design) because that slight quarter of an inch does not allow the power adaptor to reach inside the computer. Never had a problem with the design of the old power cord but after having this one for several hours I know it is going to be very inconvenient.

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    2 years = 2 adaptors

    I changed the 2 adapters for two years. The first one, cable broke near MacSafe and it stopped charging the battery. The second simply burned out.

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