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    costly repeated replacement

    I have had to replace the magsafe charger a total of 4 times on my macbook. The original seems to have lasted the longest, but each replacement is a costly one, and my last one has just failed although it was purchased less than a year ago.

    Aside from the cost, it is also a safety issue. In each instance of failure, the wires at the base of the connection seem to disconnect from the magnet's base. When I first noticed this I would wiggle it around some to get it to recognize the charger, but when this caused sparks one time, I quickly disconnected it. Because of the safety issues alone, I feel like it should be replaced via apple, but it is not and so I have to continue to purchase them repeatedly. While my computer is reliable, at this rate I will have spent enough to purchase a new one within the next two years. VERY disappointing.

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    fails to charge after 5 months of use

    The L type magsafe adapter would fail to charge continuously after 5 months of apple-recommended usage. This may be related to the strain relief problem as mentioned in apple's support website. My charger was working fine until a few weeks ago. It would charge my MBP 13 intermittently depending on the orientation of the cable. Sometimes I would need to loop the cable a certain way just to maintain the charging process. The frequency of charge failures gradually increased in the succeeding days until it finally refused to charge my laptop--prompting me to bring back the charger to an apple store for replacement. There was nothing damaged on the outside of the charger causing me to suspect that the problem might be inside the cables.

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    Piece of Junk

    This is an awful adapter. I can't recall when I bought it to replace the other (which lasted from 2008) but it was earlier this year. At any rate, this thing is broken already, and I am very careful. It began when the little plastic circular portion just plopped out, and would not reinsert itself. After that the smaller wires began to fray and thus, we see the problem now. DISSATISFIED, what are some other options???

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    The whole point of the "magsafe" is that the end detaches when someone trips on the cord, saving your macbook from crashing to the floor. That safety feature worked flawlessly with the T design, no matter which direction the cord was pulled, but with the new L design, YOUR MACBOOK CAN BE PULLED OFF THE BACK OF THE DESK IF SOMEONE WALKS BY AND TRIPS ON THE CORD. Why the change? How could this possibly be considered an improvement? It's a step backward in every way.

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    The cable broke

    I have the 13" macbook pro, the power adapter for it broke. I don't like the fact that apple could fail in seeing how feeble the power cord could be to break so easily.
    I am unhappy and don't feel like visiting the store.

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    I've had 2 of these die on me in the past 3 months. The latest one to kick the bucket only lasted 3 weeks! None of them have been abused in any way, they're just poorly made and I'm getting sick of taking these things back to the apple store!

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    60W MagSafe Power Adapter for MacBook (2006; Black)

    My old charger burnt out and couldn't charge anymore so i decided to buy a new charger. I visited my local Apple shop where I found the new design above, I didn't like it at first but after sometime the design was sleek and really cool.

    I have had some problems such as the magnetic connector gets really hot, I don’t even know why that is and the new design also restricts how you hold or move your laptop. Overall I think this new charger was a good purchase, although there are some drawbacks, they will pass by and you will fall in love with it.

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    Broke after 6 months

    Mine broke after only 6 months. First it stopped charging. I had to move the cable around to get it to work. Then it just broke. I am stuck out of the country with no working adapter, no way to take it in for warranty and probably a couple weeks to get another. I wish they had the old power supply so I could use my iphone/ipod adapter.

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    Broken Again

    I've had to buy 3 of these now. The thin end of the cord that attaches to the magnet part keeps breaking apart. I take very good care of my computer and it's accessories, and I feel if someone as cautious as me has to buy a new one of these every year, then the part is too easily broken. =(

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    Expected better

    It's really sad, because I was just telling a friend that the "L" style magsafe was much better than the "T", but now the magsafe just broke off entirely from the wire. From the looks of it, the wire was twisting a lot and the threads finally just gave and snapped off. I can only assume it's from a lot of travel, but since it's a cord for a notebook of all things, it really should be able to withstand more than this. Portable machines need to travel better, WITH its charger. I haven't even had this one for more than two months.

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    Don't believe the (lack of) hype!

    I don't know what the other reviewers are on about?

    Bought this as a replacement for my old T-shaped magsafe.

    I'm using an old style 13" white macbook, running Leopard with the most recent firmware upgrade.

    I've had absolutely no issue with the charger, and the metal connector does not get hot as many people have been saying!

    As far as I'm concerned, it does exactly what it says on the tin.

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    A Surprising Non-Improvement

    Why change a good thing?

    Swapping out the original for the new "L" shaped adaptor is turning out to be a silly move, Apple. Frankly, I'm surprised: the "L" is less universal, more cumbersome, and less effective as a safety feature. I'm wondering how it made it past the first round of user trials...or IF there were user trials at all!

    Bottom line: if you're not moving forward with the usability of the design, it's not innovation. It's just change.

    The overall user rating on this product says it all - anything less than 4 stars is a crash-and-burn for Apple products, which normally score rave reviews. (Anyone reminded of the 3rd generation iPod Shuffle?)

    Let's have the original MagSafe design back, guys. As with the Shuffle, a return to the tried-and-true will restore this product's popularity, and we'll get those stars back up again in no time!

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    2 years - broken

    Mine is not even two years old and it broke down yesterday night. Not cool buying a new one for 90 €.

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    Very small, very useful

    Very small. I would recommend buying an 85W if you are replacing as it can charge both the macbook and the macbook pro. It costs the same so there is no reason to get one over the other. I like this for my macbook because of its small size and the magsafe end improvement is great. I wish the aluminum end was covered in some type of plastic because it contains nickel metal. I am allergic and this causes significant trouble as I can not touch the end. I was forced to buy a macbook as well because of this problem.

    Hopefully someday apple will offer an aluminum or titanium laptop which can be classified as nickel free for those who suffer from the sensitivity or allergy.

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    Still Terrible

    This is just as bad as the old Magsafe adapter. It's $80, and most pets (cat, dog, basically anything with teeth) can bite through the thin part of the cord (the only cord part that isn't replaceable) and ruin the adapter way too easily. I have gone through 3 of these for that reason, and am now using "Crittercord Mini" a product that makes it semi-immune to cat bites.

    The adapter also falters often and the light fails after about 3 months of use in some cases (I've had 4 of these, it's happened in 2).

    Unfortunately, we're all stuck with this adapter, there's no 3rd party option.

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    Early '08 Macbook

    It is true that this charger does work with older 2008 macbooks; however, it is likely that the charger won't work initially. For the older macbooks an update is required for this charger to work. Takes all of 5 minutes to get the thing working. All in all, not too many problems after installing the update.

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    Insulation fails

    I bought the new design power supply after the power unit on my original power supply stopped working. With this new unit though, within 7 months, the insulating plastic around the cable has completely fallen apart. The material is a lot less flexible than on the original design and torques and twists around the metal wire inside. As a result it just starts tearing open and the tears spread along the wire.
    Half my cable is wrapped in insulating tape and the thing looks like a dog used it as a chew toy.
    My original cable I've had for two years and not a scratch on it. How this is supposed to be more sturdy, I don't know.

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    Bad quality

    How can a quality product, the Mac, ship with such a bad quality charger and battery. My battery went after 15 months and after 20 months now the charger is dead... what a shame

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    3rd charger later

    and it still messing up works for a day or a month then just stops working the old chargers were fine why update them to something tht doesnt work.

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    I thought Mac was better than this

    My MacBook is 2 years & 2 months old and the MagSafe power adapter went out this week. 2 years...really? Shouldn't an Apple product last longer than that? Seeing how many poor reviews the power adapter gets, this appears to be the norm. I am disappointed and don't expect a long life from the replacement that I purchased today. Can't somebody in Cupertino engineer a better adapter? Please?

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