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    Failed after less than 60days

    It came with a new 13macbook pro. Hardly used not even a dozen recharges before it failed. The difference in quality of materials between this "new" power unit and the one that came with my Macbook (circa Tiger OS) is VERY NOTICEABLE and is not the usual Apple quality. In fact, the magsafe that came with Tiger OS macbook is still working just fine. This is really DISAPPOINTING ... watch out !

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    I love Apple, but this is not acceptable

    I have a black MacBook that's a few years old now. The charger that came with the computer lasted three years and then stopped working. I thought this was really annoying - of all the problems I've had with PC's I've never had a problem with the power cord... Bought this power cord 3 months ago and then 2 days ago it started messing up (if I hold the cable and move it back and forth the light goes on and off). This is ridiculous. I was trying to be extra safe, not wrapping it up tightly or making sure the cord wasn't bending too much, but it still broke. Luckily, the warranty for the product is 1 year so I should be OK. My only advice: use your American Express card when purchasing because they automatically double the manufacturer's warranty to 2 years (I know some other credit cards do it too, so check yours if you don't have an Amex). Good luck!

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    Like the design, but not the quality

    I like the new design. It is much easier to maneuver. However, I have had the product for less than 6 months and I have noticed the that the charge light frequently goes out. I have to jiggle the cord to get it to work. Considering the new design means I do not have to bend the cord as I did the last one, I am not sure why this is happening and there is no 'warranty'. The old design lasted 4 years, so although this one is more practical, it does not have the high standards I associate with Mac products.

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    Better than the old design so far.

    I had the same problem with this charger as many people reported. The charger would randomly stop working and the only way to get it to work again was to remove the battery from the Laptop. The old "T" shaped chargers always worked but the new "L" shaped ones rarely did. Luckily there was just a firmware update for the macbook that fixed the problem. Now it works 100% of the time.
    The new design seems a lot more solid than the old one. The "L" shaped connector also prevents alot of unnecessary bending of the power cord. I often use the macbook sitting on the couch. The old "T" shaped chargers would always get bent up by a nearby piilow, a poorly placed leg, or cat. The new "L" shape prevents the unnecessary bending so i'm hopeful it'll last longer than the old design.

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    Doesn't work, out of the box

    We are on vacation for the weekend and my daughter needed to get some homework done but forgot the charger for her MacBook. Found an apple authorized dealer and purchased this product. It doesn't work at all.. Want to return it, but of course store is closed on Sundays, and we are heading home. Clearly, based on these reviews and my experience today this is a terrible product. Do not buy.

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    Read This!

    I have a 2008 Macbook and lost my charger on a trip. I was reluctant to order this new one as it is not the exact type they used to provide and after reading the previous bad reviews, I was concerned.

    The first day, the charger worked but the second day, the light failed to eluminate and the laptop was not charging. Hence, my laptop died!

    I visited the Genius Bar at the Apple Store and was amazed to find out that the laptop battery in the older Macbook's needs to be reset/cycled to work with the new power adaptors.

    Apple is also coming out with a software patch that will address this issue.

    I wonder if all the previous poor reviews are because of this issue? Hmmm....

    To fix, simply remove the battery from the laptop and press the button for 10 seconds to reset it.

    Once back in the battery slot, plug the laptop into the new charger and it works!

    A GREAT tip for anyone wondering why this charger does not work with their 2009 and earlier Macbook. It is NOT the charger but the laptop. Voila!

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    Not as bad as they say.

    I bought this new charger after having accidentally broken my old T-shaped charger with worry in my mind based on the "overheating" reviews found here.

    I can safely say that those reviews are scaremongering. The charger works without an issue, the MagSafe head does NOT overheat or burn you if it's touched. Cable management is far superior to the T-shaped MagSafe, plus you get a year warranty and peace of mind that the charger won't set fire to your house like some knock-off no-brand MagSafe's.

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    Do not buy unless you can't find the old charger some where else

    The New design isn't as good as the old design even with a firmware fix.

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    love apple ... hate new charger

    not the exceptional usability we have come to love from Apple ... doesn't bend well and harder to find ... must line it up ... the old one anywhere near it in it went ... rethink it and bring back the old one

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    lasts 1 year

    I need the 3rd charger for my 2 year old macbook. I have had macbooks since 2003 and have to buy a new charger every year. As most of you know it breaks at the end next to the connection to the mac. Took it to Apple once and was told that I was bending it too much. Well my use is very normal, it bends because it is flexible. I have to go and buy a new one now for myself and my son (we have been sharing the cord between our two macbooks since the other one broke) but this will be the last time. I am not buying another macbook.

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    Dear Apple, sort your life out.

    Dear Apple, I have had this charger for a whopping total of 23 hours. The time it actually worked was less than half of this. Yes, that's right. I managed to use this charger ONCE. I try to use it again, and it does not work, therefore not performing it's Primary function, which is to CHARGE a MacBook. Now, have I just paid 50 pounds for a charger? Or something that is identical to charger in looks, but performs about as well as the equivalent size and weight in fecal matter. Actually I think the feces would do a better Job. So, basically what I'm trying to say, Apple, is that I spend 600+ pounds on a Laptop (in which one of it's accessories/necessities cannot be replaced) and you can't even make a reasonably priced charger that actually works, as a replacement. I suggest you make a charger that actually works, in future, and definitely one that supports older generations of MacBook, else someone at Apple will be receiving a Stone Cold Stunner, (I'm not gonna say who, or when for that matter) from Yours Truly. Thank You and Goodnight.

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    Hate this charger

    It stopped working the second day I bought it. I had to come to the Review to see what kind of problems people have and their solutions so I can maybe get mine working again. It worked after I tried taking out the battery and putting it back in. I was very upset to see it break after just a day of usage and trying to figure out what happened to this faulty charger. It is kind of a relieve to know that I can always make it work by removing the battery.

    Aside from the frustration of its functionality, I like that it comes with an extension cord. Apple should make all their products free of defect.

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    It may work with MacBook but...

    Whenever we plug it in we have to shutdown the computer, remove and replace the battery, then reboot in order for the computer to recognize it. I have tried resetting PRAM and NVRAM to no avail. I keep hoping for some sort of software update but I guess once Apple moves on they've moved on. If that's the case, they need to remove the bit about it being compatible with the MacBook because, unless you get lucky, it simply isn't.

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    Magsafe woes

    I bought a L-shape Magsafe adaptor in March 2010 to replace my second burned-out T-shape adaptor and guess what, it dies in September 2010 - 6 months lifetime! OK the first was replaced under the warranty covering my MacBook but the third L-shaped one is only covered by a 90 DAY WARRANTY, so beware. I was told by Apple Support that it may be a fault with my MacBook and to have it checked out but having read other reviews it seems that there is a problem with the quality of the adapter, The guy at support agreed it was ridiculous that these adapters are only supplied with such a limited 90 day warranty but I am still left having to buy another. At this rate, it could cost around about £90 a year for adapters!

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    3rd one in 1 year


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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    It not nearly as good as the old one.

    1. It tangles way too easily, unlike the old one.
    2. you have to wiggle it to get i in properly.
    3. The end is a terrible shape, completely impractical.

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    Terrible Design

    Same problem as everyone else - wouldn't fit with my speck case on my laptop - and once I finally removed my laptop cover, the adapter stopped working after 1 time of charging! Major bummer!

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    Poor compatibility

    This is a terrible design! Apple claims it is compatible with the old-style adapters, but it is not! I have been through three new adapters and they all have the same problem: about 50% of the time, it will not recognize that you have plugged your computer in. The only solution is to shut down and power on with the battery removed, reinstalling the battery after it is up and running. Very annoying!

    Please, come up with a fix for this Apple!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    Lasted just over a year before dying.

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    It doesn't charge my macbook

    Bring back the t-connector and throw away the L connector. It is more secure and worked like a champ.

    Has Apple become too big to care about their costumers?

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