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    Broken and burns

    I bought this charger probably about 2 or 3 months ago to replace my old one which was the last version the white T shaped one which worked fine without problem until then and was about 3 years old.
    The past week or 2 it has slowly started to stop working properly going off when I move it the tinniest amount and then takes a while to get back working again, this is what happened to my old charger before it broke. Now today I felt the head of the charger and the temperature was ridiculous I physically cant hold it in my hand for longer than 4 seconds without being burned! Im worried that it may set on fire if it keeps getting worse. Im going to get in contact with apple to see if they can replace it or something for me. Iv noticed im not the only one as somebody else has posted the same thing as me.

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    Poor Cable Quality - Fire Hazard

    The structural quality of this cable is inadequate for prolonged, but normal, use. The stresses the cable incurs near the MagSafe connector and the in-line voltage converter broke the inner insulator separating the two power lines, causing them to short. This burnt the plastic at the mating between the MagSafe connector and cord, and could have eventually caused serious damage if I hadn't noticed it.

    I'd consider this cable passable for desk use, but you should definitely be aware of the stresses you're putting on it.

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    Yet more innovation from Apple

    Apple have done it again! The "L" shaped adaptor heads mean that you can have the wires running away from you rather than out from the side.

    They also look much better than the "T" shaped adaptor heads due to the aluminium finish.

    Would very much recommend if you need a new charger!

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    poor quality

    i purchased this charger a few months ago to replace the original one. The only problem I had with the original was my puppy chewed through it. This charge constantly feels hot, and now no longer charges. I have only had this for a few months and I am extremely disappointed.

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    Absolutely Horrible

    I used the old version for two years and because I wasn't very careful with it the edges started fraying. I shelled out the 80 dollars for this new version only to have it stop working after only 2 1/2 months! I was extremely careful with it, but for no reason at all the cord will turn off and on. It also gets very hot, so I am thinking that it might be overheating. I am livid. I want the old cord back.

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    Um...just doesn't work.

    I bought this adapter because the original one that came with my 13-inch Macbook was beginning to stop working. However, this one doesn't really work at all. I took off the case (yes, most cases that people for this Macbook have plastic divisions that interfere with this new design)...but it still did not work consistently. It connected when I first attached it to my Macbook but wasn't actually charging the battery. But then it stopped working altogether. I am using my on-again-off-again old adapter until I can get another one. I use my Macbook CONSTANTLY and NEED a reliable adapter. This is quite frustrating!

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    Poor quality

    I have the very first generation Macbook, I think I got it in February of 2007 and the original charger worked fine for awhile. Eventually the tip frayed and went out. So that had a 1 1/2 year life span, along with that replacement. Same thing happened and still lasted about two years. So two chargers in 3 years and 4 months. These new chargers for some unforeseen circumstances snapped in half between the brick and the magsafe tip. My first two lasted 3 years my other two lasted a month. Three replacements in a month. Unless you take some precautions I would purchase the old style through a separate vendor.

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    no thanks

    I'm about to buy my THIRD power adapter since buying my laptop in 2008. This is a horrible product and really needs to be re-structured, or at least lower the price. I'd expect this for $30-40, but $80? I'm a full time student, I can't afford to keep replacing this.

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    brand new and won't work without removing the battery

    I just bought the new 60w magsafe power adaptor for my early 2008 white macbook. When I first plugged it in i through it didn't work at all as the light did not go on and it was obviously not charging. I tried moving it into every plug in my house - nothing.

    Then I read that it would work if you shut down your computer and take out the battery. I did this and it initially worked, but as soon as I moved it to another plug it stopped charging.

    I cannot shut it down, take out the battery and turn it on everytime I want to change to a different plug in my house. I have an appointment at the genius bar so hopefully it is just a faulty cord and not an incompatibility with my computer.

    Hopefully they can give me a new cord and everything will be fine but I am very unimpressed.

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    The first one never worked so I took it back to the store and got another one. The second one lasted 5 days before it stopped working. Going back to see if I get strike three...

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    MagSafe as the product name means

    I trip on my wire last night, viola, the wire just pop up without even moving my MacBook Pro 13", even the MagSafe adapter stay in place, everything from my MacBook Pro 13", the power connector head and the MagSafe adapter is beautifully preserved. Well done Apple!

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    My Charger Died Today

    So, I had my macbook pro 13inch for nearly over a year and its been working fine until today i tried to charge it and the light on the charger wasn't going on. i thought it was my outlet, but i plug it into a diff outlet and still nothing. i was looking at the other the reviews cuz i thought it was something i did to it when i cleaned it. I keep my macbook clean and neat. so when i looking thru the reviews theres been alot of disappointment and i'm one of them. i love Apple products, but really Apple? Don't you think at least read people reviews and improve your products. and $60-$80 is a bit to high for a charger. $40-$50 is a reasonable price. just my opinion. thank you for reading

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    Bought this as my old original T-shape maglock charger for my macbook stopped working.

    Have had it a total of maybe, 2-3 weeks and if I want to charge my laptop the cable has to be put into a very specific position.

    Also the metal head that connects to your macbook gets very hot and can burn you.

    I will be requesting a replacement and would hope that apple would stop using cheap materials and over charging because of their brand.

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    Broken after two days

    Add me to the list.

    What a terrible product.

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    Go Back to the Old Version

    I have a 13-inch macbook and purchased this charger a few months agoafter my old one (which was the old design) got accidentally cut. Let me just say I am mourning the loss of my old one. The charger worked for a while, though I can't say that the design was very good since I could only face the charger one way with my case on the computer which caused the head of the charger to block some of the other parts of the computer. This didn't really bother me THAT much, but what did bother me was the fct that the charger became increasingly harder to successfully use as the months went by. I began having to shift the cord around, pulling it up and shaking it around until last night when it entirely stopped working. I know that this is not the fault of my computer because I am now using my brother's charger which is the old version and it works perfectly. Please go back to the old design because I am sincerely uninterested in buying another ridiculously expensive charger that will stop working after five months

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    Do not like!

    I have had my new macbook pro 13inch for 5 months now and I hate the new charger design!

    It pops out of the computer so easily!
    I sneeze and the thing practically falls out.
    All I have to do is move around a little and *pop*! there it goes.
    When I use my friend's old design charger it stays in like a pro.

    Apple, sometimes your upgrades aren't always a success, such as this one.

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    Rubber cord

    Love my 13in Mac book Pro, but don't like the power cord. the rubber cord doesn't roll
    up very easy. The magnetic end should have a cap devise to cover to protect the end.
    The sides to roll the cord on ruin the cord. the cord becomes a spiraled mess.
    Maybe a nice pouch and a cap for the end would suffice.

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    Blocks ports if you have a cover on your MacBook Pro

    MacBook Pro has a cover on it that only allows the cable to face one way and blocks the ethernet, firewire, and display ports. If you try to use it on the MacBook that also has a cover on it, it won't fit at all. I miss the old design... (and apparently will always miss it because that design is out) Hope the MacBook cord doesn't die out on me.

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    I have had to go through TWO chargers cause this stupid thing keeps dying and I've been through two in only 2-3 months, this is ridiculous and I'm getting ready to get another one. I baby my charger, I'm OCD over it. This charger is horrible and if it wasn't for me loving my MacBook and everything I wouldn't care. I WANT THE OLD CHARGER BACK I HAD IT FOR A YEAR AND IT GOT A STRAIN. But no, this one doesn't get a strain, IT DIES EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    I will never like this charger and I don't have $80.00 a month to just buy a charger.

    I hate this....

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    Hate this thing

    Don't get me wrong - I love the MacBook, but this is the SECOND charger that has died on me in one year's time. SECOND. And I'm ticked. There's another $79 plus shipping down the tubes. Very, very, very unhappy.

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