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    5th one I've bought for my mid-2012 Macbook Pro.

    5th time buying one of these, they fall apart so easily and fray on the ends without failure after only a few months of use. The most recent one I got, was addictive to my cat who chewed it in half before I realized what she was up to. Good thing it wasn't plugged in!

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    Faulty chargers

    I can not believe Apple has not rectified these chargers, and has been 'allowed' to ignore the problem. I only got nine months out of my last charger. This is just a way Apple makes a profit in selling substandard chargers at a ridiculously over-priced fee. Steer clear of apple for now, plenty of other more reliable devices. This is a no star product really!

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    It’s alright.

    I’ve had my MacBook Pro for nearly 4 years now and I’m just now experiencing the fraying of the chord. I did wrap it with electrical tape but the casing just comes off further and further down. I know it came from rubbing on my desk edge for so long so I expected the fraying but it should still be better built. Other than that, it does what it’s supposed to and hopefully I don’t need to buy another one for a few more years.

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    Not at all happy with the product quality and it's engineering. The price of this adapter should be reduced because it won't last more than 6 months to 1 year.

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    These chargers are incredibly bad. Needed to buy one nearly every year.
    Why is nothing being done about them? all reviews are bad so do something!

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    Worst product ever made

    I work in tech support for a company with 300 employees, with most using macbook pro with magsafe-adaptors. In an average week I get two broken magsafe chargers in return. What a terrible polluting product!

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    I'm am on the second charger and it has frayed to pieces within a year????? Apple come on.....build a better charger please!! Why pay over to grand for a laptop and within a year have to replace the charger?????

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    Thread comes out every other year!cheap quality


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    Very bad

    A year in and ANOTHER charger is dead. As it began to break down (from completely normal use) I've tried to add more life by supporting the weak points. It just failed out of nowhere today. 7% battery left and I need to study. Looks like I'm going over to 5th ave today :(

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    The charger that came with my MacBook Pro lasted for almost 3 years but the cord just ended up breaking off. I'm mainly just mad about the cost of the chargers and when I bought one from the store it looked used as the box was ripped in the inside and the cord wasn't wrapped properly.

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    MagSafe Power Adapter - MacBook Pro 15 inch

    This is a very weak product. Its my 4th charger in 3 years. It constantly frays around the adapter end. I am highly disappointed in Apple's pricing and manufacturing for this product. I've spent half the amount on chargers as the cost of the computer. Please do something to help your loyal customers Apple! This is not fair.

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    Absolutely useless

    Today my charger took it's last breath, making this the fifth one that has broken since I got my MacBook in late 2011. I'm so sick of having to replace these chargers. Six chargers in four years is just ridiculous.

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    I have renewed three of these. They are flimsy, overheat and fray and fall apart within 18 months (just outside warranty!), however well you look after them. Then they charge £65 for them. It's appalling treatment of loyal customers. One star is too many.

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    Terrible. Been through 5 chargers within 4 years

    This charger must be made shoddily. I bought my MacBook Pro 4 years ago, since then I've had to replace this charger 5 times, for approximately $80 each charger. Save yourself the money and do not buy any laptop that uses this charger. What may seem like a good initial investment will just lead to pouring money down the drain for overpriced chargers as they continuously stop working. I would give 0 stars as a review, of possible.

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    Unfortunately, I am here to purchase yet another power adapter. As other reviewers have stated, mine started to fray again (this is the 3rd one for me). For a few days it worked even after it started to fray. Today it went out completely. When I checked the frayed area it looked more frayed and brownish in color, so I guess it burned on through. :-( There has to be a way to prevent this!!!

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    Fray, fray, fray!

    Forced to purchase my 2nd replacement power adapter which means I've now gone through 3 - including the one that came with the laptop. All due to fraying on the cords. What a waste of $85! I'm very disappointed - not at all the level of quality one expects from an Apple product!

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    Our second cord is fraying now just like the first one did. The rubber just starts to split. I used electrical tape to "fix" it but the split just stars at the edge of the elecrical tape and continues to get longer. At this point I have about a foot of the cord wrapped in electrical tape and I have to add more.I refuse to buy another MacBook until Apple redesigns this cord. I'm going to go leave a bad review for the computer now based on this cord. Maybe Apple will pay attention if it's their actual computer getting the bad rating because they seem to be ignoring everyone reviewing the charger.

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    Cheap construction, overpriced, absolutely horrible, a total failure

    I really have nothing nice to say about the cord other than it plugs well into the machine. Everything from its construction, its durability, its design, the usage that design infers, and price is horrifically atrocious.
    * If you use the clips that are built in to it to wrap your cord then your cord will fray and die in less than a year.
    * If the cord encounters any resistance or rough surface on the outside then it will quickly fray.
    * The white coating quickly acquires dirt from the ground leaving you with a beautiful laptop that has a dingy power cord.
    * The cord is so thin that it is easily frayed from normal usage. For example, if your chair rolls over the cord while working on your laptop, it will fray.
    * The cord is so thin that kinks develop between the cord and the connector to the computer. Among my large number of coworkers, I see more frayed connectors than good ones. Lots of users have tape on these things.
    * The large power unit only really works well for outlets that are vertical. Horizontal outlets introduce problems.
    * At over $70, it is expensive to replace. One would think that if they decided to make it thin and cheap they would at least give it a disposable price.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Horrible. every. single. time.

    This is my third charger in four years... Nothing is wrong with the cord's exterior, yet AGAIN it crapped out on me. I'm a designer and work part time from home. I need my computer at all times. Apple, how can you make such a worthless product??? I'm SO angry. I bought two other chargers on ebay instead of investing in your worthless charger again.

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    Very poorly made - an excuse for apple to print money

    Poorly made - I've been through 3 of these in the past few years. The thin cable to the mac either frays or they just suddenly stop working all together. They overheat something dreadful too. Worst thing is - they slap an extortionate £65 price tag on them! for what?! An item that (no matter how well you take care of) will break after 18 months. Sort it out, apple.

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