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    Unreliable & very disappointing

    Despite the great design and safety aspects of this accessory, the fact that our 2nd adapter has just died after less than a year of life is unbelievably disappointing, especially because Apple has made a proprietary interface. It's the little things like continuous proprietary adapter failures that destroy all the great things about Apple. I use a lot of (cheaper) PC products for work, and I have never had such problems with adapters, even with much higher use. If making a proprietary accessory that the main product can't work without, you could at least make it work for the expected life of the main product. Other manufacturers seem to get this right Apple.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Power cord splitting after just 1 year

    Surprised at the poor quality of this power adaptor. I never travel with it, nor do I twist it. It stays in one place, neatly at my desk, and yet after 1 year, cord is quickly splitting. I know i'm on borrowed time before it stops working, but worse, this is a fire hazard. wish Apple sould correct this design and replace these after short time of use.

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    I've had this cable for about a year, and all of a sudden today I started having issues with it. It started to not charge properly and got really hot. Not ten minutes after, it literally burned a hole in the plastic/vinyl stuff around the cable. I'm glad I caught it when I did, otherwise it could have set my apartment on fire!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    My fourth power adapter

    Apple should seriously build a durable adapter !!!! All the adapters I owned before only lasted for couple of months maximum not even a year ! I am spending a lot of $$$$ for poor Mac adapters !!! Do something please .

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    Horrible product

    I have never felt compelled to write a review of any product before but this charger is so terrible that I have to make my opinion known. I have gone through five of these in three years because the wires next to the magnet start to fray and eventually break in half. This causes the charger to stop working. The most recent one I bought lasted about 5 months which is not okay considering it costs $80. I don't understand why apple doesn't take into consideration the hundreds of negative reviews on this product and work to create a better design.

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    Power Adapter

    We have three Mac Books, two have the old style adapter and they are still going but the new style we are going on our third one the tip keeps breaking and you have to replace the whole adapter. At 79.00 a pop its and always out of warranty.

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    Awful charger, awful price.

    Had my first charger for around a year and always wondered what people were complaining about until mine failed on me. My first charger then needed to be held in a certain position to charge and after around 1 minute became so hot it couldn't even be touched. Paid £60 for a new charger and now after another 2 months the same problem has occured. I can charge my laptop for about 2 minutes until the connector becomes too hot for touch. Extreme fire hazard.

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    It's been good.. while it lasted.

    I've had my macbook pro for a little over a year...(almost 2 yrs in march) and I am utterly disappointed in the performance of this charger.. whenever I connect it, I have to wiggle the wire at the end with the box so it could hold a charge. I am seriously disgusted at the price we, the consumers have to pay. My macbook pro isn't under warranty because that, too is also expensive. I hope this thing doesn't fail on me completely. I don't exactly make as much to afford another charger. Shame on you, Apple. This is the last Apple computer I will have.

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    Stopped working after first charge

    Purchased a 60W apple magsafe charger to replace one that came with 13" Macbook (yes, it died too). The new one charged Macbook fine on first use, then it simply died (no lights, nothing). Was able to get an exhange but pretty unimpressed with the quality at a cost of over AUD 89.

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    Lasted six years

    I don't know what everyone else is doing with their power adapters that has them complaining about them. I have had my MacBook since 2007 and am just now replacing my power adapter for the first time. It's worked great for me. I use mine multiple times daily, plug it in, travel with it, roll it up and unroll it. Now it's having connection issues where it plugs into the body of the MacBook.

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    Absolute Junk

    Fixed by Mac or not, the charger for the MacBook Pro is still an expensive item. Not because the unit price is exorbitant but because during the life of one computer you have to by several. Why? Because they refuse to strengthen the cord enough so it doesn't come apart after less than a year of use. Every time I have gone to replace it, I am asked, to you twist it up a lot...or some variant. NO I do not, because I treat it with kid gloves and it still happens.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    luxury price - clunker performance

    Poor quality.
    Poor design.

    trying to be innovative with a fancy magnet isn't very cool when the cord has shorted out and can't deliver power.

    amazing that apple can innovate in so many ways and develop hi tech products but cannot build smart or simple solution to power them

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    Too Breakable

    Yeah, it looks nice, but it breaks way to easily. The cord is way too flimsy, which causes it to tear after a while, and eventually STOPS WORKING. If you're going to make a charger, you should probably think about how DURABLE the charger can be, because clearly, this charger is NOT DURABLE AT ALL. Nobody is going to treat their charger like a baby, so you should probably fix how FLIMSY the cable is.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    I broke two adapter today

    I will start of saying i love my macbook in all but the adapter i don't feel the same about . i was on my mac earlier when i decided to unplug for a lil i been have problems with it for a while but never thought it would do what it did today . The cord at the tip with the magnet is so easy to snap and did really charge m laptop the way i wanted it to the prices are way too high or something you cant get get another one for even tho you payed 80$ they are hard to find a good price on out here now i have broken two and just got another one .... Sad broke two in the same day they need to fix this . :( be very careful with tip if you do buy one again cause i will.

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    Lasted just a few days over a year before it died. Noticed in the week before it died the transformer was getting exceptionally hot, almost too warm to hold and then one day stopped working. Seems like a lot of reviewers have had similar experiences.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    bought a brand new macbook pro 2 years ago and it came with a broken charger. very disappointed. went to replace it and they gave me another broken charger. Had to go back again to change it. Now the charger only lasted for a year.. and the bayonette literally burnt my hand when i touched it and its now the cable cover melted and now the wire is exposed !!!!!

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Power cord

    Too flimsy where it connects to the magnet. I'm supposed to pay $80 to get a whole new dervice when only the cord is weak near the magnet and therefore not making a consistent connection. I was snootily told by one of those "genius" brats that I could not just get the cord part replaced. See if I buy another Apple--after 20 years of loyalty!

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    The thing kept breaking, had 2 from 2 different macs, had one of the chargers replaced under warranty, then 6 months later, the chargers both fail within a month of each other, $89 for a new charger that is only expected to last at most 1 year is horrible, I would have to turn to $31 chargers online, as they would be much cheaper to replace.

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    All I want to know is what apple is doing about this. I am on my fourth charger. With the $$ I have spent on chargers, I could have bought a tablet, laptop or something. Highly dissatisfied with your product.

    I'll start looking at other companies for my laptops etc. Samsung seems to be coming up...

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    1.5 star average rating says it all

    I love my MacBook pro to death. But this power adapter is terrible. It's weak and it snaps fast. 2 out of 10 people might make it last for years but for any average user, this adapter just does not last long. Apple needs to have lifetime warranty on these little things.

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