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    These Chargers Do Not Last Long!!!

    I love Apple products. I have an iMac, iPod Classic, iPod Nano, iPod Touch, Apple TV, iPad (1st Generation), iPad (2nd Generation), iPhone 4s, Apple Track Pad (For my iMac), Apple Wireless Keyboard (For my iMac), Apple Magic Mouse (For several different Mac Products), Version 10.8.2 (Mountain Lion)...and I had to buy every system since Tiger...Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, and now...Mountain Lion, and my 13 inch Macbook Pro that is about 1 year old...I also was Apple's College Promoter on the campus I went to college at. The only product I have had trouble with is the 60W MagSafe Power Adapter by Apple for my Macbook Pro! The 1st time it messed up, I went out and bought a replacement (the same 60W MagSafe Charger by Apple) at Best Buy for $80. And only 2 months after that, that charger just stopped working. A lot of people say their charger gets frayed at the end, and people even offer solutions on YouTube on how to fix it (DIY). Well, neither of those chargers I had didn't have that problem...they just quit working! Frustrated I bought another one from Amazon (Still the same Apple 60W MagSafe Charger) and this one stopped working after 4 months! So right now, I don't have a charger for my Macbook Pro 13" but I plan to now contact Apple bc this product is a waste of money. Almost $80.00 every 4 months!!! I can't use any of my work I have on my Macbook Pro right now and have lost money every day. I WOULD CONTACT APPLE BEFORE BUYING THIS CHARGER AND SEE IF YOU CAN GET THE APPLE SAFE WARRANTY ON IT FOR 3 YEARS BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE CHEAPER THAN BUYING CHARGERS EVERY FEW MONTHS.

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    Five chargers in 3 1/2 years

    I'm am about to purchase my fifth new charger in 3 1/2 years -- this is a truly flawed product. I could have purchased an iPad with this money. : /

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    Highway Robbery

    This isn't as useful as the old charger!!!! It is only good for 6months to a year until the cord starts to fall apart!!! WAKE UP APPLE!!!!! I have to replaced this twice already... Money is ok but if I earn my living using my laptop and every second counts and because of some poor engineering my projects will put to halt that is inconvenience!!!!!

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    Frays near the adaptor

    After 7 months of use the cord completely frayed near the adaptor to the point that it will not charge anymore.

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    When will Mac replace their weakly designed adaptors for free?

    Same story as so many others... the outside plastic split and the metallic threads of the cord appeared already deteriorated and broken inside after 1 year of gentle care. This happened on holiday in rural Indonesia, when my lightweight Mac Air was supposed to be an advantage - then had to spend time sourcing and traveling to a shop. Mac, you can do better - this 'important purchase' is not optional - is the feedback being taken on board? This baby should be getting replaced for free, the design should never have been released as it is and customers should not have to pay repeatedly for it.

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    Awful product

    I have a MacBook Pro unibody, my wife and mother-in-law has an older MacBook. I've had to replace my newly engineered cable 3 times in 3 years, and the older two MacBooks once.

    Great concept but if this is how horrible the engineering has to be, id rather go back to a DC cord like all other laptops. This is just awful.

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    Not even worth it...

    As a college student I must say that I absolutely hate owning apple products. The first adapter died within the first year, Now we are on the 3rd broken adapter and out 240 bucks... Honestly this is ridiculous and for a student who relies on a computer and has next to no extra cash, it's inconvenient to have a MacBook, especially when the charger dies every 6-8 months. At this point my computer sits lifeless on my desk because I refuse to give apple one more penny for this horrendous charger. I envy those with PCs, they save so much money. Honestly, save your money and go to amazon. Buy an off brand charger for 20 bucks. It'll probably last just as long but won't cost you your first born.

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    Hate it

    I've had to replace this charger three times already. There is absolutely zero strain relief and the cord never fails to fray and eventually stop working altogether. Im so tired of repeatedly paying $80 to buy the same poorly engineered product just so that i can continue to use my macbook pro. Extremely unimpressed.

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    Not durable; starting to breaking after 16 months

    The insulator has torn/ cracked near the connecting part of the charger revealing the inside wiring.

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    Absolute rubbish

    I've gone through about three chargers in the past year alone. I am very careful with them and they constantly break. For something so expensive it really ought to be better quality.

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    I will admit that I like the style of charger, the magnet is definitely a good idea to prevent cord breakage when it gets accidentally ripped out. However, I do not enjoy the fact that I have been through six (6) chargers within the 2.5 year span I've had my macbook. I'm on my way to seven (7) as my current one has the same issues as all the others. The cable or the magnet, I'm not sure which, does not like to charge, nor does the LED come on to show it's charging, I assume poor connection or faulty wiring in the cable it's self. Currently, I have my adapter taped to my macbook as it's the only way it will charge. It's disheartening that as I as a consumer choose to spend a great deal on a productthat is meant to be lasting, however I am still having these issues. I'm also disappointed that this is a known issue yet nothing has been done to try and rectify it.

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    Dreadful - prone to breaking

    Been through two in less than two years. Badly designed/made - can't take reasonable everyday wear and tear.

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    Horrible charger. The one for my old mac is still going many years later but this one is new and already broken. Light does not go on, it does not charge. I have not done anything to this charger to damage it. Poor quality product. Apple needs to re-design. The old chargers were much better. I hope you read these reviews because I'm not the only one with this problem. You need to fix this problem, Apple!

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    Lasted five years

    Compared to my horrible Dell chargers this Apple product is wonderful . However, the cord finally wore out tonight. It could have lasted longer with some inexpensive strengthening right at the electro-magnetic connector. Not as bad as cables for the iPhone that always break within months. The mystery continues. Why so cheap, Apple?

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    power rubbish

    I have had three power adaptors now and its no good I will be on my 4th time at £65 a time it's crazy. Apple please please do something about it, I love the gear but you are costing me more for something that is just not fit for purpose. I would love to give more of a hight star rating so help us Apple lovers.

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    Breaks too fast

    I've had my computer for a little bit over a year, and my macbook charger has already broken. I can't afford to buy a new charger every year!!

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    my magsafe broke after 4months! have no idea what.happened. Very disappointed!

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    Total Disregard!

    I've had my Mac Book Pro for 1 yr and I'm having to replace for ($79) a power cord. Please, this is so out of sync with the Apple mystic of quality. I hate feeling ripped off. Apparently based on many negative reviews similar to mine this is a serious problem. Through normal use and much care, this did not prevent this cord from failing. I want my money back and don't feel I should have to replace this piece of trash.

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    I bought my mac 2 years ago, i've had 3 chargers in that time. All of them have stopped working for apparently the same reason. The bit that connects to the laptop isn't receiving any power. They also constantly get way too hot to have it on my lap. In my honest opinion I would buy a laptop from another brand.

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