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    MagSafe Power Adapter

    This is a piece of junk. It doesn't stay in the plug. It is so heavy it falls out of the electrical outlet. Does anyone else have difficulty with this staying in the wall plug? It is a pain because this is what powers my computer. Is there another cord that works with the Macbook?

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    Worst adaptor ever

    I've had my MBP for a little over 2 years, and i've had 3 die on me. The wires fray. One of them you can actually see the wires. The other went bad on the inside. The guy at the genius bar told me i wasn't taken care of it. I was. These things should be a lot more durable since they're used with a portable device. I never had this problem with my Lombard adaptor. :/

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    more like what are you talking about

    I have only had my mac for two years and have been through two chargers. The first one was within warranty and the new one they gave me lasted less than 6 months and because it is now out of warranty i have to buy another one. It is ridiculous. I am not mistreating it at all, I am just a student who is constantly using my laptop and the charger, and the charger obviously are not designed well enough. Also alot of my other uni friends have had the same problem. For such a good company apple needs to sort this out, like seriously, they are SO EXPENSIVE and dont last.

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    What are you talking about?

    I have 2 of these, my brother has 2 and my dad has 1 and in all of the 4 years we have owned our laptops none of them have broken. You guys are mistreating your appliances obviously.

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    Who designed this POS?

    I've had my mac book pro for about 2 years now and I've had to replace my charger TWICE, I've taken pretty good care with both my chargers but they just seem to die every year.

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    If I could give less than 1 star I would. Bought my MacBook Pro in June 2010 and my 3rd power adapter has stopped working. It is absolutely disgraceful that I have to purchase yet another one of these horrendously expensive products. I love my MacBook but Apple would really want to improve the quality of these chargers, if the next one breaks I am swearing off Apple for life.

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    Worst Product Ever

    I have never been so dissatisfied with a product. If I didn't need this stupid thing to power my computer (which is how I make my living), I would NEVER purchase it, nor would I ever recommend this product to anyone else. I have been using Mac computers for about 8 years, and the adapters are by far THE WORST. $80 for a terrible product.. thanks Apple. If you claim to be so innovative, maybe you should "innovate" your way to making an adapter that doesn't fail within a year.

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    Epic Failure from Apple

    There's a reason why it's rated so low. It fails frequently and is WAY overpriced! I'm so upset that I'm going to buy a cheap windows laptop. Shame on apple for putting out such junk!!!!

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    Mine's going on the fritz too

    I wish they had stuck to the old design. Mine is just about finished due to a frayed connection at the point the connector attaches to the computer. Never had any problems with past iterations.

    I guess I'll have to shell out $80 to keep my MacBook Pro alive.

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    Who makes this junk?

    I've been a Mac person since 2002 and have owned iPods, iPads, laptops, Mac Minis, Apple TV, and various other products. These adapters are without a doubt the worst product that Apple offers.
    I've had my current laptop since 2009, and I am online now to by my SIXTH! power adapter for it. The first one lasted about two years, but since then it's been a maximum of 6 months and a minimum of about 30 days.
    If we want to continue using the computers, what choice to we have but to continue buying this horrible product?

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    Love These Cords

    Ok i have read some reviews on this site for this product and i have to say this is a brilliant design choice made by apple! when I got my laptop i was shocked that it was going to be connected via magnet and thought that that was amazing! my cord from my 2008 (thats more 4 Years old) laptop just stopped working today and i have to buy a new one and im going to obviously get this one!

    For the person who spent $500 dollars on new cords for there macbook maybe you should learn how to take care of your nice things that you buy for yourself or buy those laptop that you insert the charger for and see how fast they break! think about it you can save some money here dont backhand apple for you not being able to kept your cords in good condition!

    I love the cord and attachment system keep it up apple little pricy but i guess we are just paying for the name.

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    Very Flimsy

    I have had my MBP for 2 years now, and I have had to replace the charger once already due to the fraying of the wire. Luckily for me the apple store replaced it free of charge, because they saw the charger was kept in good condition so it not working, wasn't due to carelessness. Even after two years, people ask me why my MBP looks so new.

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    I agree with what everyone else has written. I hate having to find my "sweet spot" to sit in with the charger. Also, the stupid thing now causes my laptop to shut down inexplicably. WORTHLESS. Apple really need to fix this item.

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    Booo, not worth it!!

    Not even worth buying a Macbook if the one thing you need to make sure your computer is running is so faulty. This is my second adapter, which I was able to get for "free" because I had a warranty at the time, but 9 months later this adapter is also giving me problems. I'll leave it to charge and it only takes the slightest movement for it to stop working. Is this just a scam to continue to generate revenue from macbook pro sales?

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    Quit working after two months

    REALLY???? Absolutely no visible flaws on the wire, connector, or adapter, and it just stopped working TWO MONTHS after I purchased it. And I don't use it every day. This is my second power adapter as the wire on my first one frayed where it connects to the adapter from being wound up for travel. Really angry that I need to keep buying disposable power cords at $80 a pop in order to use my computer.

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    Averaging more than one a year

    This power adapter is so poorly made it doesn't even last a whole year; I've lost count of how many times I've had to replace it. I don't abuse it, fling it around, coil it tightly or put undue stress on it, yet it still stops charging for no apparent reason. Also, the wire is prone to splitting open near the connection to the computer.
    This product (and its unreasonably high price) makes me rethink my commitment to Apple.

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    Piece of junk

    Got a MacBook like 3 years ago, the cord for that died a year ago and I got this. Now this died and I don't have the receipt because I sent that in to get reimbursed on my adapter. I haven't got my money and now my adapter is dead. Thanks apple, like any other college student, of course I have another $80 to spend on a new adapter. (That's sarcasm by the way Apple techs since you guys can figure out how to make a half decent cord)

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    This is the most inefficient charging device I've ever purchased! Truly a curse to the overall product. Bad thing is to replace it, the cost is another $79.00 only after a year... :(

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    This thing Stinks!! Run!

    I agree with what Jenny B wrote on Nov. 29th!! I hate having to find my "sweet spot" as she so perfectly stated. These cords stink and for $80 you would think they'd be made out of gold or titanium at least but their NOT! Good luck to you if you start to notice a problem kiss that thing goodbye and buy a new one now.

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    6th charger, 3rd of this kind

    All I can say is that with the high price and horrible quality of these cords, I will not be buying a macbook for my next computer. I have spent $500 on cords for one computer. Nice little profit boost for Apple. This cord is a slight improvement over the previous version but the actual cord does not stand the test of time. The material of the cord isn't sturdy at all. The part that attaches to the magnetic port is also made poorly. I have to jiggle it to get it to keep charging and because of that it came apart completely after awhile. You shouldn't have to constantly be thinking about whether or not your computer is charging while using your computer. You also shouldn't have to sit like a stone statue to ensure it stays in the "sweet spot". If you buy one of these cord I highly suggest that you take a roll of white duct tape and wrap it around the length of the cord up to the power box. The 6th cord broke this camel's back and I'm writing this review on 18% battery. I will be getting myself any computer that isn't a macbook for this Christmas because of a stupid little cord...

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