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    Apple needs to Fix This...

    Off to buy my 3rd Power cord... This does NOT make me HAPPY!

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    I have had no problems with my macbook in 4 years. However, like lots of others on here, my 3rd charger has just broken only a few months outside of the warranty. Awful product.

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    This adapter is horrible. I have gone through 2 in the past 2 years of owning a Mac. One which lasted me only 6 months. What a huge disappointment. I love apple products and only own apple products (ipad, phone) but this is just sad. This issue needs to be fixed as there are obviously a lot of people who are having the same problem. It's a shame to spend so much money on an apple device and have the adapter malfunction. I can't even use my laptop now until I spend 80$ of my in-debt student money on a new charger. Apple you need to resolve this issue fast, at least provide a warranty.

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    3rd one in 3 years.

    Junk. The first one shorted out and stopped charging my macbook pro. The second one melted close to where it connects to the laptop and almost started a fire.

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    Good but overpriced

    I have had my MacBook Pro 13" for over 3 years and the power adapter is just now starting to malfunction. Although I am disappointed with the price, mine did seem to last longer than a lot of the other reviews that I have read on here. I'm hoping that since it's been 3 years they've made improvements to it. But, I agree that Apple needs to lower the price!!!! I was shocked when I saw how much it costs to replace it.

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    Worst power cord ever.

    I've had my mac for about 2 years now and I havent had any problems with it; thank god! For the price of them I would expect nothing less than the best. Except the cords are the worst! I have a family of 4 and we all have macs and we've gone through about 2 cords each! They should come with some kind of warranty.
    My cord doesn't have any chips in it or weird bends where a break would be obvious and I'm not rough with it because I don't have the money to keep replacing a 90 dollar cord. Incredibly disappointed with this product.

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    these chargers are bad, no durability. i have received 3 chargers in over 2 years of owning a macbook, and now my current one just ripped..

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    Too weak, too expensive.

    We all know apple for being a brand that is able to charge some high prices but the quality you get from what you paid is awesome. This is not the case. I've had my MacBook for 22 months and my second charger is already damaged. 3 chargers in 2 years is an incredibly high rent. The cord is simply too weak to be used as apple says it can. Apple must reconsider the material in which they are casing the cord and the price they're putting to this product, otherwise, many customers are going to leave apple and go for PC and just because of a simple material in a cord.

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    Apple 60W Magsafe Power Adapter

    I am VERY dissatisfied with the power adapters both the old & new design. They do not last! This is the second one I've bought and it just broke. I've had it only 14 months. I have been very happy with the Apple Laptops, Ipad and Ipods we have. I don't know why they have a shotty power adapter. This time I'm going to buy a generic brand for $50. I figure since the Apple one doesn't last, I might better save some money and get a cheaper one. That way if this one goes up, I won't be out as much money. I sure hope they do something about this. I don't think this is helping the Apple Company's reputation.

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    Shredded Cable

    I feel I've got to add my voice to the complaints here. I've used many Apple products and have never seen one deteriorate like this cable. The thin cable near the magsafe connector started shredding about a year after I got my laptop. I wrapped some electrical tape around it, but the shredding just moved on up the cable, so I added more, and more...

    I've had other Apple adaptors for years and have never had a problem. Maybe they changed the materials used. I am kind to my equipment and don't know what the solution is. Now I've got to spend $80 to buy a power supply when all that needs to be replaced is the thin cable.


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    About to buy my third charger in two years. Nice.

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    When are Apple going to fix these?!

    I'm on my FOURTH adapter now. What a joke. The whole reason I bought a macbook was to avoid issues like these with cheap and shoddy parts. Apple, SORT IT OUT!

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    worst charger ever

    i've had to go through 4 charger in the space of a year. 1 was 2 years old, but the new magsafe ones which replaced the older charger are a joke. 3 breaks in one year. first one was faulty, second one bent and wire was exposed and then snapped, third one looks absolutely brand new and it just stopped working.. 5hrs of battery left to write an assignment. great work apple. oh and the best part? $89 each charger, with only the first one covered under warranty and the new one which i just bought 5 months ago, lost receipt.

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    the coat of the wire easily chips off.. oh, and it's super expensive.

    i've had a lot of power adapters before my old laptop's power adapter lasted 4 years... i had my mac for a year and the power cord looked liked it experienced WWII. the coating of the cable chips off like dead skin. it's really frustrating because i really want to buy a replacement but it's TOO EXPENSIVE.

    if apple can charge us a lot of money for a cord, they should last for about 2-3 years or better yet have a 2 year warranty or 1 year replacement for the adapter. :( yes, we have bought a really expensive laptop (we actually worked hard for it and i'm happy i did), but to be honest, most people can't afford to buy some of the replacement parts... especially people outside the US.

    please reinvent the design.. make it more durable. :)

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    Dang this product! It's my second one, and it's broken again!!

    APPLE SHOULD give us at least 2 year warranty to replace this dang product, it keeps breaking - and its soo expensive.

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    in 10 months i have went though 4 macbook chargers

    for 80 on macbook chargers that last 3 month at most is not worth it, i like apple but the laptop chagers are no good not worth buying a macbook if the charger fails so much. I will buy a regular PC laptop this mac charger is not worth the extra 400 a year on chargers

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    Bad experience

    We just bought our 3rd adaptor in 3 years. We don't beat them up - honest. This time, we will reinforce the joint where the plug meets the cord, preemptively and implore Apple to fix this problem. Thanks.

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    Lasts indefinitely, performs as specified

    I have owned two MacBooks for four and five years respectively. One power adapter recently failed, fraying near the Magsafe connector, and I just purchased a replacement. That adapter was used by a family member who insisted on treating it harshly. Mine continues to provided perfect service.

    The same is true of the two MacBooks I purchased for my company, also four plus years old. These are shared, used by various people for travel. The adapters remain intact, and continue to provide good service.

    The MagSafe feature has prevented major damage to these MacBooks on more than one occasion, which makes the $80 price worthwhile. My experience is that, with reasonable care, these adapters last indefinitely.

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    Great Magsafe functionality but very poor design overall design

    I think it's safe to say that we all love the Magsafe design that comes standard on all Mac laptops. So why the 1 star? There are two chords that are connected to the "power block": one that is detachable and plugs into the power socket on the wall (ironically this one has never failed). The other chord is not detachable and this is the chord that has the Magsafe connector that attaches to the laptop. Guess what? This Magsafe chord is the one that always fails (chord gets all shredded and tears open as if I took a knife to it). I've gone through 3 of these now (in 4 years). Not only is it expensive to replace ($60-$80), it's also a waste as the "power block" itself probably would last several more years, at least. This has basically become a yearly cost. Why not make both chords detachable from the "power block" so that when I go to replace the Magsafe chord, I would only have to pay $10 (or in Apple prices, $19-$29). I LOVE the Magsafe design but the chord is not nearly as durable as it should be in order to command an $80 price tag. REDESIGN the power adapter so that both chords are detachable!

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    Not quality

    My charger just randomly stopped working unless you hold the cable in a very awkward position. Since my 1 year warranty has expired last month I have to purchase a new one. If i would have known that apple cant guarantee the quality of their products past one year I never would have gotten one. Now I have to spend 80 plus dollars just so I can charge my computer. I can understand if the charger was broken by me, but if it just stopped working. Not cool apple, not cool.

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