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    apple please change the charger for this, I rarely even take my laptop out of the house and within the first 3 months of getting one it wouldn't charge unless i put it in a specific way, then when i got my second one i hadnt even had it for 2 years and then it broke again just for no reason, i didnt do anthing to it but one night it stopped charging

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    Stoped Working

    It worked great for a year exactly and today I plugged it in my 2011 macbook pro and nothing it won't charge. I have tried it off and on all day and get mixed results sometimes it works but then as soon as I unplug it and try and plug it back in nothing. I wish they would go back to the old design.

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    $80? Seriously?

    I'm using electric tape to hold my flimsy charger together and it's officially broken after two years of owning my Macbook. Then I go on your website to find out how much a new one costs, and find out it's 80 dollars? I swear, Apple, one thing that makes me so mad about your company is that your products are so expensive. It's a flimsy, easily breakable charger! It's not worth $80! $80 should guarantee me a charger that works for at least 5 years. This is garbage. And what's messed up is that I don't trust buying it from anywhere else in fear of it breaking in a week. But you know what? I'm taking the risk because there's no way I'm buying it from your company. $80. Get real.

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    Poor Design

    I have had mine for 2 years now and it still works just fine, the thing I hate about it is the design of it. It's so big that you cannot have 2 items plugged in at the same time on a traditional wall outlet.

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    And you believe you're unlucky?

    My magsafe finally died after 13 months of use. It simply died without any damage or accident. Pathetic.

    For you whom believe you're unlucky, you must realize that this product in my country costs U$157, almost the double of the US price. That in a country where a regular person makes U$6000 per year in average.

    So, yeah, this made me regret affording a macbook pro.

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    I have had my Macbook Pro for about two years now, and in those two years I have had to buy charger after charger after charger. They do NOT last. Apple needs to rethink both the design and the functionality of their chargers.

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    MacBook Pro charger ...

    While the magnet to connect is an EXCELLENT idea and patent ... The complete product is undermined by its tendacy to break, get hot and melt at connection of the base. This is a continued issue with Apple's adapter. ReThink it and make me proud.

    I'm unsatisfied with this $80 adapter that melts and could be a fire hazard.

    It gets so hot, I'm surprised no one has report a fire caused by this device.

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    Please READ before purchasing a macbook

    Don't get me wrong the performance of the Macbook is superb...but the CHARGER. It cost $80. $80 for plastic that breaks frequently throughout the year. Unlike others who literally had parts of their charger melt of or the flimsy wires snapping mines just...broke. Now I have to get a charger for the third time. That is 280 dollars, its barely been a year since I've owned a Macbook. Like others I looked to the macbook as an investment for me so I wouldn't have to worry about replacing my laptop during my college years. I thought the money would be worth it if it had lasted me at least my undergraduate years but I can't afford replacing the charger. Those 80 dollars are supposed to be put aside for food, tuition, and rent. Instead I find myself repeatedly paying for these chargers. If this continues, I would have paid for several computers by the end of my undergraduate years without even having this one break. I can't even look to other websites like amazon, the prices may be cheaper but the charger only lasts a week if I'm lucky. If I could go back in time, I would stop myself from buying this computer solely because of the charger. And the fact that this has been going on for years shows the lack of respect this company has for its customers. Its disappointing and if I have to continue buying more chargers I might as well buy myself a new computer. Apple, just fix your charger.

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    Piece of garbage

    Lasts less than a year before cord breaks. This is a terrible product.

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    Seriously?? This is a rotten apple!

    I have had Apple products for several years and the cords are horrible - or should I say HALF the cord is... and the fact that Apple won't let you just buy the part that continues to break - the section that goes to your computer - is a SHAM!! I have 4-5 perfectly working 'bottom' parts, and only one working 'top' part... and you want me to dish out $80 for a kit that sees me buying new bottom parts too?? and do what with these working 'bottoms'?? oh yeh! Throw them in the trash! PLEASE be the upstanding company we thought you were and fix both these problems! think of all the great publicity if nothing else!

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    Same Problem :(

    Thank goodness i have apple care but I sure hope they fix the problem before it happens again to me and I don't have Apple care anymore.

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    Rubber Casing is Very Poor

    I don't even take my power cord on the go, it's sitting underneath my desk most of the time. I do move the laptop a few feet on the desk but aside from that there isn't much traffic.
    Yet the thing has breaks at the transformer end as well as at the plug in end, I can't imagine rolling it around like it's suggested with the 2 pull out pins on the transformer.

    Oh yea I've had it for 8 months.

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    MacBook Pro Power Adapter

    I have recently having to replace the adapter too. It just does not charge, when tried with another power adapter it worked fine. My MacBook Pro is less than a year old so as the accessories. I do still have a lot of faith in Apple products but at the moment it's rather annoying for having to constantly travelling. Maybe any suggestion on power supply options for frequent travelling (remote area, mostly).

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    Constantly buying new ones

    Macs are expensive as it is. Having to purchase a new power adapter every 6 months is painful. I'm not using this thing as a lasso, and I don't drag it around on the floor, yet somehow it always finds a way to fray. I enjoy my Apple products, but this is one component that never fails to disappoint.

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    Poorly designed product

    The magsafe connector won't last for a year, but we have no choice other than Apple adapter

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    These cables simply break down with moderate usage in a number of months.

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    6 Years and no problems.

    The other posts talk about all sorts of issues, I have had none, in any case I say it's a good product, a little expensive, but in Australia it's always expensive for these items, not sure why?

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    died in less than a year

    Bought a 13" MacBook pro December of last year, power supply just died (Sep).

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    Are you kidding me, Apple? I've been through so many of these chargers, I've lost count. It angers me to no end that you haven't been listening to all of your negative customer reviews. I'm not about to pay another $80 bucks to get a charger that'll break after a few months. Never thought I'd say this, but unless you actually start caring about your customers' opinions, I'm going PC. I wish there was a negative number of stars, because 1 is far too many.

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    Terrible Product

    I bought this exact charger at the end of January and it just went out all the sudden. I'm very upset because I'm a poor college student with no money to buy a new one. Maybe I will switch back to PC.

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