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    Pretty disappointed...

    Alright. I love my Macbook. And I'm very impressed with Apple as a company and the customer service is great every time I call or have any questions. However, my one disappointment is with the 60W Magsafe charger for my white 13" Macbook. I've had my computer since Oct. of 2009. After about a year and a half, I replaced the charger. Granted, I use my computer all the time. I'm a full-time college student--all online. Plus, I use the Macbook for my business as well as for personal stuff like media (music, movies, photos). The system is great. I'm always on the go so I must say, where the description for this charger says, "Designed to be the perfect traveling companion, the adapter has a clever design which allows the DC cable to be wound neatly around itself for easy cable storage," I feel the need to add a disclaimer. Where the thin cord branches from the Magsafe square, the perpendicular angle is the issue. It does not wrap and I am very careful with my stuff since I need it for about everything I do. Plus, the cost. I can't afford to be purchasing a new cord at this price when it is a design flaw! I'm very frustrated. It's another year and a half later and I'm replacing the cord again! Where the first cord simply started fraying at the connection point to the Magsafe, this second cord completely broke off--and I even reinforced it with electrical tape so it would add some structural support. Please fix it, Apple.

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    I have owned at least 8 Mac laptops, since they first came out. We bought 3 MacBook Pros at the same time - The adapters for the 13 inch ones (60W), the ones for sale on this page, have both frayed terribly at the Mac connection. BUT, the 15 inch Mac's (85W) adapter is just fine. No, it's not user abuse because we all use each-others, and I have never seen this happen to any Mac adapter cord! Plus, the fraying is in the same spot. Same fraying as the recalled T adapters... The 85W works fine with the 13 inch (and no, it won't charge faster), so buy that one instead!!! 85W has zero signs of wear.

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    Awful Quality.

    I have bought 3 of these chargers over the past 2 years. Each one of them broke and now I am without a charger, and low on funds. Apple needs to fix this issue, I am never buying a mac laptop again. I would NOT recommend anyone buying an Apple laptop.
    Thank you.

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    I've only had my laptop for 2 years and I've had 3 problems with it. 2 of these problems were with my charger. I'm never buying an apple product again, at least if their products were durable, It would be worth the money but their products are a complete rip-off. never. again.

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    Incredibly poorly designed

    While the "MagSafe" aspect of the adapter is no admittedly a great idea, the wire connections to the rectifier and computer connection are flimsy and pathetic. I'm gone through three adapters and will be going generic now, if only to pay less. Seems like a safe bet, since the quality can't get too much worse...

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    Something has got to change.

    Things like this are what make me regret my purchase of ANY Apple products. These chargers are awful and they're expensive. Heck...give me a couple hundred more dollars and I'll buy a whole new computer.

    These chargers get outrageously hot, you have to be METICULOUSLY careful with them or the wires will bend and break, and with my charger I have to unplug it and plug it back in frequently because it stops working.

    I wish I could speak more highly of your product.

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    Seems to be happening to everyone

    its ridiculous how many times i need to replace my adapter. PLEASE fix this problem and make the price lower...

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    Planned Obsolescense

    I have had my charger for a year and a half, the same amount of time I've owned my MacBook Pro, and the casing for the cord has split nearly a quarter of the way down, the casing discoloured and stretched awkwardly within five months of owning it, and, as a college student, I cannot afford the $80 to replace it. As an art student, having a Mac is a necessity, but the terrible quality of this charger is nearly overshadowing my enjoyment of my laptop. I would be more inclined to stick with Apple products if I could ensure their longevity, I've had MacBooks last for a number of years, but I'm still waiting for a charger that measures up.

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    Are you listening Apple?!!??

    I am a dedicated macbook user, but this charger is the bane of my existence. I have had to replace it three times, two of those in the last 6 months! I've read on mac forums that the design is flawed, and that the wire frays inside the casing, which explains why mine no longer charges my computer. The fact that it costs me eighty bucks to replace it everytime it breaks is mind blowing... Apple should be replacing these things for free with how shoddy they're made. WORST CHARGER EVERRRRR.

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    Locked pins

    After only a years with my new MacBook Pro it needs to be replaced because the little spring pins are stuck in, AGAIN!, so it do not charge properly. It is now my forth MagSafe since 2008, going for my fifth...unfortunately. This unreliable product probably broke over time my first MacBook Logic board and battery. I had to buy a new computer, after unsuccessful & expensive repair. I just hope it will not be a repeating history with this new MacBook Pro.

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    Absolute rubbish

    Am now on my third charger in 18 months, for a laptop that doesn't leave the house - the most that happens to it is it gets moved from table to lap, yet the previous two chargers have died, and Apple have the audacity to charge £65 for a replacement.

    Fortunately I found a spares shop that sold me one for a more acceptable £26, but the point remains that I shouldn't even have needed to buy one, let alone two, in the first place

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    I Suspect Foul Play

    I have had my macbook for three years. In that time, I have been forced to purchase four power adapters, after suffering the exact same cable breakage in every one. I have always been gentle with them. I have never jerked on them, stored them improperly, or used them in bent position. The last cable I even protected with cord casing to no avail. These things simply refuse to stay in working condition. Nothing has improved in the six years since this product was launched. Meanwhile, every other company on the face of the earth manages to manufacture cables which will last a decade and cost less than a third of what the MagSafe does. Do you sense a scam yet? Because you should. These adapters are the paragon of the term "designed for the dump."

    So, if you plan on buying a macbook, take into account not only the cost of the computer itself, but the additional 300-500 dollars you'll be spending on replacement adapters over the life of the computer. Expect inconvenience, frustration, and a sense of having been cheated. Or consider buying a different laptop.

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    The Worst Power Cord

    I am currently en route to get my fourth or fifth cord since I purchased my MacBook Pro three years ago. Seriously, Apple needs to release a new design ASAP. There should be no need to replace the cord every year and a few months. And my last cord was replaced just about four or five months ago. So aggravated. Worst power cord ever.

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    Very unhappy that the cord frayed. So unlike other quality Apple products.

    My mac book is several years old, but not ready for be discarded. This is no time to find it necessary to buy an $80 cord replacement for a computer that will last only short time longer. And the cord was never abused nor stored improperly.

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    doesn't last long

    this would be the second charger that has stopped working for me... I am truly disappointed in apple for creating such a terrible product. I'll give it two stars because it did charge my laptop but it sure didn't last very long.

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    Sick of this!

    I'm about to buy my 2nd adaptor. I am FURIOUS! This last one I got just this past December and it it JUST tied tonight. I can't afford to keep buying $80 adaptors. You guys need to either drop the price of these adaptors or re-think the design. I am SICK OF THIS!!!

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    worst thing apple make

    I love the design and quality of apple products. I think apple makes product that last a long time, but not this one. This macbook pro charger is the worst product apple makes and the quality is bad. Going through a second charger in 1 year is proof of this. I would not recommend macbook pro just on the bases of the quality of this charger. it is the worst product I ever bought

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    Apple Can Do Better!

    This will be the 3rd time I'm purchasing another replacement charger. I find it hard to believe the iPhone can be so amazing and a simple charger cannot be designed efficiently. I would rate a zero if possible. My mistake was not doing my research first!

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    adaptor failure

    I too am unimpressed with the adaptor to my Mac Book Pro. I love the computer but my cord started to fray and break near the computer plug in. It has nice strong cord but the problem is that the reinforcement is not made where the wire usually bends which causes major problems. I bought mine just a year and a half ago.

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    Wire frays...junk

    The T-style was well made. This newer adaptor is complete junk. The wire covering is clearly cheaper than several years ago. I'm very disappointed in Apple.

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