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    In the Garbage...

    Apple really, read your own reviews and improve the quality of your plastic. Not only did my power adapter fray, get hot and die, but it's only 3 yrs old and I took care of it well. Stop taking thousands from people and then giving less than par parts. The plastic casing on my macbook cracked all over, now the power adapter is dead, with no chance of replacement. I am writing this now on a battery that is dying!!!

    Stop saying you are so elite, and prove it. Make quality products that don't need 45 page instruction, and last through normal wear. My toaster has a better power cord. Get with it.

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    How can this be?

    I bought my 13" Macbook in 2009 and never had a problem with the charger until, my puppy decided to use it as a toy last night in 2012...sigh! Now I am disappointed to see how many of you got such bad quality adapters since I have to replace mine!
    How can this be? Apple is such a great product!
    I will buy a new one today and cross my fingers to get the same kind I had all these years!

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    This charger is terrible. It gets REALLY hot and doesn't even work after a few months - not charging, saying it's charging when it isn't, etc. Considering how expensive they are, it isn't good enough.

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    85W MagSafe Power Adapter. Literally catching on fire.

    I've had two Adapters for my 15 inch macbook pro. The first one started to fray, and then started to smoke and sparked a tiny flame. My second adapter suffered far less wear and tear, and the wires never became exposed or frayed. However today I noticed the rubber coating on the wire broke and the wires frayed and once again it started to smoke.

    I drove 40 minutes out to my closest apple store, and was told I needed to by a 3rd Adapter. Flaming adapters seems like a factory issue, but I was told, nope, it was my fault. As a college student, $80 is not quick change.

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    I'm on my second adapter and it has recently broke. This problem is actually making me consider a PC unless I could get it fixed at the apple store

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    When will you folks at Apple take a HINT?? This is total garbage and it is too expensive for frequent replacements!! If I can give it no stars, I would.

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    aweful, once again apple has gone for form over function

    This is aweful, the rubber used feels lovey, well done apple, but is so soft that it tears and frays if it is curled up regularly (and considering it's for a PORTABLE laptop, it does get curled up regularly for transit).

    When will you learn apple that products have to be good quality and not just feel and look nice for you to charge stupid amounts of money.
    I hardly use OSX any more so I probably won't be buying another macbook, £1500 for a computer with a GPU with 256mb of VRAM, stupid apple, stupid me.

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    poor quality !

    I bought my macbook pro in sept 2010. a few months later , the first adapter wasn't charging much anymore , so i brought it to the apple store and they replaced it. here i am again ! in a 1 1/2 yr i have gone through 3 adapters?

    on top of having the screen replaced ( a few months later) and the sd card reader never worked...

    I've been told by many to buy a mac for it's quality , but i'm very disappointed!

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    Apple needs to make it more durable!

    I got this charger in the box with my brand new 13" Macbook Pro back in Feb. 2012.
    It worked fine up until a few weeks ago; there's something wrong with the cord. I tend to take very good care of my things so I have no clue how the cord got damaged. Now, in order for my computer to charge, I have to restart my computer (sometimes that doesn't work) or play around with the cord to get it in the right position so that it can charge.
    So, basically, it's a good charger and it will last you a long time if you let it sit in one spot for its lifetime. It will only last you 6-8 months if you move it.

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    Absolute Worst

    About to purchase my third one. Not sure why I've had the worst luck with them. I'm convinced the charger that just broke on me is the reason why my computer had to be fixed and I lost everything.

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    Would give zero stars if possible

    My second charger just broke. That's the second this year. I've had my computer just under three years, and will be replacing the charger for a second time. There are no visible marks on my charger, and the cord is still intact, it just stopped working.
    I'm assuming the third won't last any longer than a year. I currently have an iMac, macbook, iPhone and iPod classic (that has lasted six years and countless drops) so it's frustrating that I have to put out this much money on a product that simply ceases to work.

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    PLEASE engineer a power adapter that is even moderately robust...

    Since 2006 I have gone through 3 power adapters for my macs. Since the first one literally caught fire, I have been especially meticulous about how each power adapters since have been cared for. Sadly, these are not built to last. This is inexcusable and embarrassing for a company that boasts of its high quality products. PLEASE own your mistakes, Apple, so you can do something about this and that I might remain a 'valued' customer.

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    Decent Durability and Longevity

    I've had my MacBook Pro since mid-2009. The original power adapter lasted until a week ago (about 3 years) and I subjected the cord to a lot. Taking extra care might have increased my adapter's longevity. I'd recommend purchasing a laptop-compatible bag with pockets to safely store the adapter and other accessories, something I didn't do. It has been the only thing to go on my computer in three years, and it was fairly cheap (about $80) to replace, so I can't really complain. In general, it serves its purpose and is reasonably durable.

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    Cord Wears Out Too Easily

    Just made it through one year with my MacBook Pro and the cord near the brick wore completely out. The snap in place and flexibility of the cord is brilliant, but the cord needs to be much more durable.

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    We hates it, Precious.

    The reason they're not replacing this terrible, dangerous unit is pretty clear now that I'm going to have to buy my third one. At $90+, they must be making a fair amount on replacement units, since it can be RELIED UPON, no matter how gently you treat it, to crack, fray, and eventually short.

    I have nothing but bad things to say about this product; such bad things that I will surely go to Hades, where I will encounter the manufacturers of the Mag "Safe" power adapter, all fixing bad adapters, working off their evil karma.

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    So Annoying

    I love apple products, have had an macbook pro for about 2 years now and don't want to go back to windows but where do I start with the chargers. i've had 2 chargers in 2 years and I had to buy a third about a week ago. and already its playing up !! sometimes it works and then it doesn't. They should make a protection plan for the chargers because they are rubbish!!!

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    What were they thinking?

    This is by far the worst product ever made. I've had my macbook since August 2011 and I'm going on my 4th charger. They can make a computer that last's forever, but not a charger.

    The worst part is they know it doesn't work, but continue to sell them. They really need to go back to the drawing board on this one.

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    Pretty Good In My Opinion.

    Based On My Experience With Apple Chargers The Only One I Had To Replace In the Last Year 2 Times Was The Charger For My Older ibook G4. I Have The Late 2011 Macbook Pro And The Mac Book And I Havent Had To Replace Any Charger Yet.
    Mine Was Durable.

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    Three months?!

    I have a 13-inch MacBook Pro, which I received in early June. Today, my MagSafe adapter completely died on me. The top part of the cord is all crooked, and I suspect some wires became displaced. I am visiting the Apple Store tomorrow in the hopes of not having to pay for a replacement-- I have been taking excellent care of my computer. And 79.99 is a ridiculous price. I am not impressed at all.

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    Third one died today

    I have gone through three of these chargers, the last one not lasting even half a year. My first two were covered by AppleCare, but now I'm going to have to shell out $80 for a faulty product. Apple needs to do something about these. They do not last!

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