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    I Suspect Foul Play

    I have had my macbook for three years. In that time, I have been forced to purchase four power adapters, after suffering the exact same cable breakage in every one. I have always been gentle with them. I have never jerked on them, stored them improperly, or used them in bent position. The last cable I even protected with cord casing to no avail. These things simply refuse to stay in working condition. Nothing has improved in the six years since this product was launched. Meanwhile, every other company on the face of the earth manages to manufacture cables which will last a decade and cost less than a third of what the MagSafe does. Do you sense a scam yet? Because you should. These adapters are the paragon of the term "designed for the dump."

    So, if you plan on buying a macbook, take into account not only the cost of the computer itself, but the additional 300-500 dollars you'll be spending on replacement adapters over the life of the computer. Expect inconvenience, frustration, and a sense of having been cheated. Or consider buying a different laptop.

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    The Worst Power Cord

    I am currently en route to get my fourth or fifth cord since I purchased my MacBook Pro three years ago. Seriously, Apple needs to release a new design ASAP. There should be no need to replace the cord every year and a few months. And my last cord was replaced just about four or five months ago. So aggravated. Worst power cord ever.

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    Very unhappy that the cord frayed. So unlike other quality Apple products.

    My mac book is several years old, but not ready for be discarded. This is no time to find it necessary to buy an $80 cord replacement for a computer that will last only short time longer. And the cord was never abused nor stored improperly.

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    doesn't last long

    this would be the second charger that has stopped working for me... I am truly disappointed in apple for creating such a terrible product. I'll give it two stars because it did charge my laptop but it sure didn't last very long.

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    Sick of this!

    I'm about to buy my 2nd adaptor. I am FURIOUS! This last one I got just this past December and it it JUST tied tonight. I can't afford to keep buying $80 adaptors. You guys need to either drop the price of these adaptors or re-think the design. I am SICK OF THIS!!!

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    worst thing apple make

    I love the design and quality of apple products. I think apple makes product that last a long time, but not this one. This macbook pro charger is the worst product apple makes and the quality is bad. Going through a second charger in 1 year is proof of this. I would not recommend macbook pro just on the bases of the quality of this charger. it is the worst product I ever bought

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    Apple Can Do Better!

    This will be the 3rd time I'm purchasing another replacement charger. I find it hard to believe the iPhone can be so amazing and a simple charger cannot be designed efficiently. I would rate a zero if possible. My mistake was not doing my research first!

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    adaptor failure

    I too am unimpressed with the adaptor to my Mac Book Pro. I love the computer but my cord started to fray and break near the computer plug in. It has nice strong cord but the problem is that the reinforcement is not made where the wire usually bends which causes major problems. I bought mine just a year and a half ago.

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    Wire frays...junk

    The T-style was well made. This newer adaptor is complete junk. The wire covering is clearly cheaper than several years ago. I'm very disappointed in Apple.

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    Obvious design issue

    Bad design make it not durable. Apple could do better than this.

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    Charger Report

    Apple is a talentent pupil and has the ability to do well. Unfortunately their charger is less than reliable. They must concentrate and try harder and only then will they fullfil their potential. C-

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    In the Garbage...

    Apple really, read your own reviews and improve the quality of your plastic. Not only did my power adapter fray, get hot and die, but it's only 3 yrs old and I took care of it well. Stop taking thousands from people and then giving less than par parts. The plastic casing on my macbook cracked all over, now the power adapter is dead, with no chance of replacement. I am writing this now on a battery that is dying!!!

    Stop saying you are so elite, and prove it. Make quality products that don't need 45 page instruction, and last through normal wear. My toaster has a better power cord. Get with it.

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    How can this be?

    I bought my 13" Macbook in 2009 and never had a problem with the charger until, my puppy decided to use it as a toy last night in 2012...sigh! Now I am disappointed to see how many of you got such bad quality adapters since I have to replace mine!
    How can this be? Apple is such a great product!
    I will buy a new one today and cross my fingers to get the same kind I had all these years!

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    This charger is terrible. It gets REALLY hot and doesn't even work after a few months - not charging, saying it's charging when it isn't, etc. Considering how expensive they are, it isn't good enough.

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    85W MagSafe Power Adapter. Literally catching on fire.

    I've had two Adapters for my 15 inch macbook pro. The first one started to fray, and then started to smoke and sparked a tiny flame. My second adapter suffered far less wear and tear, and the wires never became exposed or frayed. However today I noticed the rubber coating on the wire broke and the wires frayed and once again it started to smoke.

    I drove 40 minutes out to my closest apple store, and was told I needed to by a 3rd Adapter. Flaming adapters seems like a factory issue, but I was told, nope, it was my fault. As a college student, $80 is not quick change.

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    I'm on my second adapter and it has recently broke. This problem is actually making me consider a PC unless I could get it fixed at the apple store

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    When will you folks at Apple take a HINT?? This is total garbage and it is too expensive for frequent replacements!! If I can give it no stars, I would.

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    aweful, once again apple has gone for form over function

    This is aweful, the rubber used feels lovey, well done apple, but is so soft that it tears and frays if it is curled up regularly (and considering it's for a PORTABLE laptop, it does get curled up regularly for transit).

    When will you learn apple that products have to be good quality and not just feel and look nice for you to charge stupid amounts of money.
    I hardly use OSX any more so I probably won't be buying another macbook, £1500 for a computer with a GPU with 256mb of VRAM, stupid apple, stupid me.

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    poor quality !

    I bought my macbook pro in sept 2010. a few months later , the first adapter wasn't charging much anymore , so i brought it to the apple store and they replaced it. here i am again ! in a 1 1/2 yr i have gone through 3 adapters?

    on top of having the screen replaced ( a few months later) and the sd card reader never worked...

    I've been told by many to buy a mac for it's quality , but i'm very disappointed!

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Apple needs to make it more durable!

    I got this charger in the box with my brand new 13" Macbook Pro back in Feb. 2012.
    It worked fine up until a few weeks ago; there's something wrong with the cord. I tend to take very good care of my things so I have no clue how the cord got damaged. Now, in order for my computer to charge, I have to restart my computer (sometimes that doesn't work) or play around with the cord to get it in the right position so that it can charge.
    So, basically, it's a good charger and it will last you a long time if you let it sit in one spot for its lifetime. It will only last you 6-8 months if you move it.

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