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    Pretty Good In My Opinion.

    Based On My Experience With Apple Chargers The Only One I Had To Replace In the Last Year 2 Times Was The Charger For My Older ibook G4. I Have The Late 2011 Macbook Pro And The Mac Book And I Havent Had To Replace Any Charger Yet.
    Mine Was Durable.

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    Three months?!

    I have a 13-inch MacBook Pro, which I received in early June. Today, my MagSafe adapter completely died on me. The top part of the cord is all crooked, and I suspect some wires became displaced. I am visiting the Apple Store tomorrow in the hopes of not having to pay for a replacement-- I have been taking excellent care of my computer. And 79.99 is a ridiculous price. I am not impressed at all.

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    Third one died today

    I have gone through three of these chargers, the last one not lasting even half a year. My first two were covered by AppleCare, but now I'm going to have to shell out $80 for a faulty product. Apple needs to do something about these. They do not last!

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    A poor product gets worse.

    I've owned Apple products my whole life, I've never owned a PC of any kind. Suffice it to say, I'm a big fan and I don't complain often about Apple products. I have never had many problems with the Power Adapters function, myself. But the most recent one that shipped with my new MacBook Pro 13" is absolute junk. The chords (on both sides of the power pack) are so "springy" they are unwieldy. When I try to put the thing into my laptop bag the experience is reminiscent of packing a spring into a joke "can of nuts." If the goal was to create a power chord that was a nuisance, they could not have done much better!

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    Like so many others...

    I am extremely disappointed in the quality of the cable on the charger. I have gone through three of them already. Unfortunately, I depend on my computer for income (I am a graphic designer)... So when the charger breaks and I can't afford a new one, it means that I can't work. And if I can't work, I have no money. And if I have no money, I certainly can't pay for a new charger. Or, you know, eat. Apple makes tons of money as it is. People shell out $800 for the new iPhone and $3,000 for a MacBook Pro all the time. Apple is not hurting for money. The very least that they can do is build a charger that lasts.

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    Doesn't last

    My charger just broke for the second time in a year and a half of having it. I don't want to spend $79.00 on a new charger but what other choice do i have. The ones being sold on Ebay and Amazon are damaged too. The extension chord is not the problem it is the power box or the chord that directly plugs into the computer. The only good thing I can say about this product is that when it works it charges the computer quickly. Apple needs to get a move on improving their charger quality.

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    Extortionate Cost for a Flimsy Design

    My original charger's wire connection at the magnetic end broke so I bought a new £60 "magsafe power adapter" which broke in the same place after only 3-4 weeks of limited use!!! If this design is so unreliable and needs to be replaced so frequently surely it should not cost this much! This charger design is not robust enough for day to day use, I have now spent £120 just to use my laptop. Not up to Apple's usual standards. Very disappointed.

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    Not Happy

    First off, I don't like the fact that the charger just stopped working. There is no rip in the cord or no visible shortage. To replace the charger is costing 10% of the price I paid for the entire Mac Book. I think the price is to much.

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    Absolute Garbage...

    I take good care of all of my stuff, yet some how I have gone through 4 of these stupid power supplies in the 3 years I've had my computer.

    All of them break due to the weak joint in the power connection. I'm really upset about the low quality of these joints.

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    Another Unsatisfied Customer

    This is my third power adaptor in two years. My second lasted less than 4 months. For the cost these are just junk - what is going on?!? I thought when I purchased a Mac I was getting good quality. Extremely disappointed.

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    I wish there was a third party solution

    Unacceptable quality. I have gone through many of these power adapters, each one frays at the L connector and shorts. Dangerous product. I will seriously be reconsidering buying anymore Apple products due to my absolute displeasure with dealing with these endless power problems. This review has to be cut short because my computer is about to run out of batteries.

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    Complete piece of junk

    Unacceptably poor quality. I'm on my third charger; each one breaks faster than the last. I treat my computer and supplies carefully, but even if that weren't the case, it's a laptop charger; you shouldn't have to handle it with kid gloves.

    For the record, the charger for my first Macbook never broke; I got it in early 2006 and used it until it was stolen in late 2008. Nearly three years of use without a single problem. This new product is obviously faulty.

    The ridiculous price and one glance at the other reviews says this is nothing less than robbery.

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    The MagSafe really is a feat of consumer electronics.
    this is cheap when you consider the thought that went into the product.
    The reason that my original one broke was human error.

    Love it.

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    Disgusted with the Quality

    I am on my third charger already. I can't see any problems with the unit other than a few scratches on the transformer cube. Both units refuse to charge my MacBook consistently. I have both styles (T-connector and the I-connector) and am completely disappointed by both. Unfortunately, I have no choice but to purchase a third unit and can only expect it to last a few more months before it fails.

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    On to my 3rd

    Second charger just broke... Came here to buy a 3rd one. Completely disappointed

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    Horrible Quality for Such a High Price

    The charger lasted me for around 6 months or 6 1/2 months. On top of that I bought a 3 year coverage BUT they did not replace it for whatever reason. However being a poor college student I could not afford a new one so my Dad and I tinkered till we made it . And by the way it did not break because of me, it broke because it frayed. So yeah... Apple I adore you, but you are making me slowly into a PC girl.

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    Overall quality- ok price= D:

    i own a Late 2011 MacBook Pro and i have the adapter that came with it when i bought it about 3 months ago. there is a huge slash near the adapter end of the cord but i guess i dont treat it "great". and for the price, IT IS OUTRAGEOUS! $80 for a charger?! my old PC charger only cost $30 to replace and it only broke once because of a dog chewing it. I think Apple needs to sit down and think hard about the price of this and a lot of products.

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    Poor design

    For the price that you pay for the computer, you would expect that the charger would last at least three years. I like the magnetic charger, however would have much preferred a reliable charger than one with magnets on it.

    Once your warranty has expired, don't expect them to replace it - you'll just have to buy it at their hiked-up exorbitant price because Apple knows that it's the only charger that you can use.

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    I've gone through 3 of these adapters. My first one (the old model) lasted 3 years. Hen I replaced it with this model last year, the magnet came loose and I had to tape the charger to my laptop to stay in place. As soon as this was unbearable, I took it to the store and try replaced it since the warrantee still covered it. The third one I've had only 8 months if even and it completely broke where the cord attaches to the magnet. My next adapter will be purchased from an alternate manufacturer or third party seller because I can't afford to keep buying these fragile things.

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