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    if you guys don't change the design of the L-shape charger, at least lower the price to $10 or something. You guys charge $79+tax for a product that will only last couple months. Macbook is great and all, but the charger isn't at all

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    Lasted a year before dying. The covering over the wires is made of very inferior material, it will fray heavily over time even if you take great care of it. The magsafe is awesome but the fundamentally poor quality of the cable itself is ridiculous - and at 80 dollars to get a replacement, I cannot speak positively at all about this.

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    MacBook Pro Charger--questionable product

    I'm on my second charger in less than a year and it's the only apple product I have had issues with. It just stopped working. After the first one took a dump, I treated the second cable as if it was a newborn, very delicate and carefully plugging and unplugging. No, the second one died even faster than the first one. What's wrong with this Apple? Clearly there's a big problem with this product and the prices are not appetizing at all. There isn't one single positive review on this product. I feel I should be reimbursed and compensated with a third one. I haven't been able to charge my Mac and it's really upsetting. Talk to me Apple. What's going on?

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    After a year and a half, my charger, which I've used infrequently, requires constant jiggling to keep it connected. My old MacBook charger works very well, and I've been using it for years.

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    Literally the most expensive useless piece of junk

    Firstly, I've had 2 of these (the older ones) and my second one broke today. In the meantime, the wires have all melted and cords have frayed. This is definitely not what I would expect from Apple, but unfortunately it's what they have.

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    Second one failed. Apple engineers should be ashamed of this product. It is a total failure, and reflects very poorly on Applr products.

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    Stopped work after one year! The worst product of Apple.

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    Booo charger

    Mine busted after almost a year. Not happy about paying $80 for a new one.

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    Charger is awful

    I have had my MacBook for almost 2 years and now have my third failed charger. No damage, no misuse; the thing just stopped working. This is ridiculous! Never had this issue with a PC.

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    I feel like apple owes me this is the fifth power cord that has fallen apart on me. I cant believe how flimsy these things are.

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    Bad Charger.

    This charging cord is flawed in design. I have barely moved my charger from its desk setting since I bought the macbook and it doesn't work anymore. I could understand if I beat the crude out of it but geez. And 80 bucks to replace it. Fail on apples part.

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    Awful Product

    I've owned my Macbook Pro for two years now and the charger already stopped working even though I made sure that I took care of it and stored it properly. Extremely disappointing. No visibile signs of damage to the charger; it simply does not charge my computer when plugged in. The cost of replacement (at ~$80) is also ridiculous. If $80 every 1-2 years is the cost of maintaining a Macbook, I will likely not be buying an Apple computer again.

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    Not Impressed

    For a $1400 computer I expect a lot more. I have already had to replace my charger twice and am now having to go out and purchase yet another one. Not only are they ridiculously priced, but it's also wastefull to have to throw out and buy a new one every 6 to 12 months. I see too that I am not the only one with this problem. Apple please fix this. (and send me a new charger. Thank you)

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    Yet another charger

    I am buying yet another charger for my MacBook Pro. This is number three. In the space of 18 months. Pathetic.
    And I went through two of the old T adapters on my old MacBook (in 2 years). Hopeless design, clearly followed up with shoddy workmanship and materials = waste of money and my time.

    Get your act together and design a FUNCTIONAL charger already! Not that hard.

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    bad design

    The break away feature is a nice idea however it is a piece of junk. There is a magnet that docks the power cord into the power port but the cord falls apart at the end of that.

    My first let down with Apple hopefully they can come up with a better idea in the future

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    Really Bad!!!!

    I bought my Macbook a year ago and is know about to buy my third charger. This is complete joke and robbery! I can not believe that a other so great product has such a terrible charger that constantly breaks! Im so tired of it and do not understand why apple does not make a new improved charger when they obviously knows and are made aware of that this is not working.... I will never buy another apple product if this is how they treat their customers.

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    Terrible magsafe power adapter

    I am on my third power adapeter for macbook pro now. They have a terrible quality on the isolation. The rubber dries out and cracks, go the whole chord comes apart, especially in the ends where it connects to the magnetic mac adapter, and in the other end where it connects to the power adapter. I am tired of spending $100 every year for poor design and quality so the wire is now covered in black electricians tape. We'll see how long it takes before another crack appears.

    Get yourself together Mr. Mac!

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    5 Years

    My wife and I both have 5 year old 60W MagSafe Power Adapters. They both work fantastic and they get used a ton! I use my computer enough that my current battery (which is not the original) has almost 1000 charge cycles on it. Don't yank the charger out of the MagSafe port by the cord. It's a safety feature, not a lazy feature. Take care of your expensive machine.

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    Crapiest product EVER!!!

    I bought a replacement for my original magsafe purchased in 2007 with my macbook. The replacement lasted less than a year!!! And it was not cheap at all!!!

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    worst product ive ever bought from apple :(

    I love Apple products normally! I always have my macbook by my side but the powercords are horrilbe!!! i dont see how a company so wonderful that makes such amazing products could fail so badly when it comes to the design of its power adapters. The first cord that came with my macbook started to fray so badly that it shorted out my mother board and i had to spend $300 to repair it at the apple store. i bought a replacement cord from my local apple dealer about 2 years ago and now that too has frayed apart at the same exact place right where the skinny cord that plugs into the mac meets the power block. i didnt want to keep spending $80 per cord so i had this one repaired a few months ago and now its officially broken. Will now have to go buy another one for another $80. If they are going to keep making these cords like they are disposable then they need to price them as a disposable product. And no its not user error. the first cord i wrapped around the posts provided on the block and thought that was the cause. so when i got the second cord i carefully just wound it up (not on the posts) and had it stored in my bag. this didnt help any either. Its just poorly designed.

    - Seriously unhappy loyal apple consumer

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