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    Expensive for a poorly designed charger

    I love my Macbook but the chargers are horrible. Spending $80 for this charger is absurd due to the fact that it breaks easily. Apple should change their charger design.

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    The Mac charger doesn't really last...somehow the design is unique but it is uniquely unusable after a few months. I already changed the charger after just a few months and now, again I have to purchase another one to replace it with a skyrocketing price of $80 excluding tax.
    Can't they think of redesigning that charger so it'll last longer? At least so the price we pay for it will be worth it?

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    Hasn't broke since 2006

    I own the original '06 MacBook Pro with the original MagSafe and till this day, I am still using that same power adaptor that came in the box and it is still working almost flawlessly except for cosmetic damages. I don't see how people can fray their cable unless it's a PowerBook barrel / yo-yo cable then I understand.

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    Weak Link on a Good Product

    The Macbook Pro is great but the charger is very poorly designed to stand up to everyday use. If it is going to break on such a regular basis, requiring replacement 1-2 times a year then it should be much more inexpensive. $80 a pop is outrageous and you know it is going to happen at the most inconvenient times, budget-wise.

    At the price, you would expect it to last the life of the computer or at least only have to be replaced every few years. The cord should be separate from the charger adapter and plug into it, then you could just replace the cord and not the whole adapter assembly every time. It should work like the iPad's charger, with a USB or other power port in the adapter for the cord.

    With all the grief and complaints Apple has had over this issue and the elegance of the design of their other products, you would think they would have fixed this by now.

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    Poorly made and hugely overpriced

    Selling these for $80 is absolutely obscene. The end with the magnetic bit that plugs into your computer gets twisted around and the wiring internally gets frayed, resulting in the whole thing losing all function. And you cannot take it to a store to fix this problem, you have to buy a new one. For such a small, readily occurring injury to make the product obsolete, this is much too high a price.

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    This'll be my third charger in just under two years. Bought my 2009 Macbook Pro 13'' second hand nearly two years ago and the T shape charger that came with it broke about 6 months after purchase. I had another one in the house from a previous Macbook I had and that lasted little over two months. I bought a brand new L shape charger and it seems to be okay for now, though it needs a wiggle before it'll even work. Not only that, but I seem to get the occasional Kernel panic just minutes after I plug it in. I've tested this charger on both mine and my sister's 2011 macbook pro 13" with the same results. This is poor.

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    Charger die quickly

    The end of the charger wires snap easily, making the charger unusable.

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    Terrible design, possibly dangerous

    After my first power adapter had the insulating rubber sheath fray where the thin cord meets the brick (leaving exposed wiring)I purchased a new one. The new one frayed where the cord goes into the computer (again exposed wiring) and now, as I sit typing this, the cord near the brick is burning hot.

    I'll have to buy a third one, and I'm sure that one will stink too.

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    Unreliable design

    This product began to fail (heat up excessively close to the magsafe connector pin) as soon as the warranty on it expired. With an unique design like this, Apple should pay attention to making the cord sturdy near the magsafe connector, where it is bound to fail due to twisting. They should consider (a) immediately fixing the design and (b) replacing it free for the customers who bring it to their attention as it will only help them with their reputation in the long run.

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    6 chargers in 3 years.

    I love buying new chargers every six months.

    oh wait...

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    Worst product ever.

    I had "T" MagSafe, they stopped working so I bought "L" MagSafe. Now even these are not working. I have lost my receipt and Apple wont replace it. It is so disappointing. Won't be buying Macbook again.

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    Wish Apple Knew Hardware as well as they know software

    I have come to conclude that though Apple create great designs and excellent features, when it comes to hardware, they are lacking a lot. And that becomes apparent with the Magsafe!

    No charger from ANY laptop (or even phone) company has performed as badly as the Magsafe. I am fed up of this thing. The worst thing is... that you can't buy an alternative from the open market. I mean, seriously!

    I think Apple expect us to replace the thing every year. Every year, be ready to fork out $80 or whatever it costs and buy a new one... as long as you continue to have a MBP. I guess I will not be upgrading to a new MBP next year... I'd rather stick to something that comes with cheap chargers and replaceable batteries.

    Yes, I'm disappointed.

    And Apple doesn't seem to mind. The new guy recently said that they had tons of cash lying around so they don't really care about more money. I guess it shows...

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    Worst thing ever!

    These things don't even last you 6 months without breaking.. I've gone through 4 chargers within the last 2 years, one wasn't even glued together properly, and just fell out of the charger head. Seriously, you'll end up spending more on new chargers than you did for the computer itself.
    I was a Mac enthusiast until now.. so done with Mac products.

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    Power Adapter

    For what a Mac costs having to replace the adapter immediately after the warranty runs out is extremely upsetting. I am a college student who simply cannot afford $80.00 for an adapter, yet what am I to do when my computer won't work without it. Shame on Apple for making an inferior product and then charging so much to replace it.

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    So disappointed

    I am having such problems with this charger. Considering my macbook cost over £1000 I am amazed that the chargers are such poor quality. It rarely decides to charge, overheats and is thoroughly temperamental. Apple - you can see all the reviews for your product... why don't you respond to this feedback, sort the problem and live up to your supposedly first class reputation. I expected better.

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    Decline in quality

    I have been a mac user since 1998 with the release of the first iMac. More recently I have noticed a significant decline in the quality of the power adapters for not only the laptops but also the iPhone, iPod and iPad. The materials used for the cords is rigid, non-pliable and inflexible. The previous cords were supple allowing them a flexibility necessary for portable electronics. With the inflexibility of the later model laptop adapters I experienced my first short in a computer power cord. Luckily Apple replaced the defective item. I spend more time than I want to or think that I should adjusting the low quality cord to ensure that the MagSafe connection actually stays connected. Pretty pathetic that the cord is so rigid that it can actually disconnect itself from the computer. I hope Apple sees that straying from quality is not worth the increased profits. And to my disappointment I am actually exploring options for future purchases of computers and phones even though I learned on a Mac and feel most comfortable on a Mac. Thank goodness my employment history has given me experience with PC and BlackBerry platforms. Regarding my 1 star rating, credit should be given when due, the MagSafe is a great feature for protecting a laptop.

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    Horrible Quality..

    I have a 2008 Macbook, and thank god I bought the extended warranty because I have gone through (no joke) 7 chargers in the past 3 years. The flexibility of them is NOT needed, it completely ruins them. I just got my last one before my warranty ran out in January, and it's already crapping out on me. And $80 is WAY to much for me. Please rethink the price AND the quality.

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    Very poor quality

    I have had my macbook for exactly 13 months now, and I'm already onto my third charger. The day I opened up my mac all 13 months ago, the charger was broken and didn't charge my mac at all, so I obviously got it replaced for free, however now it has broken again... this time the wires have become exposed by the magnet and the cable has been bent out of place here for months. After first noticing a slight bend in the cable, I took great care to make sure it would last, but alas my care was unable to help, as the charger broke anyway. £50 for a new one which I know will only last a year is ridiculous.

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    great product

    I have 3 chargers and I am going to buy a fourth, all have worked and taken their share of abuse. in all a charger that does not fail. Great product

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    don't buy this thing.

    tell me why it bends so much right in front of the magnet. this product is a junk. sell some quality stuff >:( my second charger just broke today and my warranty is out. what are you going to do >:(

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