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    it hurts me

    It hurts me to know that my Magsafe only lasted 3.5 months from date of purchase.Another 80 dollars! Surely Apple will do the right thing. Steve would have wanted it that way.

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    Suckiest charger ever

    Gone through one per year so far. They're not built to last any longer it seems. Not worth $80 in my opinion.

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    I LOVE my mac, and loved the charger as well, that is, until last night. Like many people here, my charger also stopped working because of a bend in the wire. It does not suffer much abuse from me, and will rarely leave the spot next to my bed unless I am going on trips.

    I so do NOT want to spend another $80 on a charger, and if the price wasn't so high, this wouldn't be such a big problem. I love apple, I believe they are very efficient and get the job, and I am a loyal customer, but this is unbelievable. I'm not sure how they would change the design, but I do hope the change the price! Geez...

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    disposable chargers

    Same problem as everyone else. My charger went out after about a year and a half of use. I was pretty careful with it. Because my macbook has a decent battery life and I never use it more than an hour or two outside of my house this charger hardly ever even left the floor of the room. I think I have a short in the cord somewhere because if i jiggle it around and I get lucky it will start working. However, once it is working i have to sit perfectly still; any movement in the cord will cause it to stop charging. I am disappointed with apple on this one, I never broke a charger with any of my 3 PC laptops. Tech support did resolve my issue but i'm reviewing the product, not apple service. Call tech support if you have this issue! Mine is being replaced free of charge.

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    Magsafe adapter...appalling.

    My MacBook pro is less than 3 months old and the adapter will no longer charge it at all. Consider apple products are around double the price of any competitors this problem is really not acceptable. Calling the help line was really helpful and replacements are available through nearest store pick up or a courier. Still, really not impressed with the durability of the product at all. I love apple products but this has made me doubt buying others.

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    Magnotsosafe power adapter

    i love macbooks but the charger is absolutely appalling!! mine does this thing where it would randomly stop working and turn my entire computer off with it. when the computer is turned back on, i find that the date/time everything is reset and it is most annoying. at first i was able to fix the problem by pulling out the charger and putting it back in a few mins later, now it simply refuses to work AT ALL. this is obviously a problem for many people. Im a long time apple fan, but if they dont do something about these dodgy chargers they produce, there wont be a chance of me buying another one of their products anytime soon.

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    I have my macbook pro for last then a year and my charger quit working! Bad quality I know someone got a non apple one for her computer and it works better! plus 79 bucks for a charger that won't last more than a year is just totally ridiculous!!!

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    Poor quality, don't last

    Mine is working intermittently, which means I have to shop for a new one. At $80 a pop, this isn't cheap, especially when given what happened to mine as well as reading other reviews, a new one will likely only temporarily solve the problem. The one I currently have not only does not always work (lately in fact it fails to work more than it succeeds), when it does, it's been making everything around it give me shock.

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    poor quality

    like other reviews i am really annoyed at this product. i expect a charger to last more than 1 year which is all i got from this. within that year too it was temperamental before it finally ceased up on me for good. Being a new convert to mac products, i have found that their accessories such as this and the usb cables and usb plugs for the iphones/ipads/ipods are really poor quality despite the grace of their machines.

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    Not happy...

    The area of the cord right up against the cube is fried looking...no abuse, just randomly happened. I would be happy to provide pics if that was permitted on here. I'm a long tern share holder of Apple because they make good products, usually. I hope Apple will make this right and replace my unit.

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    Just a piece of cr@p

    Can NOT fathom that I'm buying ANOTHER power cord???? We have 4 different MacBook's in our family and it seems like I buy one of these every 3 or 4 months. This time its my 13" MacBook Pro. They should sell an extended warranty on these chargers; NOT GOOD.

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    Won't be buying a mac until they fix this

    GREAT idea, poor execution. I wouldn't be so disappointed if the replacement cost wasn't so ridiculously high, but cmon! I will be waiting for the this power adapter design to be fixed before buying a new mac.

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    Apple 60W MagSafe Power Adapter Cord - Shredded

    Got the Apple 60W MagSafe Power Adapter with a new Macbook Pro. The cord started 'shredding' within a few months. We never rolled the cord up or twisted it but the outside casing on the cord almost disintegrated. We tried to stop the process with electrical tape...didn't work.

    Made an appointment at an Apple Retail Store and were told this was not covered under the warranty we had purchased. They 'offered' to replace it for $79. Geez, thanks.

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    Stopped working after 3 weeks

    I got this to replace my original T-shaped magnetic end adapter which lasted 4 years. This new adapter stopped working after less than three weeks. Terrible product. However, IF your item is less than 1 year old and you can prove this with a receipt Apple will replace it free of charge. They are really good at replacing items within warranty.

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    Broke after a year

    i thought my computer was broken but it was the charger. these are too expensive to be breaking after 12 months. not happy!

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    Very Disappointed

    I constantly brag about Apple products, but my less than a year old MacBook has a cord that no longer works. I have taken good care of it and still it is broken. I just charged my computer a few hours ago and when I went to charge it again, the cord is dead. All that money spent for a dependable computer and the stupid cord breaks. How lame is that. Apple needs to step up and do something about this design. What other choice do we have. We have to buy another cord. Ugh!

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    Here I need to buy my third 60w magsafe charger AGAIN within 3 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    A good reason to avoid mac products!

    I've purchase thousands of dollars in mac products (not hard to do). The power cords always break and in my case it seems to happen just out of warranty. Mac does not stand by a product that needs to be redesigned. The failure I experienced was a load pop from the white cube part (technical term). The macbook pro shut down (crashed) and the charger never worked again. If your going to sell poor products give a lifetime warranty. Stand behind your products mac don't be another microsoft!

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    Same Problem w/ frayed cord.

    I was surprised to see this happen to the cord of my 08' MacBook. I take extremely good care of it and couldn't figure out how it happened. Looks like I'm not the only one. It's still charging at the present time with no issue and a little duct tape to reinforce it. Hopefully it last until I can upgrade.

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    Suddenly stopped working

    I like that the MagSafe is magnetic and easy to wrap up; however, it has suddenly stopped charging my Macbook Pro, which I bought in June 2010. According to other comments, I'm not the only one with this issue. Fix the problem please, Apple.

    In contrast, my boyfriend has a less expensive Dell, which he bought in June 2008, and his charger still works fine.

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