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    Apple power supply works fine with preventative medicine

    After four (4) PC laptops going bad I bought my MacBookPro 13" and haven't been happier. The power supply has a big problem but if you take preventative measures, it works Okay-fine-beautifully -- now for 2 years. My first power supply magnet connector would always come loose if not careful. ..finally stopped working and got free replacement. I had learned lesson. Use masking tape, clear 2 inch tape, maybe Gorilla tape WITH multiple layers and tape the connector to your laptop using what little space there is-- making sure laptop is still able to close. Keeping things totally secure prevents "fraying" and what all..... LOVE MAC! ! !

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    the magsafe scam

    I have gone thru 2 of them, these things always end of fraying at the end between the magsafe connector and the wire. So far I have been lucky one was under warranty and the other I got them to replace it for free even after having words with the apple store employee even if it was out of warranty. anyway just thought people should know that it will fail its not a matter of if but when. so make a big deal about it when you go to the store, google it, and print out these things, hold your wits. Also always keep your receipt no matter what because at the worse case it has a one year warranty. Some other reviewers mentioned they went thru 2-3 in a year but if they paid for it 3 times within the first year of warranty then they are idiots for not knowing it's FREE!

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    This is really the worst charger ever!!!

    I used to recommend the MacBook to everyone but this made me change my mind, this is the second one I have to buy! Really dissapointed in Apple 80 bucks for a charger that is worthless.... unbelievable. I honestly regret buying products from Apple and never will buy another one!!!

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    worst charger

    just in 6 months charger goes worst. Not satisfied at all.

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    worst charger ever

    i've had my macbook for about a year and a half and i've already gone through 2 chargers. i wouldnt even give this one star. the wire is so delicate that it frays where the charger plugs into the computer and it gets very hot when its charging

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    Poor quality

    Very disappointed that this is my second adaptor within 2 years. My wife has a very old toshiba laptop (about 6 years old) and the adaptor still works fine. After reading other reviews, I am even more disappointed with Apple.

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    Horrible Product

    I have had my Macbook for 3 years. The original adapter works fine. I purchased a second as backup to avoid having to take it to and from work daily. The new one with the right angle plug has lasted about 8 months. It gets really hot and only charges the computer after a lot of manipulating. The pins on it also stick a lot and have to be actually pulled out to make a proper connection.
    With the amount of complaints about this product I am surprised that Apple have not it necessary to provide a better alternative.

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    I don't even want to give one star for this product. My second charger just stopped working after a little bit over one year -- thus not covered by the warranty. The part around the magnet keeps getting twisted and lose connection. Please redesign the charger!!! This is the worst charger in the world.

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    I have changed my adaptor twice. This is a worst product

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    4 year old original model and still kicking...

    I'm not sure what most, unhappy folks do with your power adapters. I have a 13" Mac Book Pro which I take everywhere with me (to and from for each day). Four years into it and I am still using the original 'old' style power adapter. It shows no signs of wear a tear near the magnetic connector.

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    2nd one stopped working, need to BUY a third

    absolutely horrible..they stop working within 1 year, very very disappointed

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    Total piece of junk!

    I have a Macbook that i purchased 2 years ago and I have had to replace this charger 3 times. I am now going on #4 since this morning the stupid thing went dead again!

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    new power.

    Interesting comments. Thank you, as you surprised me! My three here old cord works like a trooper. At times, it gets a bit hot [after a long day and night] its expected. But, 'never as HOT as any friend's dell or HP, etc. The only reason it needs replacing, my son's pup chewed it up. ~I am sure the new one will serve me well.

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    I have purchased three new chargers in the past year and a half. My newest one just stopped working and I am beyond annoyed. That's four apple charger that have broken. I will be visiting the genius bar this week to see if there's anything I can do, but otherwise, I honestly think it's going to end up being cheaper in the long run to get a different kind of computer. I shouldn't be paying 80 bucks every few months for a charger..

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    This is twice I've had to replace this..... worthless and overpriced

    Now I'm a MAC fan, however who ever designs these chargers should resign. Twice I had to replace this. And twice it died unexpectedly even if well taken care of. The price is ridiculous, 79 for a charger that is worth less than $30 max for it's shelf life. Mac needs to rethink their strategy before their stock plummets on this. Very unhappy. This will be number 3 now.

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    I purchased my computer for school about 1 1/2 yrs ago. I have been through 3 adapters!!!! One sparks, another where the magnet detached and another where it just didn't charge. Piece of junk! I have been back to store & have paid $90 for 2 more chargers in the span of 2 wks. When I went to the university to return it, they said no it's physical damage, you can't return this. Have a look at the apple.com review section, buddy! I love my mac but am extremely frustrated with the high cost and "poor quality" power adapter...something as simple as an adapter should at least charge your computer.

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    Ditto to All the Bad Reviews!

    I've had my PowerMac for less than a year and the cord stopped working. This is *really* annoying because I don't live in a country where there is an Apple store. I have to have one shipped at great risk and cost from the US. Also, I am buying 2 ($160!) both because it seems like their average lifespan is less than 1 year and because on my old Mac laptop the power cord died and Apple discontinued the cords for that computer rendering it as useless as a paperweight!

    I "love" my Mac but this is ridiculous.

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    MagSafe adapter.

    Horrible.... is the definition for this adapter-at $80 I am up to my third one, they do not last long at all....very disappointing.

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    Total Piece of Junk!

    I am a big fan of all of Apple"s products, except this one. I had to replace the old mag safe charger on my last Mac because it was defective and recalled. Now I have to replace the new style adapter that supposedly fixed the problem, but this time I had to pay the apple tax. The newer style DOES NOT fix the problem, the wires still come apart in the same exact spot as the older, recalled mag safe adapter but this time you can't see the exposed wires. I was even told by a Mac genius that they had never had a problem with the new style, but I choose to believe that's not true based on the 800 or so bad reviews for this product. I have to go before my new charger breaks as well, thanks Apple...I really wish I could give it less than one star.....

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    The Fact Is: I only need to replace the connecting portion of the "MagSafe Power Adapter" charger, the part with the magnetic connecter and the cheesy scrawny little cord, the part that can either plug into an outlet by itself or be attached to the heavy duty power cable (part two of this costly "Power Adapter" package), and yet I have to purchase BOTH parts of this two piece EXPENSIVE, yet crucial "accessory" for my MacBook. That is what I say is RIDICULOUS.

    The Question Is: What am I going to do with all these useless (yet very durable by contrast) heavy duty power cables that have nothing to connect to because their scrawny corded counterparts were so cheesy that they needed to be replaced many times over?! Does anyone out there have an answer to my query?

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