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    Too much money for an item that breaks so easily

    I have had my MBP for more than 5 years. However, I need to keep getting a new power cable because the cable that connects the power brick with the Mac Book keeps breaking internally. Please, apple - improve this product, or charge WAY less for it. A mag-safe on both sides, for example, would be a good idea.

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    Last straw on why I won't be buying Apple again

    These cords have been so infuriating! I'm about to have to buy my 4th one in 3 years (in addition to the one that came with my Macbook). At $80 each, that's ridiculous. I've had my irks with Apple's incompatibility with other things, but this is the last straw for me. It will be a long time before I intentionally buy an Apple product again.

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    Nearly caused a fire

    These adapters are horrible. I take very good care of mine and over the course of 4 years I've gone through 4 of them. Two got frayed under the rubber and stopped working, one got frayed and the rubber cracked (I even wrapped the cables in a way I was taught at an Apple Genius Bar so as not to cause any strain on the cable) and the fourth actually melted(!) while plugged into a surge suppressor during the night. It was charred when I woke up and could easily have caused a fire. This is inexcusable.

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    All Apple Proprietary Cables/Cords are Worthless

    This is the second time in 2 years that I have had to replace the adapter on my 17-in MBP. It's not just limited to the power adapter for the Macbooks but the headphones, power connectors for iPhone/iPad, iPod RGB cords etc. I have them all and they all are shabby and worthless, and all break apart at the connectors, it has become the signature of all Apple cords. I was lucky to find a power/usb cord for my iPhone by a company named Griffin for cheap and I haven't had to replace it since. For Apple's wiring to be so shabby and to continue to not address the issue is highly unacceptable. The only reason why there are higher than 1 star ratings is because the people rated the products prematurely. Eventually, if things do not change, they ALL will rate this product 1 star.

    Highly disappointed customer

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    Worthless piece of junk, Pure robbery

    These things are worthless pieces of Junk, everyone i know who owns a modern mac has had to replace theirs at least once at the extortionate price of $100, this is a money making scam pure and simple and is totally eroding my trust in apple as a brand. I used to be willing to pay more for a quality product, now i realise i am getting the same poor quality c-r-a-p (or in this case, worse) as in PC land and if im going to buy throw away equipment i might as well pay half the price for it.

    problems: the rubber is of a very poor quality and basically cracks, crumbles and melts away after a few months of regular use. The warranty states the charger cannot be replaced if there is any physical damage to it, but the physical damage is caused by its poor quality not mistreatment.

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    If I could give it zero stars I would.

    Apple must know by now that they have a problem with their power cables. I have had to purchase two in the last 6 months because the cables have frayed (under very gentle usage). This is completely unacceptable. I am surprised they continue to make this style of adapter even for their newest model adapters. Apple, generally boast about the quality of your products, don't make me look like a fool. These power adapters absolutely do not meet those standards.

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    engineered to fail

    It is disgraceful that apple should continue to produce these power cords that are irreparable when they weaken and break, as they inevitably do even with careful use. I've lost count of the number of these over-priced power cables that I've been forced to purchase because of built-in obsolescence.

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    My second for the same reason - frayed at the junction and now another $99

    These power adapters are devices that are not only problematic but a liability. I could not work out at first why the adapter was intermittedly charging and then I heard and saw the spark, smelt the burning and then it is dead. Luckily I was home and awake as I often charge my computer overnight and who knows if this spark was enough to cause a fire. The reports on these adapters are pretty bad and now I am really not sure what to do - buy yet a third or go generic?

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    Please fix this!! MAJOR DESIGN FLAW!!

    Same as every other review on here: third power cord and counting.
    The quality of rubber used to insulate the power cord is poor. This same shoddy rubber is used on all Apple power cables to get a matt rubbery feel; which frays under stress. The colour of the cable after 6 months of normal use, where it has been transported in a backpack, is disgusting and unhygienic!

    To make matters worse; when I have taken these cables into an Apple store to arrange a replacement, as on both occasions the product was within warranty, I am told that because I have made a repair to prevent any further damage to the cable it cannot be replaced. Armed with this knowledge; the second time around, where I haven't made a repair, I was told it cannot be replaced because it is too damaged.

    £160 I shouldn't of had to spend if the product didn't have a major design flaw! It is clear there is one; you only need to look at the number of low reviews with the same feedback: “Frayed cable”.

    The review system also doesn’t allow you to give products 0 stars as this and all other apple power cables deserve.

    - Apple must replace all power cables that are brought into the store with clear physical damage to the rubber insulation. This should include where the customer has tried to repair the rubber, as it was down to a design flaw that this was attempted in the first place.

    - Apple must go back to the drawing board and redesign the power cable with a higher focus on stress testing the rubber insulation. A rethink on how the cord is attached to the block should also be considered.

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    Best Laptops Worst Cords

    Why Apple is completely incapable of making a decent power cord, is a puzzle. They clearly have the worst cords imaginable and hey, why not charge extra?? I have looked at other companies just so I don't have to own a Macbook cord. One star is too much.

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    On my third power supply in just over 2 years

    Cord frayed at the connector end after a year. I traveled with the power supply on no more than 10 occasions. 99% of the time it sat plugged in behind my desk. After 15 months, the adapter started sparking at the plug and not charging my MBP unless is was situated just so. Bought another one and the same things happened, only this time the fraying happened after 7 months and the sparking in less than a year. I've had this thing for a little more than 2 years and I will now need a third power adapter... at $80 a pop.

    Because this is Apple, there is no competitive market for these power supplies. It is a proprietary form plug. There's no manufacturer that can make this product with better materials and workmanship and there's no incentive for Apple to improve this thing. If I want to use my MBP, I have to keep buying this garbage component. I swear on my life, my MBP is the last Apple product I'll ever buy.

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    Frayed at the Power Brick Connection - Nearly started a fire.

    Frayed at the Power Brick Connection - Nearly started a fire. Not much more needs to be said. Worst ever.

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    As everybody says, the chord frays and eventually you need to replace it . In spite of my attempts to reinforce the spindly chord with tape, mine died in the middle of an on-line session so my two 18-month old Mac was dead pending a trip to the Apple store. ARRRRGHHHH

    But it doesn't stop there: The big, blocky plug in will fall out if many sockets. Absurdly, I need to prop the plug in in some places.

    As in many cases, the price of Apple accessories is an outrage. $89 to replace a chord that is universally known to defective !!

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    Piece of junk

    I've been through 2 of these chargers in 4 months. Terrible design. Cords fray without even being coiled. I mostly (98%) of the time use this at home and never tightly coil the wire. yet twice I've had them fray at the box. Pathetic engineering.

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    Bad bad charger

    When the charger works its good, but after a very short time the magnetic part popped out and wouldn't stay attached to the charger anymore, but when I connected them and then stuck it in the laptop it worked. Now however, it just called it quits and does not want to charge anymore and I don't have $80 to dish out for their design mistake :(

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    Bad design

    Reading the reviews in here, I feel like I am not alone in the bad design of the power cord for MBP15. Lots of high expectation on MAC product, bigger disappointment on the bad design for the power cord.

    The cord got fray after 12 months of use. Must buy another one which costs $80+.

    I guess enough complaints in here would trigger the Engineering team to take another look on the power cord.


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    Can't believe it!

    This is my third replacement of this cable in as many years. It seems rather pointless that Apple can spend so much effort and time into building useful, awesome machines and yet can't fix something as simple as this. A cable can't be that hard to get right, and even worse at £65 a pop it's pretty excessive! I looked at the guide on how to extend the cable life (all well and good) but it's all common sense stuff, hardly any advice. How about you just make a better, stronger cable? All other manufacturers are doing it! Maybe Samsung or Sony will come up with one that works...

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    Power Cord Frays Very Easily

    I've had the same problem as everyone else. After a short period of time the power cord frayed. $80 for a new one ... not cool.

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    It is insane that a company that only exists because it's customers are willing to pay more for 'quality' has not properly addressed this issue which has haunted it for years. I am now on my third one of these adapter. I do all of my work on a desk where the cable is entirely static, it simply is NOT fit for purpose. If it weren't for the fact that my laptop would be useless without it, I would refuse to buy another one. My iPhone charging cable has had the exact same problem (the cable fraying at the point it connects to the device), as this is one of the latest devices released by Apple, it shows they still haven't addressed such a simple issue.

    I have never had a cable fray like Apple cables do: it is simply a solved issue; the problem does not exist outside of Apple; it should be a non-issue. Get your act together Apple.

    I certainly will not be buying any more products from Apple. The devices themselves might be good quality, but if you can't use them because of repeated incompetence, then what is the point.

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    Not worth it at all!!!! Are you kidding £65 ???!!!!!

    To be honest, this is the first review I ever wrote for Apple. Normally, it should be ok, right ?, as long as it is named after "Apple".

    But..... within 1 year, literally not even 1 year, I have seen TWO broken issues of this lovely adapter.

    It's all should blame the bad quality of the wire... First time, wire close to the computer end failed, no green light neither charging light. The second time, the wire close to the Voltage converter (that tiny white little cube) end just burn out... seem like the wire there get short-circuit .....Thanks to Lord, I smelled it at every first time, can't imagine what if I left it home and let it burn....

    If you every concern about buying a new Adapter like this... please be ready for treat it as carefully as you treat Hermes, LV bags or Ferrari car. don't like the wire bend ....

    Now I am considering to buy a third party one from eBay, because that is heavenly cheap and I don't have to worry that much what if it breaks again.

    Not worth £65 at all, I would say its qualitised to be a £ 6.5 one.

    I mean to rate ZERO star....but unfortunately, the minimum is 1 star.. Sorry guys....

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