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    Hazardous Exposed Wire

    It is hazardous to have a power cord whose wires are exposed, for obvious reasons. It is also expensive to replace the charger when the wire is inevitably exposed. It is ridiculous that a company with the resources to fix such a problem still sells a product that is so problematic. As a student it is especially difficult to afford to replace my charger but am forced to because I need my computer every day. I love apple products but I do not love this product. Please fix this problem. Thanks in advance.

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    Third one for the same computer

    These power adapters fray at the L. Every time. Horribly designed. Should be replaced for free by Apple.

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    Honest Review

    I bought my MacBook Pro in the beginning of 2015. I've had it for two years. With my experiences, the only complaint I have is that the little plastic tabs to wrap the cord around broke. I am very gentle and easy with my equipment. That shouldn't have broken although, it HAS been two years.. I mean wear and tear does exist, right? The charger cord is getting a little bulged up as well. I can't lie about that. I do think overall, this is a very good charger. It DOES get hot, but again I think that's normal. Thank you apple, for always manufacturing high end products.

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    80 bucks to replace frayed cord?

    This is the third time I've bought a replacement cord for my Macbook Pro, always for the same reason: the cord frays at the power brick because it is always getting bent in order to store the cord for transport. Why can't Apple make this cord detachable, so that it can be removed from the power brick when transporting and/or replaced when frayed? This little cord has cost so much to replace.

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    Garbage Cord wont last longer than 1 year

    I have had my mac since 2011. Now a five year old laptop problems are expected. I have had an estimated 4 or 5 of these $80 cambes and Im fed up my newest one is less than a year old and the rubber arround the cable is cracking and giving out. Im going into the apple store to see if they will replace this one. If they do I will purchase another mac with them in the near future and if they don't PC here I come. Fed up with this garbage charger.

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    Fire hazard

    Having to replace yet another power adapter. Despite being exceedingly careful with this one and it showing no outward signs of damage the wires burned out and the flex melted through. Pretty stunning that apple are incapable of getting the basics right and charge €89 for a replacement with all the flaws of the original.

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    Hope 3rd Time Is A Charm

    It doesn't help when you're the type that tries to be careful with storing away devices properly especially with this delicate product. This will be my 3rd MagSafe power adapter. Somehow my Early 2008 Macbook Pro 15 outlasted the first 2 power adapters. So why am I on my third? Yes, you guessed right! IT FRAYED AGAIN! Most recently it started to sizzle and spark with the smell of burning. Now, what do you think would've happened had this been on my rug without me noticing?

    Design wise. The original first MagSafe power adaper pull-away design was better, no wonder the new MagSafe 2 magnet looks like the original. There were occurrences when someone tripped on this power adapter and rather than disconnecting, it tugged on my Macbook. It looks "nice" that this adapter is slim and hugs the computer but I think it "hugs" it too hard to disconnect as intended.

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    Agree with everyone else here

    I have to agree with everyone else here: the cable sheath breaks near where it connects to the laptop, so you end up having to throw a perfectly working power supply into the trash because of a poor quality cable sheath.

    Obviously there is a breathtakingly simple solution: to make the cable between the power supply and the mag connector modular, so it plugs into the power supply. Then you could just replace the inexpensive cable, and not the entire power supply.

    Or better still make the cable sheath durable so it doesn't need to be replaced in the first place!

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    I'll take a different approach...

    Let me prefix this rant - I'm a technologist and if you search for reviews by me about anything, they are scant. I don't want to write this one. I have to...

    As I look down at my 2 year old 85w magsafe adapter dangerously held together with electrical tape, my heart just sinks. Its not the money (my company will pay for this one). I've bought replacements for myself before. ITS THE ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE. I'm so frustrated with build-to-fail mentality. Of course, give the people what they want. However, not sure how many people begged for wireless headphones.

    Do not get me wrong, I have purchased a number of apple products, I really would love it if the massively profitable parts-replacement would end. Apple seemed to take pride in design and quality, but I have older windows-based computers that have adapters that work like they did when they came out of the box --- years ago.

    My wife is buying a microsoft surface and I'm going to see how it performs. I switched from windows a few years back to apple, I'm leaving my options open in the future.

    Of course, Apple is not alone -- but that doesn't make it right.

    One star is a gift

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    A good hustle

    Same thing as all the other reviewers are saying. This is my 3rd charger....I even wrap my charger correctly like the youtube videos says. With over 1000 One star reviews, there is no way Apple doesn't know about this and I'm starting to think it's a hustle. At least reduce the price for the charger I've paid over $100 plus tax.

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    85W MagSafe Power Adaptor

    This is the third power adaptor I've had to buy with this machine. The first lasted several years. Now it seems like they only last a little over a year. I wrote the purchase date on this one so I can see how long it lasted. I'm surprised that, for the price I paid for this, it had such a short life. I don't know if they make them but I'm going looking for a "knockoff".

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    Why don't you fix your charger cable?

    I have tried to keep my charger cable stable, but it started to fray. Last time I went to Applestore because the charger stopped working, people at applestore was like "oh, you are supposed to wrap the cable around the charger so it stays stable." I did that. My new charger is starting to stopped working agian. Why can't you guys make the cable thicker or add supporting element around where cable ends and starts? There are so many people writing reviews about that here. You clearly know the problem. Why don't you fix it? If you can't fix it, at least lower the price of charger. When you keep the price high and don't fix an obvious problem, you leave your customers thinking you don't care about your customers, just money.

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    Expensive rubbish

    Second charger just broke and it was just over a year old. Poor quality and very expensive. Thumbs down!

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    Design Fault, what design fault?

    Hundreds of people are feeding back that there is a fundamental problem with the MagSafe power adapter and yet Apple, a company which has built its success on innovative design appears not to have noticed. Unfortunately for macbook customers, this is an expensive mandatory accessory. The magnetic end works well and is an innovative and functional design. However, I am now on my 3rd MagSafe adapter for the same Macbook (!) because the thin cable has frayed like a lightening conductor and snapped at the point where it joins the brick ...you don't need a physics degree to understand why this happens. Hang on a minute, maybe I'm just using it incorrectly, maybe if I just kept my macbook on a desk and didn't move round different rooms from time to time I'd never have the problem. Please close this Service Request as 'verified resolution - user error'. Many thanks.

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    TOTAL Garbage Quality!

    I've had to replace 2 of these offensively overpriced pieces of junk now and my third one just broke! Total garbage quality and ridiculous price to pay to replace. So glad Apple sells me a MacBook Pro 17" fully loaded for nearly $4K and the piece of garbage power cord, that if broken, renders the machine useless is almost $100 and lasts about a year, if I'm lucky. I'm careful with my cords too. I've managed to keep the machine in good working condition for almost six years, I wish the actual piece of equipment that makes the whole thing work had the same quality . . . Mercedes machine reliant on a Ford Pinto cord. Come on Apple, get it together. And if your business model is to sell a good machine and then rake in the dough on below poor quality accessories, then shame on you.

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    I spent top dollar for a MacBook Pro and the power cord stops working after just a year. All other computer makers make better power cords. C'mon!

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    If I could give 0 stars I would

    I cannot believe that this terrible adapter is so ridiculously expensive. I've had mine for less than 3 months and it already has multiple rips and tears, and it's beginning to fray at the end. I have been using my HP's far cheaper charger for 2 years and it hasn't had any of these issues. Why do you have to do this to your loyal customers Apple?

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    ZERO stars

    I rather buy a PC than keep getting to deal with your cables. Why do they peel like bananas? They are so badly designed that all of them will get a short. Iphone, MacBooks, you name it. If it is a power cable designed by Apple, it is worthless.

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    Very poor quality build. Needs reinforcement

    I have had my Macbook pro for about 4 years now and out of these 4 years, I have replaced my charger about 3 times. Now that my MacBook is out of warranty, the charger has yet again failed and here I am, A college student with a close to minimum wage job trying not to spend a third of his paycheck on a stupid charger! No thanks. Definitely going to invest in another computer in the future.

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    Where's your QC, Apple?

    So the charger is 3+years old. And yes, it was used in all sort of conditions (including 40+ degrees Celsius ambient temperature). The protective sheath just softened and then split up. I know cheap material when I see one (I'm doing QC in China for 10 years now and I have seen more cables than you can shake a stick at) – and this is the case. My old 2009 MBP was used in even harsher conditions and the cable was OK. Looks like they have decided NOT to test the cables at all AND use the cheapest plastic available.

    And what are my options now? Buying the adapter for 588HK$ (or 588 RMB in the mainland) is out of question. Buying some cheap Chinese fake is possible but they tend to skip such "useless" things as protective circuitry and ground connection (ESPECIALLY the ground connection – it's a tradition in the Mainland). Looks like it's time to break out the old soldering iron and transplant the cable from some dead adapter...

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